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Warrington - A Town of Many Industries

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A chronology of Warrington's history

The list is not exhaustive, nor is it intended to be. Additional events of Warrington's history can be found elsewhere on the site (in the two Tours and Warrington People, for instance). If you think something should be included here, let me know.

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To 1199

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65,000,000 BC Tyrannosaurus Rex walked down Bridge Street (well, he might have done!).

c1000 BC Evidence of a Bronze Age settlement found at Grappenhall.

74 AD The Romans arrived - River Mersey crossed by a ford at Latchford. Manufacture of glass, iron, bronze and pottery at Wilderspool (to about the 4th century).

5th -11th centuries Saxons and Danes followed the Romans.

c642 Saxon Parish Church of St Elphin founded.

642 King Oswald slain at Winwick.

c1070 Warrington Castle built at Mote Hill, behind Parish Church of St Elphin.

1086 Warrington is recorded in the Domesday Book. Other local names include Arpley, Howley, Latchford, Orford, Bewsey and Sankey.

1086 Domesday Book records a church on the site of present day St Mary's Church by Lymm Dam.

1120 Probable date of first Grappenhall Church. This was St Wilfrid’s and it was built of sandstone which came from a local quarry. The earliest gravestone to be read is of the Drinkwater family of Thelwall dated 1624. 

1150 First Norman Parish Church built in the town by Matthew de Villars, 2nd Lord of Warrington.


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1216 Population of Warrington estimated to be 550 people by William Beamont.

1233 William le Boteler, the fifth baron of Warrington, died.

1255 Town given a royal charter to hold a weekly market. See Warrington Market for more. [Listen out on Radio Warrington for the five to one joke!]

c1256 William le Boteler moved to Bewsey Hall.

c1260 Castle on Mote Hill destroyed by fire.

c1260 Warrington Friary Established (Wetherspoon's pub, The Friar Penketh, now stands on the site).

1285 First bridge over the Mersey at Warrington.

1285 A third Charter of 1285 gives permission for a weekly market on Wednesdays and to extend the July fair by five days.


To 1199

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1310 Tolls introduced by Edward II to repair Warrington Bridge (they were lifted in 1504).

1321 Streets of Warrington are paved - first in the county of Lancashire.

1325 Market Street mentioned.

1352 Ferry crossing of the Mersey near Hollins Green mentioned in a murder trial close to the present day location of Warburton Bridge.

1354 Norman Parish Church pulled down, new one built by William Fitz William le Boteler.

c1357 Hill Cliffe Baptist Chapel established. The exact date isn't known, but is said to be found on a stone in the burial ground.

1369 2nd bridge over the Mersey at Bridge Foot. A Hermit Friar named Brother John in Registers at Litchfield was licensed to celebrate divine office in the chapel at the foot of this bridge. A son of Sir John le Boteler left 20 marks in his will for the repair of his father’s bridge when he died in 1420.

1386 Scrope and Grosvenor case of arms tried at the Friary. Read more here and here.


To 1199

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1407 Sankey Brook contained fish.

1459 Warrington fought in the War of the Roses.

1465 The Legh Manuscript of life in Warrington is produced.

1465 The following areas of town are listed: Pighill, Cockhedge, White Cross, Slutchers Lane, Newgate Street (later Bridge Street), Sankey Street, Winwick Street, Butter Market and Church Street.

1465 Population 1,341 (191,084 in the 2001 Census).

1465 Sir John Fitzjohn le Boteler murdered at Bewsey.

1495 Warrington Bridge at Bridge Foot rebuilt in stone by the Earl of Derby (3rd bridge on the site).


To 1199

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1526 Warrington Grammar School founded by Sir Thomas le Boteler.

1536 Warrington Friary closed.

1561 Barley Mow pub built on what is now called Old Market Place in Golden Square (the oldest building still standing in the town).

1586 The "Golden Grey" ship sailed from Liverpool with cloth manufactured in Warrington.

1588 Population approximately 2,250.

1597 Boteler estates sold.

1599 Thomas Dallam (from the then-village of Dallam) delivered an organ to the Sultan of Turkey after one was requested from Queen Elizabeth I (she lived from 1533 to 1603).


To 1199

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1617 James I stayed at Bewsey Old Hall. He knighted Thomas Ireland during his visit.

1624 Wilderspool Causeway built.

1632 Black Horse pub, Liverpool Road, built (still standing today).

1641-2 The Civil War - the King's standard raised at Warrington, due to its river crossing and the road north.

1642-3 Warrington Siege began and ended.

1646 OCT 16 Elias Ashmole made a Freemason at Warrington, in first recorded initiation.

1647 Town Bell given to the town by Col. John Booth. It was erected in the Court House at Golden Square and is now in Holy Trinity church tower.

1648 Town captured by the Parliamentarians.

1648 AUG 20 Oliver Cromwell slept in the town. He stayed at The Spotted Leopard (later General Wolfe) pub on Church Street, next to the current Cottage restaurant.

1648 Pin making industry established in the town (Pinners Brow and Pinners Brow Retail Park commemorate the industry).

1649 JUN 10 Richard Warburton married Ann Domvill at Lymm.

1651 Battle of Warrington Bridge.

1653 William Booth appointed as Postmaster of Warrington.

1656 Plague house built at Latchford (it was called this after the outbreak of plague when it affected the residents). It has now been demolished.

1657 The Earl of Derby passes through the town on his way to his execution.

1660 First mention of Royal Oak pub in Bridge Street.

1665 Plague in Warrington.

1665 Blue Coat School founded.

1675 Quaker George Fox visited Warrington.

1680 Bricks first used for building of houses in the town.

1690 Henry Booth, Lord Delamere, became the first Earl of Warrington.

1694 Thomas Patten made Mersey navigable from Bank Quay to Runcorn.

1695 Warrington's first glass works opened at Bank Quay.


To 1199

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1700-1761 Horse racing at Latchford.          

1702 Cairo Street Chapel built.

1709 The current Holy Trinity Church founded.

1711 Warrington Blue Coat School founded in house behind Holy Trinity church.

1717 The Patten family opened a copper smelting works at Bank Quay.

1717 40th Regiment South Lancashire Regiment raised.

1717 Sugar refining at Bewsey Street, Warrington.

1720 The Society of Friends chapel built in Buttermarket Street.

1724 A series of weirs built on the Mersey at Latchford.

1727-29 A workhouse was established on Church Street.

1734 William Eyres, printer, founder of Eyre's Press, born in Warrington.

1740s The Saracen's Head brewery established at Wilderspool.

1745 The Liverpool Volunteer Cavalry defended Warrington Bridge against Charles Edward Stewart, the Young Pretender.

1750 Thomas Patten built the Georgian style mansion, Bank Hall - later to be become the Town Hall.

1750 APR 2 An earthquake hits Warrington.

1755 Work starts on the cutting of the Sankey Canal (opened 1757).

1755 APR 14 Preacher John Wesley first visited Warrington. He re-visited on various occasions until 1790.

1756 Peter Stubs, file and toolmaker, born.

1756 Eyre's Weekly Journal (also called the Warrington Advertiser) first published - first newspaper in Warrington and Lancashire.

1757 Warrington Flying Stage Coach established from London to Warrington's Red Lion pub on Bridge Street. The journey took three days.

1757 OCT 23 Warrington Academy established.

1757 Road between Warrington and Prescot completed.

1757 Sankey Canal opened. It was the first canal cut in England during the Industrial Revolution.

1759 SEP Sir Thomas Boteler died.

1760 Circulating Library established, forerunner of the Public Library in 1848.

1761 Howley Quay built.

c1761 Mersey Flour Mills established.

1765 Manorial Rights of Warrington purchased by John Blackburne. The modern Blackburne Arms pub near Orford Park is named after him.

1767 The River Mersey floods at Warrington.

1769 MAR 10 Joseph Williamson, known as the Mole of Liverpool, born in poverty in Warrington.

1770 Bridgewater Canal opened through south Warrington.

1772 Population 7,000.

1772 Basket making carried out at the Twiggery located near Farrell Street. Read about the Twiggeries in Warrington Green.

1773 OCT 2 Packet Boats started a service from Castlefield, Manchester to Warrington via the Bridgewater Canal.

1773 Manchester, Warrington and Liverpool stagecoach began to run three times a week.

1777 St James' Chapel, Latchford's first public place of worship, founded.

1777 SEP 14 Earthquake in Warrington.

1777 John Howard (1729-90), prison reformer, visited the Bridewell (Warrington's former town centre prison) and lodged at a now-demolished silversmith's shop in Bridge Street, Warrington while he wrote his book. This site is now occupied by the Howard Buildings, a former location of Boots the Chemist. Read more about John Howard in Warrington People.

1779 First Sunday School in the county at St James' Chapel.

1780 Sankey Wire Mills founded.

1780 Peter Stubs file and tool business started.

1781 Tanning industry started by Matthew Knowles.

1782 Blue Coat School opened on Winwick Street.

1782 Parr's Bank established by Messrs. Parr, Lyon and Kerfoot. The modern-day NatWest branch on Winwick Street is housed in the old bank building.

1786 Greenall Whitley brewery established at Wilderspool (business set up in 1762 in St Helens). They take over the Saracen's Head brewery established in the 1740s.

1786 JUN 29 Warrington Academy is dissolved and moved to Manchester College, Oxford.

1787 First steam engine installed in a Warrington factory, Peel's cotton mill in Latchford.

1787 Edelsten & Son Mersey Pin Works established.

1790 MAY 7 Preacher John Wesley visited the town for the final time.

1791 DEC 6 Fire at Bridge Factory.

1792 JUL 16 A sudden and violent hailstorm ruined local fruit and garden produce. I wondered why supermarket prices went up that week!

1796 Friars Green Methodist Church founded.

1796 NOV 5 The tide reaches Warrington. The Mersey was 4 feet above normal high tide.

1797 J & F Bolton's Pottery started at Bank Quay (closed 1812).

1798 Loyal Volunteers ("Bluebacks") raised. Disbanded 1801.

1798 JAN 27 Fire at Mersey Mills.

1799 Nathaniel Greening's Wire Works established on Bridge Street, later moving into his Britannia Works on Bewsey Road in 1843. The company closed down in December 1980.


To 1199

1200s  1300s 1400s 1500s 1600s 1700s 1800s 1900s

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1801 FEB 7 John Rylands born in St Helens.

1803 Warrington Volunteer Infantry ("Robin Redbreasts") formed.

1804 Runcorn and Latchford Canal opened to link Warrington with Runcorn. It was also known as the Old Quay Canal and the Black Bear Canal and was eight miles long. Work began in 1801.

1805 Lorenzo Dow, American Methodist minister, visited Warrington.

1805 John Rylands began his wire making business in a former mill on Bridge Street.

1808 Warrington Local Militia raised.

1810 The Warrington Dispensary opened in the market place to improve the health of the town.

1810 Town Bell moved from the old Court House in Golden Square to Holy Trinity church tower.

1813 JUN 3 Act passed for Warrington to have town commissioners.

1814-15 Joseph Crosfield opened up his soap-making business (set up 1814, production began 1815).

1815 4th Warrington bridge, Harrison's Bridge, built of wood at Bridge Foot.

1817 Wesleyan Sunday School built on Buttermarket Street.

1817 JAN 20 Fire in nursery at Bank Hall.

1817 JAN 23 Fire at Bewsey Street Sugar Mills.

1818 MAY 7 Warrington Savings Bank established.

1818 First theatre, later known as the Theatre Royal, opened on Scotland Road.

1819 McAdam (tarmac) roads introduced to the town.

1819 MAR 11 Warrington Ladies Charity founded.

1820 MAR 8 Appleton Hall burnt down.

1820 The original Town Hall (or Sessions House) built in Irlam Street, off Buttermarket Street and Dial Street.

1821 Gas lighting came to Warrington.

1821 Population 13,750.

1822 NOV 27. Old Billy, the oldest horse in the world, dies aged 62. He worked for the Mersey and Irwell Navigation Company and retired to the Old Warps Estate in 1819. The Old Warps eventually became Victoria Park.

1822 DEC 6 Steeple of Holy Trinity church blown down in a storm.

1823 St Albans Church, Bewsey Street, built.

1824 Lymm Dam was formed by the creation of a turnpike road from Warrington to Stockport.

1825 Mechanics Institute (possibly Institution) founded.

1825 A weekly magazine, The Butterfly, appeared (how long it lasted isn't known).

1827 St Martin's Church, Woolston, founded.

1827 FEB 24 Fire at Wharf Meadow Factory.

1828 A great flood on the Mersey sees boats floating down Bridge Street.

1828 First fire appliances in the town - six small engines, buckets and ladders.

1829 St James Church, Latchford, rebuilt.

1830 St Paul’s Church, Bewsey Road, founded (St Paul’s Court nursing home now stands on the site). The graveyard still stands.

1830 Stretton Road completed.

1830 APR 4 First Total Abstinence Society in England formed at Warrington.

1830 SEP 30 Bridge Mills, Warrington - burnt down.

1830 DEC 9 Fire at Mersey Corn Mills - burnt down.

1831 JUL 25 Warrington joins the Liverpool and Manchester railway network - from Dallam Lane to Newton Junction.

1831 James Fairclough opened his flourmill at Bank Quay.

1831-2 Cholera outbreak hits the town. 169 died during the summer of 1832.

1832 SEP 3 Warrington to Wigan section of railway opened.

1832 DEC 12 Warrington became a Parliamentary Borough (first representative E.G. Hornby. Liberal won by 203 votes).

1832 Warrington Walking Day founded by the Reverend Horace Powys, Rector of Warrington, to entice people away from the horseracing at nearby Haydock Park. The exact date cannot be confirmed, but it is generally accepted that the year was between 1832-5.

1833 Epidemic of cholera hits Warrington.

1834 National School established.

1834 Musical Society founded.

1834 AUG 8 Poor Law Act passed and Warrington Poor Law Union formed.

1836 DEC 21 Police Commissioners decided to pay the town bell ringer!

1837 Warrington got its first police force: a constable and four assistant constables.

1837 First Bank Quay railway station opened on then site of Aldi and Iceland supermarkets, moving to its current location in 1868.

1837 JUL 4 Grand Junction Railway through Warrington opened.

1837 5th Warrington Bridge, Victoria Bridge, built of stone.

1837 Warrington Cricket Club founded.

1838 NOV 24 Fire at Mersey Street Tannery - burnt down.

1840 JAN 2 Fire at Gibson’s Foundry - burnt down.

1840 Cockhedge Mill purchased by Armitage & Rigby.

1840 James Fairclough & Sons Mersey Mills founded.

1840s Warrington held a Regatta on the Mersey.

1840-55 Shipbuilding industry at Warrington.

1843 Nathaniel Greening (N Greening & Sons) began their wire-weaving factory on Bewsey Road (my dad worked there). The company was established on Church Street in 1799 and the Bewsey Road site closed in December 1980. The site is marked on old maps as Britannia Works.

1843 OCT 18 Luke Fildes, famous Warrington artist, born.

1843 An earthquake hits the town.

1844 Warrington Training College founded by Rector Powys.

1845 Dallam Forge set up for iron making.

1846 Peter Walker moved to Warrington with his son Andrew Barclay Walker and acquired Pemberton's Old Brewery at Towns End.

1847 APR 3 Warrington received a charter to become a corporate borough after Royal Assent.

1847 William Beamont became the town's first mayor and chief magistrate.

1847 JUN 1 Warrington held its first town elections.

1847 JUN 9 Warrington Council met for the first time.

1847 SEP 10 Mayor and Council walk new Warrington boundary for the first time.

1847 DEC 1 Warrington lost 6 minutes as it adopted British Standard Time.

1847 First Warrington waterworks built.

1848 JAN 2 John Rylands married his second wife, Martha, at St Peter’s Church, Newton-Le-Willows.

1848 JUN 3 Museum and Library established at Friars Green House.

1848 Warrington became one of the first towns in the country to support a public library from the rates.

1850 OCT 22 Fire at Allen’s factory - burnt down.

1850 Peter Walker leased King Street Brewery, buying it outright in 1883. It closed in 1906.

1850 Thomas Hutchinson & Co, Basket Makers, established.

1850 Bold Street Wesleyan Church established.

1850 Great Oak, Winwick, blown down.

1851 Population 36,164.

1851 St Mary's Church by Lymm Dam rebuilt with financial help from local family, the Dewhursts. The tower was added in 1890.

1853 FEB 1 Warrington (Whitecross) to Widnes Railway opened (LNWR).

1853 OCT 4 Warrington-built ship Tayleur launched. It was chartered by the White Star Line (who later owned the Titanic).

1853 APR 9 Warrington Guardian newspaper first published by Alexander Mackie.

1853 Warrington School of Art founded.

1853 Heathside Church of England (C of E) School built.

1854 JAN 21 Warrington-built ship Tayleur wrecked off Lambay Island, Ireland, killing all 334 on board.

1855 SEP 20 Foundation Stone for new Warrington Museum building laid by William Beamont.

1855 OCT 25 Foundation Stone for Warrington Market Hall laid by Mayor H. White.

1855 River Mersey freezes over; people skate on it.

1856 Oct 15 Warrington Market Hall opened.

1857 MAR 26 The Borough Cemetery on Manchester Road was officially opened.

1857 New Warrington Museum opens on Bold Street.

1858 Arpley canons from Russia celebrated the end of the Crimean War (see a plaque in the 2004 restored Queens Gardens).

1858 Roberts Shoe Shop opened on Bridge Street. They run the franchise for Clarks shoes and now operate from Golden Square shopping centre.

1858 9th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers formed.

1859 APR 25 Work started on rebuilding Warrington Parish Church and adding a 277½ft spire, the third-highest in the country.

1859 DEC 25 Foundation Stone for Parish Church restoration laid.

1860 Parish Church reopened.

1860 Rylands Street was built.

1860 The Co-operative society begins trading in Warrington. Frederick W. Monks, a founder member, was the first person to sign the register of members in 1861.

1861 Population 24,050 (Census).

1861 Public Hall built.

1861 Christ Church Latchford consecrated.

1861 Latchford Baptist Church built.

1861 A comet is visible in the sky.

1862 The Advertiser newspaper first published.

1862 St Anne's C of E School built.

1863 River Mersey floods.

1863 Earthquake in the town.

1863 MAR 10 Holy Trinity clock illuminated for the first time.

1864 Whitecross Co founded.

1864 First Lancashire County Cricket match held at Warrington. Messrs. James Fairclough and John White played in the team. (The Official Lancashire County Cricket Club website says they played their first County match at Old Trafford in 1865.)

1865 Foundation Stone for Warrington Baths laid.

1866 Warrington Baths opened on Legh Street (closed 2003).

1866 Peter Walker opened his Dallam Lane brewery.

1866 NOV 17 River Mersey rose and flooded the centre of Warrington.

1867 An attempt was made to blow up the gas works.

1867 APR 2 George Greenall born at Walton Hall.

1867 JUN 29 Trains collide at Walton Junction, killing 8.

1867 Burtonwood brewery established by James and Jane Forshaw (taken over by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries on 3 Dec 2004).

1868 St Anne's C of E Church built (it is now the indoor rock-climbing venue "The North West Face", which opened in 1996).

1868 Nov 16 Current Bank Quay railway station opened by the LNWR. The original opened in 1837 on the site of Aldi and Iceland supermarkets.

1868 St James' C of E School built.

1868 Trinity C of E School built.

1868 Wycliffe Nonconformist School built.

1869 FEB 25 St Anne’s Church consecrated.

1869 The Literary and Philosophical Society formed.

1869 Robinson & Skinner's Glass Works established at Bank Quay.

1863 Charles Dickens visited the Public Hall on Rylands Street.

1871 OCT 12 Two people were killed at Rylands wire works during celebrations for Emma Rylands' wedding.

1872 JUN 15 Fire at Cockhedge factory - burnt down.

1872 Thomas Fletcher began manufacturing gas appliances.

1872 The town Corporation buys Bank Hall and surrounding park for £22,000, later to become the Town Hall and Bank Park.

1872 Our Lady's Catholic School, Latchford, built.

1873 AUG 1 A Liverpool to Manchester railway service was started via Bank Quay Low Level Station.

1873 JUN 20 Bank Park opened.

1873 AUG 1 Warrington Central railway station opened to passengers.

1873 SEP 1 Padgate railway station opened.

1873 Liverpool Extension Railway from Cressington to Glazebrook opened.

1874 MAY Sankey railway station opened.

1874 Monks Hall iron-making business founded.

1874 Pearson & Knowles Coal and Iron Co Ltd formed by the amalgamation of Dallam Forge Co, Warrington Wire Co and Pearson & Knowles.

1874 OCT 24 Fire at Messrs. Parkinson, Manor Tannery - burned for 6 days and 5 nights.

1875 The Warrington Examiner newspaper first published (no longer exists).

1876 Warrington Chamber of Commerce founded.

1877 JAN 24 Warrington Infirmary opened on Kendrick Street.

1877 Oct 4 Art Gallery opened.

1877 The Evening Post newspaper first published (closed 1880).

1877 Silver Street Nonconformist school built.

1877 St Mary's Church on Buttermarket Street founded.

1877 Gas works bought by Warrington Corporation.

1878 AUG 29 Foundation stone for Warrington Contagious Diseases Hospital laid.

1878 The Observer newspaper (not the national one) first published.

1878 Peninsula Barracks, base for the South Lancashire Regiment, built (known then as Orford Barracks).

1878 Fever Hospital built.

1878 NOV 26 Fire at Wharf Meadow factory.

1879 St Barnabas' Church, Lovely Lane, opens.

1879 Warrington Rugby League Football Club formed.

1879 Fire station opened on Queen Street.

1879 Emmanuel Free Church of England church founded.

1880 R & J Gartons seed house established at Arpley. Became limited company in 1898.

1880 Castle Rubber Company established in Warrington. Originally in Manchester 1865.

1880 The town received its first steam-powered fire engine (from 1828 they had all been manual). "Major" tackled the first fire in Academy Street on 9 Jun.

1881 St Benedict's Catholic School built (relocated to Quebec Road - a housing estate is built on the original land behind Orford Lane).

1881 JAN 9 River Mersey frozen solid and winter sports held on the river.

1881 Population 42,552 (Census).

1882 Warrington Slate Company Ltd founded.

1882 SEP 23 Warrington Swimming Club established.

1883 NOV 8 The New School of Art opened on Museum St (opposite the library). The original opened in 1854.

1883 Howley Recreation Ground opened.

1883 MAR 8 Fire at Castle Rubber factory.

1883 AUG 25 Fire at Wright's timber yard, Edgeworth Street.

1883 Firth Wire Company established in Froghall Lane.

1884 St Mary's Catholic School built.

1884 Warrington Harriers athletics club was founded and joined the Northern Counties Cross Country Amateur Championship Association. They went on to become members of the Junior Associates of Northern Club circa 1889. The club was the forerunner of Warrington Athletic Club.

1884 Conservative Club on Sankey Street built. Now the site of Hilden House.

1885 NOV 4 New Theatre Royal opened.

1885 St John's Church, Higher Walton, consecrated.

1885 AUG 6 Manchester Ship Canal Bill finally received Royal Assent (opened 1894).

1885 St Barnabas C of E School built.

1886 Warrington Photographic Society formed.

1887 JAN 31 Hamilton Street National School opened - erected 1886, closed around 1972-3 and demolished after April 1976.

1887 Hodgkinson's emporium opened on Bridge Street selling drapery, linens, silk and household furnishings. It closed in 1962 and the building was later used by JJB Sports and, until c2011, Nobles Amusements.

1887 St Peter's C of E School built.

1887 Silver Street Nonconformist School built.

1887 FEB 8 Mr Peter Rylands M.P. died.

1887 JUL 1 Foundation stone for Warrington Training College Chapel laid.

1887 NOV 13 Captain Sylvanus Reynolds, of the Warrington Volunteers, dies in a shooting accident, aged 57.

1887 Ragged school founded.

1887 FEB 6 Fire at Hutchings' Tannery.

1889 JUN 6 William Beamont, historian and first Mayor of Warrington, died.

1890 Richmond's gas cooker company established.

1891 SEP 23 St Peter's C of E church was consecrated. I lived 100 yards from it as a child and was christened there. It closed in 1977.

1891 AUG 4 Warrington Public Library was made free to town citizens (one of the first in the country to do so).

1891 Population 52,742 (Census).

1892 JUL 11 Lord Winmarleigh died. Winmarleigh Street and Wilson Patten Street are named after him.

1892 Thomas Fletcher joined up with W. & A C Russell to form Fletcher Russell & Co.

1893 St Luke's Church consecrated.

1894 Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bank Quay, built.

1894 MAY 21 The Manchester Ship Canal, passing through Warrington, opened by Queen Victoria. (River Mersey was diverted).

1894 JUL 10 Sir Gilbert Greenall died at Walton Hall.

1894 Edwin Allen art and craft shop established on Buttermarket Street (and still going strong).

1894 The new Theatre Royal opened in Rylands Street (the former Poll Tax House council office stands there now).

1894 DEC 13 Hollinfare cemetery officially opened on Dam Lane.

1895 APR 10 Accident at Latchford Locks closed the Manchester Ship Canal for weeks when the gates were demolished by the "Harold".

1895 MAY 10 Fire at Messrs. Skelton, Jubilee buildings.

1895 JUN 28 Town Hall (Golden) Gates donated to the town by Frederick W. Monks. We came by them after they were rejected by Queen Victoria because a statue of Oliver Cromwell stood in front of them. The statue is also in Warrington, at Bridge Foot.

1895 JUL 28 Warrington becomes a member of the Northern Union (Rugby League) when it was formed at St George’s Hotel in Huddersfield. Warrington has been in the top flight ever since.

1895 Parr Hall built. Presented to the town by J. C. Parr of Parr's Bank (now the former NatWest on Winwick Street).

1896 Sacred Heart Catholic School, Liverpool Road, built.

1896 OCT 30 Death of Susannah, Lady Greenall, of Walton Hall, aged 65.

1896 NOV 9 Warrington Borough Extension Act came into force.

1896 St Benedict’s School Chapel, Orford Lane, opened.

1897 Victoria Park opened in the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond (60th) Anniversary.

1898 Queens Gardens opened to the public (they were purchased by the Borough Council on 10 March 1897 and dedicated 3 April 1897).

1898 MAR 21 Lever’s Toilet Soap (made in Warrington) goes on sale for the first time.

1898 County Court built.

1898 JUL 17 Fire at Richmond & Co, Academy Street.

1898 Warrington Society founded.

1899 APR 5 Warrington’s old Academy re-opened.

1899 JUL 29 Statue of Oliver Cromwell unveiled at Bridge Foot. Presented by Mr Frederick W. Monks.

1899 AUG 9 Warrington Corporation Act comes into effect after receiving Royal Assent.

1899 OCT 20 Foundation stone laid at new police building in Arpley Street.

1899 Walker Fountain donated to the town by Sir Peter Carlaw Walker (later scrapped for the war effort). It stood behind the Golden Gates on the Town Hall lawn.


To 1199

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1900 Alliance Box Co Ltd established on Orford Lane.

1900 Electricity power plant built on the northern bank of the Mersey.

1900 OCT 1 The town becomes a County Borough.

1900 OCT 11 Burtonwood cemetery officially opened on Chapel Lane.

1900 First aerial photograph of Warrington taken from a hot air balloon. It features Greenall's Brewery at Wilderspool.

1901 Population 64,701 (Census).

1901 Our Lady of the Assumption Church, St Mary's Street, Latchford, founded.

1901 Police station rebuilt on Arpley Street.

1901 SEP 3 Warrington Athletic Club was formed at the Bridge Inn public house. The pub used to stand next to the bridge at the bottom of Wilderspool Causeway and was demolished in 1910. The group grew out of the Warrington Harriers, which was established in 1884. The word 'Harriers' was dropped from the club's title 'Warrington Harriers & Athletic Club' to become 'Warrington Athletic Club' in the 1950's.

1902 Electric tramways started on the streets of Warrington.

1902 OCT 28 New Municipal Technical School opened.

1903 Warrington Golf Club established.

1903 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show came to town.

1903 JUN 8 Fire at Fleming's Tannery.

1903 AUG 21 Fire at Greenhalgh & Co, Church Street.

1903 Sankey Recreation Ground opened.

1905 JUN 27 The ‘Beautiful Warrington’ Society held its first meeting.

1905 The area’s first municipal bowling green was opened at Victoria Park in 1905.

1905 Warrington Rugby Club win the Northern Union Cup.

1905 MAR 9 Fire at Mortimer's Tannery.

1906 DEC 25 Royal Court Theatre burnt down.

1907 St Elphin's Park purchased by the Borough and opened to the public.

1907 Warrington Rugby Club win the Northern Union Cup for the second time.

1907 JAN 31 Warrington Infirmary extension foundation stone laid.

1907 FEB 21 Warrington’s Boer War Memorial and a statue of Col. W McCarthy O'Leary, unveiled by General
Butler in Queens Gardens. O'Leary St in Orford named after him.

1907 JUL 17 Fire at Naylor's Howley saw mills causes £20,000 of damage.

1907 AUG 7 Warrington’s Royal Court Theatre re-opened after a fire.

1907 SEP 21 Palace and Hippodrome Theatre opened.

1908 MAR 19 Warrington Infirmary extension opened by Lord Cross.

1908 MAR 30 Last of the Bridge Street old houses cleared away before the street was widened.

1908 APR 4 The Warrington Volunteers held their last parade through the town.

1908 JUL 19 The 4th Battalion, the Prince of Wales Volunteers, held their first church parade.

1908 Springfield Street post office built (after it closed it became Le Frog Bistro restaurant and is now The Grill on the Square restaurant. The Royal Mail sorting office is now on Milner Street, the post office is in Golden Square).

1908 JAN First cinema in Warrington opened at 22 Golborne Street. It closed October the same year.

1908 Garden Suburbs inaugurated. Bewsey estate was the first.

1908 Bolton Council School, Latchford, opened.

1908 Bridge Street widening scheme completed.

1909 JUL 6 King Edward, Queen Alexandria and Princess Victoria visited the town.

1909 Persil soap powder first manufactured at Bank Quay.

1910 Proclamation of King George V at the Town Hall.

1910 AUG 9 Fire at Mortimer's Tannery, Orford.

1911 JAN 19 ‘Orient Missionary Exhibition’ opened at Parr Hall.

1911 JAN 21 ‘Walking the Boundary’ first held in Penketh. Click here for a history of Penketh.

1911 FEB 6 Sousa’s Celebrated Band performed at Warrington Hippodrome.

1911 FEB 9 The Infirm Block of Warrington Workhouse opened.

1911 FEB 17 Inaugural meeting of the Warrington branch of the Ladies Association.

1911 MAR 25 Building work started on Grappenhall Garden City homes.

1911 APR 24 Lady Greenall gives Warrington a chain for use by the Mayoress.

1911 APR 29 Bowling pavilion at Horse & Jockey Hotel opened.

1911 MAY 3 Warrington ‘Band of Hope’ held a Grand Fair at the Parr Hall.

1911 JUN 2 Warrington Corporation Bill received Royal Assent.

1911 MAY 30 Professor Boyd Dawkins unveils a plaque at Wilderspool to mark the site of the Roman Camp.

1911 AUG 19 Sanatorium for consumption sufferers was opened in Sankey.

1911 SEP 14 Warrington’s ‘Women’s Tariff Reform League’ had a day out at New Brighton!

1911 Lovely Lane Recreation Ground opened.

1911 SEP 28 The effects of the Greenall family from Walton Hall were auctioned off.

1911 OCT 5 Pile-driving ceremony to start Warrington’s new bridge.

1911 OCT 6 ‘Colours’ of the South Lancashire Regiment deposited in Warrington Parish Church.

1911 OCT 14 Anti-Home Rule Movement held its first open air meeting at Bridge Foot.

1911 Population 73,311 (Census).

1912 Howley suspension bridge opened.

1912 APR 25 Fire at Garton's Seed Warehouse.

1912 AUG 20 First aeroplane lands in Warrington. It was a Bleriot monoplane piloted by Mr B. C. Hucks who touched down in Victoria Park.

1912 Evelyn Street Council School, Liverpool Road, opened.

1913 JUL 7 The current stone bridge at Bridge Foot was erected. On a visit to the town by King George V and Queen Mary, the king officially opened the first section of the bridge. The bridge was completed in 1915 and is the 6th on the site.

1913 Woolworth's store opened on Sankey Street in the building previously occupied by Garnett's. Closed down in January 2009 when the chain store collapsed across the UK.

1913 DEC 24 "Thomas Burton", one of the town's motorised fire engines, is first used at a fire.

1913 British Aluminium Company established at Bank Quay.

1913 Stockton Heath Lawn Tennis Club founded.

1913 First motorbuses purchased.

1914 JUL 28 John Crosfield Memorial Hall opened.

1914-18 The total number of casualties from the South Lancashire Regiment in the First World War was 5,500.

1915 FEB 15 The first car drives over the new (6th) Warrington Bridge at Bridge Foot.

1915 NOV Buttermarket Street widening completed.

1915 JUL 22 Fire rages through Parkinson's Manor Tannery in Latchford causing £24,000 damage.

1916 MAR 1 Wood's College (shorthand) opened at 15 Bridge Street (over bank)

1917 AUG 4 Orford Park opened to the public.

1917 JUL 22 Fire at Messrs. Parkinson, Manor Tannery.

1917 AUG 27 Fire at Carter & Sons, Bridge Street.

1918 Rev Canon M. Linton Smith, DD, is consecrated as first Bishop Suffragan of Warrington. A suffragan bishop is an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese.

1919 Influenza epidemic hits Warrington - many died.

1919 JAN 16 Fire at Alliance Box Works.

1920 Miss C. H. Broadbent became first woman town councillor.

1920 First public tennis court opened at Victoria Park.

1921 JUL 7 The Prince of Wales visits the town.

1921 JUN 22 Fire at Joseph Crosfield & Sons, paper & box stores.

1921 OCT 1 Fire at Tilling & Gray, Bewsey Street.

1921 Population 76,811 (Census).

1921 Adoption of the "Open Access" system at the Public Library.

1921 AUG 25 Sanatorium at Hefferston Grange opened.

1921 OCT 27 Henry Woods, famous Warrington-born artist, died in Venice.

1921 OCT 30 Territorial War Memorial unveiled by Earl of Derby.

1922 APR 26 Blue Coat School removed to "Oaklands" Preston Brook.

1923 Charles Dukes becomes Warrington's first Labour MP.

1923 JAN Grappenhall Women's Institute formed.

1924 MAR 20  Warrington, Widnes and District Society for the Blind is founded. They open the Workshop for the Blind on Museum Street. In 2012 they moved to Fairfield Neighbourhood building on Fairfield Street.

1925 NOV 8 War Memorial unveiled at Bridge Foot.

1926 Black Bear Bridge rebuilt on the newly widened Knutsford Road.

1926 SEP 16 Boteler Grammar School and Warrington Secondary amalgamated.

1927 FEB 26 Sir Luke Fildes, Royal painter, and student at the Warrington School of Art, died. Read his profile in Warrington People.

1927 DEC 24 Warrington under 6 inches of snow for a white Christmas.

1927 JUL Bewsey council houses first occupied.

1927 St Oswald’s Church, Padgate, opened.

1927 Warrington Rotary Club founded. Link to the international Rotary organisation here.

1928 Bewsey Park was opened up to the public.

1928 JUN 29 Warrington Walking Day "washed out" for the first time.

1928 Speedway racing, formerly known as Dirt Track racing, was staged in Warrington in its pioneering era between 1928 and 1930. The track entered a team in the 1929 English Dirt Track League and the 1930 Northern League. Efforts to revive the venue in 1947 failed to materialise.

1929 Land for Bruche Park Recreation Ground purchased by Council.

1930 JAN 13 Rev Morley Stevenson, founder of ‘Beautiful Warrington’, died.

1931 Population 79,322 (Census).

1931 OCT 28 Museum and Library extension opened.

1931 St Augustine's Church, Latchford, opened.

1932 MAY 21 Haig Homes, Great Sankey, opened. They were gifted by Lt. Col. George R. Crosfield and one was called Crosfield Court. See more here.

1932 Oct 26 Bewsey Junior School opened.

1932 NOV 24 The Prince of Wales visited the town. During his time he visited Haig Homes in Great Sankey to meet with residents, one of whom was the grandfather of Peter Spilsbury of Peter's Gallery.

1933 Masonic Temple opened.

1933 Warrington Corporation boundaries extended to include parts of Winwick and Hulme, Burtonwood, Sankey, Grappenhall and Walton, amongst others.

1934 Kingsway Bridge, Latchford, opened.

1934 Bewsey Senior School opened (I was educated there, not in 1934 though!).

1934 Richard Fairclough School opened.

1934 SEP 28 Rail disaster at Winwick Junction. 11 killed, 20 injured.

1935 AUG 28 Motorbuses replace the trams. Last Latchford to Warrington tram ran as electric tram routes close.

1935 Orford Hall demolished.

1936 Warrington Cine Society formed (renamed Warrington Cine and Video Society in 1982).

1937 Thames Board Mills opened.

1937 Odeon cinema built on Buttermarket Street. The site is now occupied by The Looking Glass (J D Wetherspoon) pub, which was a former Yates Wine Lodge.

1937 JUL 4 Bent's Garden Centre in Glazebury opened for business.

1938 Market Gate roundabout completed.

1938 MAY 18 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) visited the town.

1934 OCT 23 Lord Daresbury died.

1939 RAF Depot at Padgate opened (closed in 1957). Site is now a housing estate and recreation ground.

1939 MAY 8 Town Clerk, Mr A. T. Hallaway, killed in road accident.

1940 New Boteler Grammar School opened.

1940 RAF Burtonwood opened and became fully operational later in the year.

1940 Royal Ordnance Factory opens at Risley. The site is now occupied by the district of Birchwood.

1940 JUN 4 As part of a security drive, all road signs were removed in case of invasion.

1940 SEP 14 Thames Board Mills recreation ground hit by bombs. Children were among the casualties.

1940 The Grange, Thelwall, given by Sir Peter Rylands to Warrington Infirmary for use as a convalescent home.

1941 Population c75,990 (no Census - wartime).

1941 MAY 18 Petty Officer A. E. Sephton from Warrington died. He was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC).

1941 Walton Hall Estate bought for £19,000.

1942 Walker Fountain and Bank Park railings sacrificed for the war effort.

1943 Laporte chemical works opened at Lower Walton.

1943 South Lancashire Regimental Chapel dedicated in Warrington Parish Church.

1944 MAR 6 American Air Force began daylight raids on Berlin from Burtonwood.

1945 MAY 15 Twelve G.I. Brides held their wedding day in Warrington.

1945 JUL 17 Street lighting switched back on after the wartime blackout.

1945 Walton Gardens opened to the public.

1945 Brian Bevan began his Warrington rugby league career.

1946 Higher education at Padgate begins on 9 September. The campus is now known as University of Chester, Warrington Campus.

1947 Warrington celebrates a hundred years as a borough.

1947 Prime Minister Clement Attlee unveiled Warrington Parish Church Regimental Memorial.

1948 Warrington's first Labour M.P. Lord Dukeston, died.

1948 SEP 12 United States Air Force reoccupied Burtonwood Air Base.

1948 OCT 22 Sir Peter Rylands died.

1949 JUN 21 Warrington HF Rambling Club founded by George Newbold.

1949 Padgate Training College opened.

1950 Princess Margaret opened the Boys Club on Rodney Street.

1950 JAN 28 Asian Flu hits Warrington. Hundreds off work.

1950 MAY Stockton Heath Dramatic Society was founded.

1950 MAY 6 Warrington beat Widnes 19-0 to win the Rugby League Challenge Cup at Wembley.

1951 Town's Festival of Britain Industrial Exhibition.

1952 The Grand Cinema on Wilderspool Causeway closed.

1952 Comedy legends Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy visit The Ritz theatre (now Mr Smiths) in their tour of Britain.

1952 Warrington Boys Club was founded in Orford Lane. It is now known as Warrington Youth Club and has been based at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace in Great Sankey since 2001.

1953 School crossing patrols began in the town after the School Crossing Act of 1953 was introduced.

1953 APR 9 Warrington Guardian newspaper centenary.

1953 Apr 24 Official opening of Dallam County Primary School.

1953 Oct 31 St Mark's Church, Dallam, founded.

1953 DEC 19 Frances, Lady Daresbury, died. She was previously known as Lady Greenall.

1954 Cllr Mrs M Hardman elected first female Mayor.

1954 MAY 5 Warrington beat Halifax 8-4 in the Cup Final replay at Bradford.

1954 MAY 10 Long Lane County Primary School officially opened.

1954 DEC 6 New Junior and Infants School, Newchurch opened. (Closed August 1993.)

1955 MAY 14 Warrington Rugby League Football Club win Championship.

1954 MAY 18 Newchurch Hospital School opened.

1956 MAY 21 Last meeting of Warrington's Greyhound Racing Association at the Warrington greyhound track.

1957 MAY 16 Wilderspool Bridge opened, ending years of delay on the old level crossing.

1957 JUL 1 Warrington-based Watsons Solicitors opened up for business on Bold Street in the town centre.

1957 SEP 9 Council gives permission to clear away the Plague House at 57 Wash Lane, Latchford.

1957 Warrington's Automatic Telephone Exchange opened.

1957 NOV 8 Warrington High School for Girls, Menin Avenue, Wilderspool officially opened. (Now Priestley College.)

1957 Ken Dodd first topped the bill at the Royal Court Theatre in Warrington.

1958 APR 26 Bus tickets on a roll first introduced at Warrington by North Western Buses.

1958 MAY 6 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, visited.

1958 SEP 4 Arpley Railway Station finally closed. It originally closed on 16 November 1868 but was forced to reopen on 2 October 1871 after a legal challenge.

1958 South Lancs and East Lancs Regiments amalgamated to become the Lancashire Regiment.

1959 OCT 3 Warrington post codes came into general use.

1960 Peter Walker's brewery merged with Tetley of Leeds to become Tetley Walker.

1960 Warrington Wire player Eric Fraser became the first club member to captain a Great Britain rugby side.

1960 Royal Court Theatre demolished.

1961 OCT 6 Fox Covert cemetery officially opened on Red Lane, Appleton.

1961 Kenyon Junction railway station, northwest of Culcheth, closed.

1962 Railway line from Widnes to Altrincham, via Warrington, closed.

1962 Brian Bevan plays his 620th, and final, game for Warrington Rugby League Club.

1962 JAN 22 Tetley Sports and Social Club on Long Lane/Fisher Ave, Orford, is officially opened by Lord Brocket.

1963 Thelwall Viaduct over the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal opened.

1963 DEC 25 The Rolling Stones performed at the Parr Hall.

1963 DEC Warrington Hospital League of Friends founded.

1964 APR 20 Walton Lea Crematorium officially opened on Chester Road, Higher Walton.

1965 FIAT car manufacturers set up their importing base for the northwest on Hawley's Lane (now Alban Retail Park). The site was closed down in June 2011 and the land was purchased by the retail park.

1965 Moors murderer Myra Hindley was held on remand at Risley Prison whilst awaiting trial with Ian Brady. They were jailed for life in May 1966 and she died on 15 November 2002. Brady died on 15 May 2017.

1965 FEB 5 Five inches of snow in under two hours. Traffic badly affected.

1965 MAR 24 Culcheth Library officially opened.

1965 APR 4 Penketh & Great Sankey Boys' Club opened.

1965 APR 26 Croft Village Memorial Hall foundation stone laid.

1965 MAY 17 Risley Remand Centre opens (now HM Prison Risley).

1965 SEP 8 Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) performed at the Red Lion pub on Bridge Street. His fee was a cheque for £12! Other stars to appear in the town during those days include Billy Connolly with Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street) as The Humblebums, West End star Barbara Dixon, Mike Harding (now-presenter on BBC Radio Manchester) and Warrington band The Minor Bird Folk Song Group.

1965 OCT ’Greater Warrington’ boundaries announced. Risley chosen for 40,000 overspill. It was formerly the site of the munitions factory during the Second World War.

1965 OCT 13 £63,000 extension to Central Library, Museum Street officially opened.

1965 OCT 13 Orford Library officially opened.

1965/66 Knutsford Road, Latchford, widened to cope with traffic.

1966 JAN 5 Death of cricketer George Duckworth, Lancashire & England wicket keeper.

1966 JAN 6 St Alban’s R C Junior School opened, Bewsey Road, opened to pupils.

1966 Market Gate traffic roundabout removed.

1966 Apr 16 The last steam train on the Manchester Central to Liverpool Central line via Warrington runs.

1966 JUL The Brazil World Cup football squad stay at The Lymm Hotel during the championships.

1966 Mr Jack Cooper became Baron Cooper of Stockton Heath.

1966 AUG Roman buildings and furnaces found in archaeological dig at Wilderspool.

1966 AUG 30 Bruche County Junior School, opened.

1966 SEP 19 Official opening of St Werburgh’s C of E School, Wilderspool.

1966 NOV 18 Death of historian and mayor Austin M. Crowe, writer of Warrington Ancient and Modern, published in 1947.

1967 Inquiry into Warrington New Town proposals.

1967 Daresbury by-pass (the A56) opened.

1967 MAY 20 RAF Burtonwood stages an open day.

1967 MAY 23 New £3m Tetley Walker brewery opened on Dallam Lane (closed in 1996).

1967 JUN 2 £1m extension to Padgate teacher Training College opened (originally opened in 1949, now part of University of Chester campus, Fearnhead).

1967 Oct 20 Mr John Daubeney Whitley died in Hatton, Cheshire. He was Chairman of the family brewing company Greenall Whitley until 1965.

1967 Music group The Fairytale becomes the first Warrington band to appear on television. They featured on First Timers.

1967 SEP Lymm and District Local History Society founded.

1967 OCT 3 Plans for a new high level crossing of the Manchester Ship Canal near Stockton Heath were announced. It was never built.

1967/8 Old bed of River Mersey off Wilderspool Causeway filled in. River Road was built and named after the spot where the old river course flowed.

1968 Arpley railway station building demolished.

1968 APR 27 Warrington Cricket Club played its first match at Warrington Sports Club in Walton.

1968 MAY 17 Queen Elizabeth II visited town – for 20 minutes. Thanks for sparing the time!

1968 Appleton County Grammar School opened.

1968 Warrington received New Town status.

1968 Lymm Library opened. (Face-lift in March 1989.)

1968 JUL 16 Burtonwood Library officially opened.

1968 JUL 20 James Lee House on Brick Street officially opened.

1968 JUL 25 £50,000 Adult Training School, Festival Avenue, Orford, officially opened.

1968 AUG 19 Cllr Mrs M Hardman, Warrington's first female Mayor, died.

1968 SEP 18 Woolston Library opened.

1968 OCT 24 Penketh Library officially opened. (Refit Aug - Nov 1989.)

1968 Warrington Model Railway Club held its first exhibition at the Ritz cinema at Bridge foot.

1968 Bridge over Sankey Brook on Liverpool Road built to replace Buttermilk Bridge.

1968 NOV 15 Warrington branch of Lions International founded.

1969 Warrington New Town Draft Master Plan published.

1969 FEB 5 Lymm Young Conservatives founded at Spread Eagle Hotel.

1969 FEB 7 Nine inches of snow brings traffic chaos.

1969 FEB 14 £20,000 Grappenhall and District Ex-Servicemen’s Club opened.

1969 FEB 22 Opening of Padgate Conservative Club.

1969 MAR Warrington Development Corporation Board appointed.

1969 Technical College on Winwick Road opened (now Warrington Collegiate and rebuilt on the same site).

1969 Warrington Borough Police merged with Lancashire County Police.

1969 JUN 6 Appleton Hall Grammar School was officially opened.

1969 JUN 26 Opening of £330,000 10m gallon Appleton underground reservoir.

1969 AUG 1 Greystone Heath Boy’s School, Penketh officially opened.

1969 DEC 30 Combined Health Centre and School Clinic opened in Penketh.

1970 Warrington Municipal Golf Course opened.

1970 Liverpool Road by-pass (A57) opened.

1970 JAN Twiss Green County Primary (Culcheth), Broomfields County Junior (Appleton) and Croft County Primary schools opened this month.

1970 Fiddlers Ferry Power Station became operational.

1970 APR 4 Carmen Apostolic Church, Slater Street, Latchford, dedicated.

1970 APR 4 Padgate Venture Scouts Unit opened.

1970 MAY 7 Church of the Ascension, Woolston consecrated.

1970 MAY 14 Walton Hall Municipal Golf Course formally opened (9 holes only). Extended to 18 holes and fully opened on 15 June 1975.

1970 JUN Traffic Wardens introduced into the town.

1970 JUN 26 Opening of £25,000 bottling plant at Burtonwood Brewery.

1970 SEP 30 Our Lady’s R. C. School, Wash Lane, Latchford, officially opened.

1971 Cheshire Motorway (M56), eastern and western ends, opened.

1971 Work began on a 13-mile section of the Lancashire and Yorkshire motorway (M62) between Tarbock and Risley.

1971 JAN 18 Croft County Primary School opened.

1971 FEB 15 Decimal currency introduced in the UK.

1971 APR British Nuclear Fuels Ltd formed from Production Group of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (U.K.A.E.A.).

1971 Bruche Hall demolished.

1971 APR 7 Orford Youth Centre opened.

1971 SEP 14 Official opening of St John’s R.C. Secondary School, Latchford.

1971 OCT 1 The last service took place at Risley Presbyterian Chapel prior to demolition.

1971 DEC Lymm Lions International founded.

1971 DEC 17 Warrington Arts Council founded.

1972 Work begins on the central section of the Cheshire motorway (M56) between Preston Brook and Bowdon.

1972 Risley munitions factory demolished.

1972 Warrington Festival began (no longer operative).

1972 FEB 21 Foundation stone for new market in Bank Street laid by the Mayor (Cllr H. Whitehead).

1972 First New Town homes built at Longbarn near Padgate.

1972 APR 12 Official opening of Hilden House, Sankey Street.

1972 JUN Houghton Green Community Centre opened. The town's first.

1972 JUN 17 £12,500 extension to Croft Memorial Hall officially opened.

1972 JUL 10 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School opens on Selby Street in Whitecross.

1972 JUL 28 Two houses struck by thunderbolt in Grasmere Avenue, Orford. No injuries.

1972 SEP 10 Woolston Community Centre officially opened.

1972 OCT The construction of the £39,500 parish hall at Rixton with Glazebrook was completed.

1972 DEC 15 Winwick Library formally opened.

1973 First No 1 District Council and Cheshire County Council elected.

1973 New District General Hospital approved.

1973 New Gatewarth Farm Sewage Works and intercepting sewer opened.

1973 The 1850 Bold Street Wesleyan Church demolished.

1973 JUN New Town Outline Plan accepted by Whitehall.

1973 Work begins on Golden Square shopping centre (the "North West Quadrant" section of town centre, as it was known).

1973 Sandy Lane Community Centre, Stockton Heath opened.

1973 Sankey Street (section between Bold Street and Market Gate) closed to traffic.

1973 Aug 2 Friends Alan Barker from Fearnhead and Sean Kelly from Woolston were among 80 people who lost their lives when a £2 million fire destroyed the Summerland indoor entertainment and leisure centre in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

1973 SEP 29 Youth & Community Centre, Ackers Lane, Stockton Heath opened.

1973 NOV 30 M62 section from M6 at Tarbock to Prescot opened.

1974 Warrington section of the West Coast Mainline electrified.

1974 Warrington Technical College (Warrington Collegiate Institute nowadays) was built on Winwick Road (it has since been rebuilt on adjacent land).

1974 Croft to Eccles section of the M62 opened.

1974 FEB 12 Bellhouse Lane Community Centre, Grappenhall opened.

1974 APR 1 Warrington came under Cheshire in parliamentary boundary changes. The Lancashire county border stays intact. The town became a unitary authority in 1998.

1974 New council receives Borough Charter from Lord Leverhulme.

1974 MAY 11 Warrington beat Featherstone Rovers 24-9 in the Challenge Cup Final in front of 77,400 spectators at Wembley.

1974 Work started on Birchwood New Town housing estate (on the site of the former Risley munitions factory).

1974 JUL 19 The new Warrington Market officially opened in Bank Street.

1974 SEP 3 The Forge Shopping Precinct opened in Stockton Heath.

1974 DEC Lymm to Bowdon section of M56 motorway opened.

1975 FEB 1 Meeting Lane Leisure Centre, Penketh opened.

1975 MAY 17 Bold Street Methodist Church opened, replacing the 1850s version demolished two years earlier.

1975 APR 7 St Bridget’s R.C. Primary School officially opened on Capesthorne Road, Blackbrook.

1975 APR 14 Legh Street multi-storey car park opened. Demolition began 3 April 2006 to make way for the extension of Golden Square shopping centre.

1975 MAY 5 Warrington lost out to Widnes 14-7 in the Rugby League Challenge Cup at Wembley. It was my one and only visit to the old Wembley stadium.

1975 JUN 20 & 27 Warrington Guardian published emergency 4p editions due to strike action.

1975 JUL 1 Woolston Leisure Centre Swimming Baths opened.

1975 JUL 16 M56 Motorway south of Warrington completed. Lymm to Preston Brook section opened first.

1975 JUL 21 Warrington was converted to natural gas.

1975 DEC 14 Padgate Community Centre formally opened.

1976 FEB 19 First phase of the Inner Ring Road from Sankey Street to Horsemarket Street (Golborne Street) opened.

1976 JUN 22 Warrington Market multi-storey car park opened.

1976 The longest and hottest summer on record so far. Temperatures reach 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade for Walking Day (Jul 2).

1976 JUL A 1,600-year-old lead-lined coffin found near Stockton Heath Swing Bridge.

1976 Jul 7 Many areas flooded after thunderstorm following a long drought.

1976 JUL 13 Rabbit and Cavey Club founded (yeah, I haven’t got a clue what it is either!).

1976 JUL 21-23 A total of 25,000 attend the RAF Burtonwood Diamond Jubilee show.

1976 Black Bear Canal partly drained (Kingsway to Stockton Heath).

1976 AUG New Town House, Buttermarket Street opened to staff.

1976 SEP Keys to £47,000 extension of Culcheth High School handed over.

1976 SEP 6 Great Sankey High School, Barrow Hall Lane, opened.

1977 Street parties take place all over the borough to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

1977 JUL 27 £100,000 fire at S & J Fitton Ltd, Cockhedge Lane.

1977 AUG Work begins on the construction of Black Bear Linear Park, Latchford.

1977 AUG 30 Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster, visited St Mary's Church on Buttermarket Street to take part in their centenary celebrations.

1977 SEP 1 Cheshire County Newspapers takes over Warrington Guardian (now owned by Newsquest, a Gannett company).

1977 SEP 5 Warrington Crown Court sat for the first time. The result of the County Sheepdog Trials came later in the day. Verdict: Not Guilty!

1977 SEP 28 Woolston Park opened to the public.

1977 SEP 28 St James Church Latchford celebrated its bi-centenary.

1977 OCT 25 Marks and Spencer opened in the new Golden Square.

1977 Land in Oughtrington near Lymm purchased by the Woodland Trust became Spud Wood, a community woodland. See Warrington Green for more.

1978 JAN £150,000 face-lift at Walton Hall started.

1978 JAN The Government rejected plans for a congestion-beating scheme at Bridge Foot.

1978 MAY North Cheshire Archaeological Group excavated part of Warrington Friary on Barbauld Street. Transept Wall found.

1978 MAY Warrington’s talking newspaper for the blind started.

1978 MAY 23 £300,000 fire at Raddon Court DIY Centre, Latchford.

1978 JUL Second phase of Inner Ring Road began.

1978 SEP Appleton Grammar, Lymm Grammar, Lymm Secondary and Stockton Heath Secondary schools become High Schools as they go 'comprehensive'.

1978 SEP 14 Warrington Lottery started.

1978 OCT First phase of Warrington District General Hospital completed.

1978 NOV 20 £1m fire in Farrell Street. Three business premises gutted.

1978 DEC 1 Six-day trading introduced for town centre shops.

1978 DEC 28 1.3 inches of rain. Many parts of the town flooded. 1.25 inches the following day.

1979 JAN 10 First edition of the Warrington Guardian Midweek newspaper is published.

1979 FEB Cold Shield Windows Ltd at Grange Estate, Woolston, becomes the 100th business opened in Warrington New Town.

1979 MAY 16 Bus station opened adjacent to Golden Square Shopping Centre, at a cost of £2m. Services started later in the year (November).

1979 JUN 4 New Out-patients department opened at hospital.

1979 SEP 1 Golden Square Mall opened to the public. Extended from September 2004.

1979 SEP 1 Town Hall Gates unveiled following renovation, which involved painting them in gold leaf. They are now known as the Golden Gates.

1979 SEP The Girls' High School on Menin Avenue, Wilderspool, becomes Priestley College.

1979 SEP North Cheshire College is formed by the merging of Padgate College of Higher Education, Warrington College of Art and Design and the Technical College.

1979 NOV 2 Queen and Prince Philip visit town to formally open the £28m Golden Square shopping centre. This time they stayed for half an hour (last time in 1968 was for 20 minutes!).

1979 NOV 25 Second phase of the Inner Ring Road opened.

1980 JAN 1 Warrington District General Hospital opened (a hospital had existed in various forms on the same site long before then).

1980 JAN 3 The Old Infirmary on Kendrick Street closed.

1980 Feb 21 St Mark’s Dallam licensed as a separate parish.

1980 APR 23 First meeting of the Warrington Church History Society.

1980 JUL Dick Saunders, British preacher, visited the town with his Way To Life evangelical crusade, working from a crown-shaped marquee erected in Bank Park. See 'Way to Life' section of My Warrington page.

1980 JUL 18 British Steel closed its factory on Bewsey Road.

1980 AUG 1 Culcheth athlete Michelle Roberts won a Bronze medal as part of the women's 4x400 metre relay team at the Olympic Games in Moscow.

1980 Birchwood shopping centre opened. Fine Fare was the biggest supermarket, before being taken over by Gateway and now Asda. The centre also featured a Presto supermarket.

1980 Spectrum Arena, a £1.7m conference, sport and entertainment venue, opened in Birchwood. ITV staged snooker events and Channel 4 featured basketball. It is now home to Fred Done bookmakers.

1980 SEP 23 TV botanist David Bellamy opened Risley Moss Nature Reserve.

1980 OCT 6 Birchwood railway station opens (but don't tell Dr Beeching!).

1980 OCT 17 Heavyweight boxing legend Henry Cooper visited Golden Square shopping centre.

1980 OCT 24 Boots opened its new Bridge Street store in the Howard Building, named after prison reformer John Howard.

1980 OCT 25-26 Heavy rain causes widespread flooding in north of town.

1980 NOV 1 Victoria Park maternity home closed. Now a restaurant.

1980 NOV 9 Orford Youth Centre burned down (reopened 15 Sep 1982).

1980 DEC 13 Thomas Risley Church, Glover Road, Birchwood, opened.

1980 DEC 24 St Paul’s Church Bewsey Road closed and later demolished.

1980 DEC Greenings wire factory closed down on Bewsey Road. Company started in 1799.

1981 Armitage & Rigby cotton mill at Cockhedge closed.

1981 Roy Jenkins, who broke away from Labour to form the Social Democratic Party (SDP), campaigned in Warrington.

1981 APR 4 Appleton Thorn Village Hall formally opened.

1981 MAY 12 Junction Youth Centre, Admirals Road, Birchwood opened.

1981 MAY 21 Academy building moved 25 metres up Bridge Street. It was later demolished due to weakness.

1981 NOV 17-18 Overnight heavy rain. Parts of Grappenhall, Lymm and Latchford flooded.

1981 DEC 13-14 20 degrees Fahrenheit of frost. 5 ft snowdrifts in Penketh. Bus services abandoned.

1981 Latchford Library (in Post Office) closed.

1982 APR 29 Wilderspool Stadium main stand, burned down. It was the former home of Warrington rugby league club before they moved to the Halliwell Jones Stadium in 2004.

1982 MAY 4 Pop group “Rose Royce” performed at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1982 JUN 2 Duchess of Kent opens YMCA at Birchwood.

1982 JUN 6 Heavy rain causes flooding in Lymm, Thelwall, Birchwood and Culcheth.

1982 JUN 8 Padgate Library opened.

1982 JUL 3 Anti-nuclear weapon march from Winwick Street to Burtonwood took place.

1982 JUL 25 Sankey Valley Park opened.

1982 OCT 3 £700,000 Birchwood Day Centre for the Handicapped officially opened.

1982 OCT 23 ABC Cinema, Bridge Foot, closed.

1982 NOV 5 First editions of Birchwood, Lymm, Penketh and Stockton Heath Guardians.

1983 Gartons arable farming business closed down. (Did you know Gartons spelt backwards is snotrag?)

1983 Thames Board Mills closed down.

1983 Sankey Valley Park completed. The 15-mile park stretches from St Helens to Widnes via Warrington.

1983 Warrington Borough Council ranger service took over the management of Culcheth Linear Park on the site of the former Wigan to Glazebrook Railway Line. The land was acquired by the council in 1974.

1983 FEB First phase of Fordton Leisure Centre in Orford officially opened. Closed and demolished in 2012.

1983 MAY 14 A fireball hits Middleton Hall Farm, Houghton Green.

1983 JUN Liverpool University archaeological dig began at Bewsey Old Hall. It ran until June 1985.

1983 JUN 7 Freak storm kills a horse and wrecks a car. Many parts flooded.

1983 OCT 7 English rock band 10CC performed at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1983 NOV Lada Cars Snooker Classic took place at Spectrum Arena in Birchwood.

1983 NOV 18 “The Three Degrees” perform at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1983-4 Armitage & Rigby’s Cockhedge Mill demolished.

1984 Oct 23 Asda opened at Cockhedge Shopping Centre (now known as  Cockhedge Shopping Park).

1984 Warrington and District Camera Club founded.

1984 Time Square shopping precinct opened on Bank Street.

1984 JAN 13 Cooling tower at Fiddler's Ferry Power Station collapsed in a gale.

1984 FEB 4 Major fire at Naylor’s timber yard on Chester Road attended by 15 appliances.

1984 MAY 27 “Bucks Fizz” perform at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood (and according to notes did so again on 28 September 1985).

1984 JUL 19 A 5-second earthquake tremor felt throughout the town. No damage reported.

1984 MAY 30 Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the town and unveil the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party sculpture at Golden Square.

1984 OCT 2 Cromwell's statue put back on show outside the Academy building at Bridge Foot after 4 years in storage.

1984 NOV 12 Warrington Day Care Centre, Allen Street opened (now Making Space).

1985 Thorn Cross adult open prison opened in Appleton Thorn on the site of the Royal Naval Air Station Stretton (HMS Blackcap).

1985 JAN 11 & 18 Two B & Q DIY stores open at Milner Street and Cockhedge Centre respectively (B & Q are Mr Richard Block and Mr David Quayle, who set up the company in Southampton in 1969 – true!).

1985 SEP 5 Coral Social Club opens in Cockhedge Centre.

1985 SEP 28 “Bucks Fizz” performed at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1985 OCT 4 Oughtrington Community Centre officially opened by Bobby Charlton.

1985 OCT 22 Birchwood Library opened.

1985 NOV Wilderspool Stadium limited to crowd of 10,817 for safety reasons.

1985 NOV Mercantile Credit Snooker Classic at Spectrum Arena.

1985 DEC 14 The first Lymm Dickensian Festival took place.

1986 Rylands wire factory on Church Street closed.

1986 Monks Hall steel works closed.

1986 Additional Warrington Bridge opened at Bridge Foot to form a roundabout junction.

1986 Gaskells bacon-curers business closed down.

1986 MAY Mr Smiths nightclub opened for the first time in the former ABC/Ritz Cinema at Bridge Foot.

1986 MAY 6 Stockton Heath Community Centre, Ackers Road, officially opened.

1986 MAY 25 A Sport Aid event at Victoria Park raised around £15,000 for famine relief in Africa.

1986 AUG 30 Peel Hall Park officially opened to the public.

1986 OCT 26 Warrington Corporation Transport ceased to exist due to de-regulation of the buses. It became known as Warrington Borough Transport, an at-arms-length management company of the council. Meanwhile, London buses were first painted red on this day in 1929.

1986 Peel Hall Park opened to the public.

1986 Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up at 125 Bridge Street in order to make large shipments of new and second-hand Christian books and Bibles to needy areas. It concentrates mainly on Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, with smaller shipments being sent to other areas.

1987 MAY 25 Warrington Town were beaten 3-2 by St Helens in the FA Vase at Wembley.

1987 MAY 12 Lightning strikes house in Locking Stumps. House evacuated.

1987 AUG 20 Warrington Borough Transport introduced the Mini-Lines bus services for villages.

1987 AUG 24 Gateway supermarket opened at Westbrook. It is now Asda.

1987 AUG 30 The Burma Star Association unveiled a plaque at Bridge Foot War Memorial.

1987 SEP 17 Great Sankey Library gutted by fire – 20,000 books destroyed.

1987 SEP Wheelie bin system introduced in the town for rubbish collections.

1987 OCT 1 Ikea furniture store, the first in the UK, opened on Gemini Retail Park.

1987 NOV 1 Woolston and Martinscroft War Memorial unveiled.

1988 The Tudor Bingo Hall on Scotland Road was demolished (previously the Regent Cinema, and Prince of Wales Theatre before that).

1988 Spectrum Arena at Birchwood closed. The building is now the head office of Fred Done bookmakers.

1988 MAR 14 Westbrook Library opened to the public.

1988 APR 17 Control Tower at Burtonwood Air Base demolished by Bolton steeplejack Fred Dibnah.

1988 SEP 16 Anti-Cruise Missile demonstration at Burtonwood.

1988 OCT Toys R Us opened at Gemini Retail Park.

1988 NOV 25 Birchwood Tennis Centre opened. Cliff Richard has visited since it opened.

1988 Birchwood Lions International founded.

1989 MAR 24 AMC 10-screen cinema opened in Westbrook. It is now the Odeon.

1989 MAR 29 Duchess of York officially opened Long Lane Business Park.

1989 MAR 24 Gulliver’s World theme park opened near Westbrook/Old Hall.

1989 MAY 1 A riot at Risley Remand Centre causes £2m damage.

1989 MAY 9 £20m fire at Sanyo warehouse, Risley.

1989 JUN Greenall Whitley opened a £4.5m warehouse in Stretton.

1989 SEP Information Centre in Poll Tax House opened on Rylands Street.

1989 SEP 30 The Warrington and Runcorn Development Corporation becomes The Commission for the New Towns.

1989 Alban Retail Park built on the former site of FIAT car spares plant on Hawleys Lane.

1989 NOV Westminster Nursing home opened in Old Hall by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

1989 Dec 5 Kwik Save supermarket, Academy Street, opened.

1990 Glassmakers Arms, Battersby Lane, demolished to make way for the new road and roundabout.

1990 JAN 23 Work starts on road improvements at the junction of Church Street, Mersey Street, Dial Street, and Fennel Street resulting in a new roundabout junction, now known as St Mary’s Green.

1990 JAN 29 Warrington Guardian reception moves to 58 Sankey Street. It is now based at Bridge Foot in the new Academy building.

1990 FEB 27 90 miles per hour gale with high tide. Victoria Park, plus parts of Walton and Latchford flooded. St John's Roman Catholic School marooned.

1990 MAR 10 A protest against the Poll Tax took place on the Town Hall lawn, prior to the tax being introduced on 1 April 1990.

1990 APR 28 Warrington were beaten 36-14 by Wigan in the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley in front of 77,729 spectators.

1990 SEP 13 Great Sankey Library reopened after fire.

1990 NOV 30 St James’ Church, Westbrook, dedicated.

1991 Greenall's ceased beer production. Gifford & Partners begin an archaeological excavation at the Wilderspool site after the brewery closed.

1991 Feb 27 Former employees of Greenall Whitley set up The Coach House Brewing Company on Wharf Street, Howley.

1991 SEP 23 Burtonwood Nature Park opened.

1991 Amateur performers stage “The North Face of Longshaw Street” at the Parr Hall. It followed the lives of people in Bewsey and Dallam from the beginning of the 1900s until the present day.

1992 Disability Awareness Day launched.

1992 Village Hotel & Leisure Club, Centre Park, opened.

1992 Building of Riverside Retail Park began.

1992 FEB 6 The Warrington branch of the Alzheimer’s Society founded.

1992 The old Post office on Springfield Street closed and moved to Golden Square (built in 1906).

1993 FEB 26 IRA Bombing of gas works on Winwick Road.

1993 MAR 20 IRA Bomb exploded in Bridge Street, killing two young boys, Tim Parry, 12, and Johnathan Ball, aged 3. Link to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace website.

1993 JUN 2 RAF Burtonwood formally closed. Stars and Stripes handed to Mayor John Taylor.

1993 JUL First edition of Shop News published. It was renamed South Warrington News in 2000 and features a link to the www.mywarrington.me.uk website on their homepage. Thanks for that, guys!

1993 JUL 31 Bewsey High School closed.

1993 AUG 29 Statue of Brian Bevan unveiled on roundabout junction of Wilderspool Causeway and Chester Road by St James’ Church. The roundabout was renamed Brian Bevan Island. The statue was later moved to the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Mike Gregory Way when Warrington Wolves left Wilderspool Stadium on February 2004.

1993 AUG 30 Warrington Youth Band began a tour of Hilden in Germany.

1993 SEP Barrow Hall Junior School formed from Lingley Infants School and Barrow Hall Junior School.

1993 OCT 25 A skateboard park opens at Birchwood.

1994 JUN 10 Croft Wing at Warrington Hospital opened by Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

1994 JUN 13 Marks & Spencer opened a new store at Gemini Retail Park in west Warrington.

1994 JUL 25 Morrison’s opened a supermarket on the site of the former Greenall’s brewery at Wilderspool.

1994 AUG 13 Staples office supplies opened at Cockhedge Shopping Centre (moved to School Brow in November 2004)

1995 AUG 27 Odeon cinema, Buttermarket Street, closed. Wetherspoons now occupies the site, previously Yates’s Wine Lodge.

1994 SEP 1 Penketh County Primary and Penketh Junior schools merge.

1994 SEP 7 The University of the third Age (U3A) Warrington branch formed. Link to their website, which includes a link to the www.mywarrington.me.uk website.

1995 Paddington Meadows nature reserve opened to the public. The land was donated on the condition that it was turned into a nature park.

1995 APR 16 Phone Day is launched by BT, when a ‘one’ was added after the first zero to dialling codes, changing Warrington’s from 0925 to 01925.

1995 APR 4 Bewsey Old Hall Conservation Society formed. Sadly, their request for National Lottery funding was rejected, despite the volunteers meeting up with Prince Charles who lent his support. The hall is now being turned into luxury apartments.

1995 APR Official opening of Walton Hall Heritage Centre.

1995 APR 21 Official opening of Guardian Street Medical Centre at the back of the hospital.

1995 APR 26 Second carriageway of Thelwall Viaduct opened on M6 to ease congestion.

1995 APR Five people were arrested during anti-nuclear demonstration at BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels Limited) in Risley.

1995 JUN Start of archaeological excavations at Abbey Farm, Risley, by Lancaster University (ended May 1996).

1995 Nynex lay cables throughout the town for the next generation of telecommunications, including broadband and TV signals. Lines now operated by Virgin Media.

1995 SEP Official opening of the Ophthalmic Centre at Warrington Hospital.

1996 FEB 5 Snow falls in Warrington. Blizzard brings the town to a standstill. Disruption for several days.

1996 FEB A £5.5m leisure centre was officially opened at Lymm Grammar School.

1996 MAR 31 Warrington Rugby Club becomes part of the Super League and summer rugby. Their first match was away against Leeds Rhinos, which Warrington won 22-18.

1996 FEB Opening of Mersey Bank House, Barbauld Street (Income Tax Offices).

1996 Official opening of Nolan House Job Centre, Mersey Street.

1996 Tetley Walker brewery closed.

1996 "The North West Face" climbing centre opened in the former St Anne's C of E Church building on Winwick Road. The church relocated to Central Avenue, Orford.

1996 A rock music event took place at Victoria Park featuring some of the nation's top bands. You didn’t need to be there to hear it all across Warrington!

1996 Snow fell in Warrington.

1996 Warrington Rugby Club becomes part of the Super League and summer rugby.

1996 OCT Warrington rugby league club adopted the named ‘Wolves’ to become Warrington Wolves from the following season.

1996 NOV 13 The Southern Expressway (Midland Way) opened.

1996 NOV 14 The River of Life monument at Bridge Street was officially unveiled by the Duchess of Kent as a tribute to the victims of the Warrington bombings of 1993.

1997 Canon James Colling of the Parish Church and Chaplain to the Queen, retired after 38 years in Warrington.

1997 Warrington hosted its first Oktoberfest beer festival in the Parr Hall.

1997 The General Election campaign brought Shadow Home Secretary Robin Cook MP and Home Secretary Michael Howard MP to the town.

1997 FEB 11 River Mersey bursts its banks at Howley, Walton Locks and Penketh. Victoria Park flooded.

1997 Doug (later Baron) Hoyle, MP for Warrington, stepped down at the General Election.

1998 Pat Pointer of the Bewsey Old Hall Conservation Project meets with Prince Charles at Highgrove.

1998 Spectrum Arena at Birchwood reopened under new management.

1998 Former butler to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell, visited Broomfields County Junior School to personally collect money raised for the Princess Diana Memorial Fund.

1998 JUL 6 The Walton Lea Project was launched. The project provides supported employment in horticulture for adults with learning difficulties.

1998 Historic buildings in Warrington, including Bewsey Old Hall, were placed on the first-ever buildings-at-risk register.

1998 Northern Ireland Secretary Dr Mo Mowlam lends her support to a £1m peace centre in Warrington in memory of those killed in the 1993 Bombing.

1998 Warrington Archaeologist Mark Olly and his photographer Lesley Lowery find a 400,000-year-old stone tool.

1998 Royal Gala Ball held at Birchwood Conference Centre in the presence of the Duchess of Kent to raise money for a peace centre.

1998 APR 1 Warrington became a Unitary Authority.

1998 Birchwood Park came into existence when MEPC purchased land from the UK Atomic Energy Authority to build a business park in Risley.

1998 SEP 1 First broadcast of Wire FM, the independent commercial radio station for Warrington, Runcorn and Widnes - now broadcasting from Wigan!

1999 JAN 25 The first residents moved into St Rocco’s Hospice at Bewsey. Princess Alexandra officially opened the centre on 12 December 1999.

1999 APR 26 Warrington Carers Centre established at Garven Place in town centre.

1999 Winwick Hospital closed. It was replaced by the £18m Hollins Park Hospital.

1999 Proposals to reopen Kenyon Junction railway station, near Culcheth, are unveiled.

1999 Warrington’s David Fryar co-piloted the plane which beamed images of the total eclipse round the world.

1999 Warrington Worldwide daily online newspaper launched at Business Connections in April. The first monthly magazine was published in September 1999 and is available FREE at newsstands around the town and as a PDF download.

1999 SEP 24 TV and stage performer Bonnie Langford appeared in her own show at the Parr Hall.

1999 OCT 27 Stockton Heath fire station officially opened on Ackers Road.

1999 OCT 29 1970s and 80s punk rock group The Stranglers performed at the Parr Hall.

1999 NOV 24 TV comedian Phil Jupitus performed his comedy show at the Parr Hall.

1999 David Lloyd leisure centre opened on Cromwell Avenue South, Great Sankey.


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2000 RAF Burtonwood played host to the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain with a ceremony attended by 50 veterans of the forces.

2000 A residential retirement village to be built on the former Rylands Recreation Ground is named Ryfields.

2000 Warrington by the Sea summer activity centre for children launched at Golden Square.

2000 Light Elite Academy of Dance established.

2000 MAR 20 Peace Centre opened by the Duchess of Kent.

2000 APR 16 St Anne’s Church opened on Central Avenue, Orford. The original church building on Winwick Road was converted into the Northwest Face climbing centre.

2000 Warrington Friary site excavated by Lancaster University archaeologists before The Friar Penketh pub is built by J D Wetherspoon.

2000 The 18th century Cheshire Cheese pub in Latchford joined a millennium archive organised by the National Monuments Record.

2000 Former Mayor of Warrington, Harold Edwards MBE, died, aged 98. His MBE was awarded for his part in setting up the Citizens Advice Bureau in 1939.


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2001 Historic Bewsey Old Hall is refused a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

2001 Former pop singer Kim Wilde planted a tree in Winwick after Winwick Hospital closed. The 75 feet high tree is called Plane Ace and was transported from Belgium to Warrington at a cost of £60,000. It is in the Guinness Book of Records for the tallest tree transported and replanted.

2001 Home Secretary Jack Straw visited the town.

2001 MAR Longbarn Community Lodge officially opened.

2001 Former IRA chief Martin McGuinness apologised for the 1993 Warrington Bomb, which Wilf Ball, who lost his son in the disaster, said was too little, too late.

2001 Historic buildings in the town have been safeguarded by the creation of a new conservation area (it’s a pity the Old Boteler Grammar School on School Brow and the Bay Horse pub on Winwick Street weren’t included. Both disappeared within a year of each other in 2004 and 2005 respectively).

2001 OCT Timberland Trail (Runcorn to Oughtrington) officially opened.


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2002 Warrington's ancient castle on Mote Hill came into the news again when an application to build 15 properties on the site was presented to the Council.

2002 The first sod was cut in the building of the new Warrington Wolves Stadium on the former Tetley Walker brewery site. I photographed it all from beginning to end - see photos on the Warrington Wolves page.

2002 Paul Cullen became the new coach of Warrington Wolves rugby league team.

2002 Warrington MP Helen Southworth launched the RAF Burtonwood heritage centre.

2002 The Pyramid Arts Centre staged its first performance, a new presentation of “The North Face of Longshaw Street”. Gordon Gandy was one of the performers in this version. Notice he didn't say actor!

2002 Warrington MP Helen Southworth launched the RAF Burtonwood heritage centre.

2002 Heavy rain brought flooding to parts of Penketh.

2002 Warrington Borough Transport re-enacted the journey of the very first tram journey in the town. The trip, with modern buses, began in Rylands Street on Sunday 21 April at 7.40 a.m. on its run to Latchford.

2002 Down's syndrome teenager Salma Saleem dies after falling from a Ferris wheel ride at Gulliver's World theme park in Westbrook (update).

2002 Fury erupted as a listed building, an old Georgian house at 31a Winwick Street, behind the former American Pool Centre, was demolished. It was hoped English Heritage could have renovated it, but the council said it was pulled down for safety reasons.

2002 Ryfields Retirement Village opened in Orford.

2002 SEP 23 Earthquake tremors felt throughout Borough. No damage reported.

2002 OCT 13 £250,000 "Encounter" monument erection completed at Birchwood.

2002 OCT 21 Earthquake in Manchester. Slight tremors felt in Warrington.

2002 OCT 27 High Winds. Fallen Trees in many parts of town.

2002 NOV 22 The Pyramid Arts Centre staged its first performance, a new presentation of “The North Face of Longshaw Street”. I was one of the performers in this version. Noticed I didn't say actors! The building itself was originally Warrington Magistrates Court.


To 1199

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2003 Both Members of Parliament for Warrington, Helen Southworth MP and Helen Jones MP back Prime Minister Tony Blair on the controversial war in Iraq.

2003 Another change for Birchwood's Spectrum Arena, as betting giant Fred Done moved his business empire to the site from Worsley, Greater Manchester.

2003 The town lost another Grade II listed building when the former British Legion building on St Austin's Lane was demolished. See a photo in Tour 2.

2003 Channel 4 TV programme Time Team comes to Warrington to assist pupils of St Barnabas Primary School in their search of the school grounds.

2003 Objects from the old Winwick Hospital are preserved at the Museum. 

2003 Geoff Allcock from Warrington won £64,000 on ITV's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

2003 Warrington comedian and compere Peter Robinson died aged 71 (I had the pleasure of working with him on a Friends & Neighbours Travel Club holiday in the 1990s).

2003 Wilderspool Stadium's 105-year association with 1st team rugby league ended as the club moves to new premises at Winwick Road.

2003 The Warrington Bomb blast is remembered in a service at Holy Trinity Church at Market Gate.

2003 Lord Roy Jenkins MP, who famously campaigned in Warrington in 1981, died aged 82.

2003 The Rev Steve Parish, from St Ann's Church in Orford, requested that the Armitage & Rigby chimney top should be incorporated into the new bus station as a memory to Warrington industry. It stood on the corner of Winwick Street and Golborne Street before the Golden Square redevelopment began. See New Temporary Bus Station section of On The Buses for photos.

2003 The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, visited Ryfields Retirement Village.

2003 Railway fans witnessed 6201 Princess Elizabeth steam locomotive pulling into Warrington Bank Quay on her way to the Settle and Carlisle line.

2003 APR 9 Warrington Guardian newspaper celebrated its 150th Anniversary.

2003 JUL 31 Legh Street swimming baths closed. Opened 1866.

2003 OCT A 73-year-old man serving a jail sentence in the Middle East for manslaughter confessed to strangling Warrington prostitute, Patricia Simpson, known as the Silver Queen, in November 1963. The news has only been made public now, four years after police obtained the confession.

2003 OCT Manchester property developer, Modus, announced plans to resurrect an idea to breathe new life into a run-down section of Winwick Street opposite Warrington Central railway station.

2003 OCT Irish rock band U2 were invited to play at the Peace Centre in Great Sankey after they gave permission for one of their videos to be included in a promotional film made by students of University College Chester, Warrington Campus.

2003 NOV Skatepark opened in Victoria Park.

2003 DEC Pool Park, Causeway Park & Latchford Community Centres & Burtonwood Youth Centre closed.


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2004 FEB Culcheth Youth Base closed.

2004 FEB 6 Life For A Life charity opened Mersey Meadows in west Warrington to allow the planting of trees to commemorate the lives of loved ones. See photos in Warrington Green. Check out the charity's website www.lifeforalife.org.uk.

2004 FEB 21 Warrington Wolves rugby league club played its first game at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Winwick Road. They beat Wakefield Wildcats 34-20 in a match televised on Sky in front of 14,206 spectators.

2004 Exam documents dating from 1884 were found in the old Horobin newsagent shop on Sankey Street when it closed. See a photo of the shop in Tour 2.

2004 Former Olympic swimmer Helen Slatter expressed her sadness at Legh Street baths closure. She trained there with the Warriors of Warrington.

2004 Chapelford Urban Village, to be built on the old Burtonwood Air Base, was unveiled by Warrington Borough Council. A new railway station is planned.

2004 Wendy Parry, who lost her son Tim in the 1993 Warrington Bomb, was invited to Buckingham Palace as one of 200 Women of Achievement.

2004 Warrington actor, Pete Postlethwaite, received an OBE from the Queen.

2004 Countess Sophie of Wessex unveiled a plaque at the entrance to the Warrington Deaf Centre on Wilson Patten Street.

2004 It was announced that Stockton Heath Walking Day was to end after 150 years. However, a change of heart from the authorities kept it going. See a photo from the 2006 event on the Memory Lane page.

2004 MAY Refurbished Greystone Recreation Ground, Penketh, opened.

2004 JUN 24 The Brian Bevan Wall was unveiled at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on the 80th anniversary of his birth. The wall was made up of commemorative engraved bricks for which fans paid either £24.95 or £34.95 to have their named added. It became known locally as the 'wall of fame'. wolves_commemorative_wall_090706.JPG (124357 bytes)

2004 JUL Wilf Ball, who lost his 3-year-old son Johnathan in the 1993 Warrington Bomb, died, aged 71. Link to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace website.

2004 AUG 10 Heavy rain causes flooding in Winwick, Great Sankey, Penketh, Orford, Longford and Appleton.

2004 NOV 1 Gateway Advice Centre, Sankey Street, officially opened.


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2005 The Legacy Project was set up by Children of Peace to record oral memories of the 1993 Warrington Bomb. Link to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace website.

2005 JAN 1 Tornado at Lymm. Four cottages badly damaged. Mersey Street closed due to flying slates in high wind.

2005 FEB 2 Queens Gardens renovation is unveiled in a ribbon cutting ceremony.

2005 Roads Minister, Tony McNulty MP, visited the town to lend support for a Bridge Foot bypass.

2005 FEB 24 BBC's Question Time show is recorded at The Pyramid Arts Centre.

2005 APR 1 Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council take over Grappenhall Heyes Walled Garden.

2005 APR 8 John Graham Smith, founder of Mr Smiths nightclub at Bridge Foot, died.

2005 Warrington Market celebrates 750 years of its Royal Charter presented in 1255. Read more on Warrington Market page.

2005 Greenall's vodka and gin distillery on Wilderspool Causeway was devastated by fire. Investigators confirm it was no accident, and later charged a man with arson.

2005 A six-strong partnership submitted a planning application to redevelop Time Square retail area.

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2005 Thursday 12 May - mywarrington WEBSITE LAUNCHED

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2005 JUL Peel Holdings, owners of the Manchester Ship Canal, made adjustments to the swing bridges to help when the metal expands in the heat of summer. They used grinders to increase the gaps between the bridge and the buttress. Normally the fire brigade are called out to spray water on to ease the traffic hold ups.

2005 JUL 9-11 Latchford Swing Bridge sticks due to temperature at 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

2005 AUG Official opening of Brickfield Community Park, Orford.

2005 AUG 27 Georgie Fame performed at the Old Fish Market in Golden Square with Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra, in a free concert arranged by Pyramid Parr Hall.

2005 NOV 18 Prince Charles visited Warrington to present medals to members of the Territorial Army for their services in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. See photos on the Events page.

2005 NOV 20 Kerry Katona switched on the Christmas lights.


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2006 FEB 26 Danielle Lloyd, Aged 22, is crowned Miss Great Britain in a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London hosted by Noel Edmonds.

2006 FEB 27 Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, visited the town to unveil a commemorative plaque marking the official opening of The Gateway (the former Warrington Guardian newspaper office on Sankey Street).

2006 FEB 28 A book about local stories of World War II published by Newsquest, owners of the Warrington Guardian, raises over £12,000 for the Royal British Legion.

2006 FEB 28 Warrington dentist, Khalid Anis, received an MBE for his services to dentistry.

2006 FEB Cab Company, a new initiative run as a type of workers co-operative, is set up with ten cars. Callers are assigned by computer directly to the drivers without a controller.

2006 FEB Glamour model Emma Hayes, from Orford, appeared on the front cover of February's Maxim magazine.

2006 MAR 2 Folk-rock group Fairport Convention performed at Parr Hall as part of their 30-date UK tour.

2006 MAR 2 Blackpool Comes to Warrington - mobile fairground sets up at Winwick.

2006 MAR 4 Snow falls in Warrington for first time in 5 years.

2006 MAR 8 Singer Peter Andre performs at Chicago Rock Cafe. His wife Jordan also attended. They split up in 2009.

2006 MAR 8 A Securitas truck carrying £½ million in cash was raided at Woolston Grange, echoing the £50 million raid in Kent 2 weeks previously, also on a Securitas truck. Three West Yorkshire men were convicted of the crime on 1 February, 2010.

2006 MAR 14 Warrington rock group Death by Decibels helped to rescue people affected by tear gas as rioting broke out during the British Invasion punk festival at San Bernardino, California.

2006 MAR 19 Brother and sister Geoff & Jo Armstrong from Grappenhall appear on Channel 4's Shipwrecked reality TV show.

2006 MAR 20 Historic Stockton Heath Primary School was saved from demolition after 5,000 protests were received by the council. Sadly, it was short-lived as the school was eventually demolished.

2006 MAR Manchester City Council dropped its legal challenge to the Omega Business Park development going ahead in west Warrington, provided the plans are revised.

2006 MAR After a 12-month campaign, Warrington is named a Fairtrade Borough. The movement ensures producers from developing countries get a fair price for their goods and labour.

2006 MAR 30 A solar eclipse is cited as the reason for unusual rises in the levels of the River Mersey. Flooding was the result in many parts of the town.

2006 MAR 31 Music maestro Pete Waterman officially opens a new £2.9 million cardiac catheter suite at Warrington Hospital.

2006 MAR Granada TV’s Paul Crone attended a charity ball at the Halliwell Jones Stadium to receive donations of £13,654 from staff at J & K Ross Ltd on Kerfoot Street for the When You Wish Upon A Star charity, of which he is patron.

2006 APR 1 Wire FM performed an April Fools' Day prank on listeners by suggesting that Led Zeppelin will be reforming for a concert in Warrington or Halton hosted by Noel Edmonds.

2006 APR Liverpool City Council dropped its opposition to The Omega Business Park project, planned for the next 20 years of redevelopment in west Warrington.

2006 APR Warrington Borough Council launched a roadshow to promote plans to regenerate Orford Park.

2006 APR Warrington Museum launched their Warrington People exhibition.

2006 APR New police radio systems are launched to help officers get to crimes quicker. Residents have always complained about how long it takes to get a response to a reported crime. In the past the frequencies were shared between other emergency units.

2006 APR A new-style bus-come-tram is considered by Warrington Borough Transport for use on a route from the future Omega Business Park via Cromwell Avenue to the town centre.

2006 APR Warrington Borough Transport, owned by the Borough Council, announced that passenger numbers have increased by around 2 per cent, whilst elsewhere in the country, apart from London, levels are dropping.

2006 APR An appeal to save the tower of picturesque St Wilfrid's church in Grappenhall village is launched. Link to the Church Website here.

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2006 Friday 12 May - mywarrington WEBSITE - 1ST BIRTHDAY

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2006 MAY 21 2,000 women run a 5-kilometre race at Arley Hall to raise money for Cancer Relief UK.

2006 MAY 27 Warrington's Festival of Football starts to celebrate the Football World Cup Finals. It is supported by Roger Hunt, who was part of the winning England squad of 1966 and now lives in the town.

2006 MAY 30 Warrington Borough Council approves plans to reshape Time Square retail area, which will include the return of a cinema to the town centre.

2006 MAY Making Tracks, a 3 minute film highlighting problems of playing on the railways, wins an award for Penketh High School in a safety campaign organised by Network Rail.

2006 JUN Urban Splash revealed plans to revamp Bewsey Old Hall. The Bewsey Old Hall Conservation Project had raised £800,000 to keep the hall and grounds in the public domain, but it wasn't enough.

2006 JUN Warrington Hospital promoted fruit and vegetables as part of the national Cancer Prevention Week.

2006 JUN Former Warrington rugby league player and coach, Derek 'Nobby' Clark died after a long illness. He spent over 40 years with the club and was chairman of the Past Players Association.

2006 JUN Miss Warrington 2006 is named. She is 18-year-old Ashley McKeever - and she comes from WIGAN!

2006 JUN Historic photos of the allied occupation of Germany after the war are unearthed by a Warrington man. They feature images of the Berlin Wall and a visit from the Queen.

2006 JUN Pink Ladies, the Warrington-based ladies-only taxi firm, launched another franchise in Carlisle, Cumbria, to add to their fleet in Liverpool, the Wirral, London and St Helens. The scheme does not deal in cash for fares, but uses a membership scheme instead. The company closed down in later years due to licensing issues.

2006 JUN As World Cup Football Fever grips the nation, Warrington Primary Care Trust, the Borough Council and Cheshire Police join forces to launch a decorated taxi scheme to promote responsible drinking.

2006 JUN Children from St Monica's in Appleton won a £300 top prize in the Warrington Yellow Woods Challenge to promote a recycling. Runners-up were St Andrew's winning £200 and third were Green Lane Community Special School with a £100 prize. The competition was run by Yellow Pages, the Borough Council and the Woodland Trust. In total 9,688 old Yellow Pages directories were collected by 53 schools and one tree was planted for every pound awarded to the schools.

2006 JUN 5 Flash floods hit Warrington. Classrooms and the hall of Ravenbank Primary School in Lymm were affected.

2006 JUN 17 Bawming of the Thorn ceremony takes place at Appleton Thorn. The unique annual ceremony takes place on the Saturday nearest to Midsummer's Day. See photos on the Events page.

2006 JUN Disability Awareness Day, Warrington's annual, and Europe's largest, voluntary-led disability awareness event, received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Services (an award created in 2002 to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee).

2006 JUN 28 Granada TV's Fred Talbot officially opened 'Our Wood' community woodland in Westbrook.

2006 JUN Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major visited the Warrington South Conservative Association in Stretton.

2006 JUN A four-day Bible-reading session took places at St Wilfrid's Church, Grappenhall, to raise funds for the repair of the bell tower. I have since been informed that the event was a great success. Link to the Church Website here.

2006 JUL 3 Warrington residents report an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Orford at 10.35pm. It was ME with a torch on the end of a kite. Well prove it WASN'T! And why do we only 'see' these UFO sightings at night? And only since powered flight?

2006 JUL 100-year-old machinery which stood outside The Forge Shopping Centre in Stockton Heath was thought to have been destroyed during redevelopment of the site. Thankfully, it was found soon after. See a photo of it on the My Warrington page. Linking story.

2006 JUL 17 Warrington Borough Council adopted a controversial new policy on collection of rubbish. If a bin lid is not fully closed, the bin will not be emptied. Warrington North MP Helen Jones is furious when her own rubbish is left uncollected.

2006 JUL 20 Coronation Street stars took part in a charity football match against Warrington Town Football Club to raise funds for St Rocco's Hospice.

2006 JUL 25 Warrington taxi drivers brought the town to a standstill in protest at the number of taxi ranks and enforcement of taxi regulations in the town.

2006 JUL Four Warrington buildings have again been named on the English Heritage 'at risk' register. They are all Grade II listed buildings - the Gatehouse to Bradlegh Old Hall, Bradley Lane, Burtonwood; Bewsey Old Hall; Hurst Hall North Barn, Hurst Lane, Glazebury and the Transporter Bridge at Bank Quay.

2006 JUL Model Danielle Lloyd won a four-figure payout for a car accident in October 2004 which could have damaged her career. She was crowned Miss Great Britain in February 2006.

2006 JUL Abba Cars taxi firm donated £1,800 to buy a new electric scooter for the Warrington Disability Partnership's Shopmobility scheme.

2006 JUL 25 NatWest celebrated 175 years of banking in Warrington. See the Events page for more.

2006 JUL Warrington Borough Council won a national award for the computer support it offers schools.

2006 JUL Peel Holdings, owners of the Manchester Ship Canal, defended its decision to monitor Latchford Locks by CCTV rather than using onsite personnel. Concerned residents say that if the sluice gates ever malfunctioned the area could be flooded.

2006 AUG Former Brookside star Dean Sullivan (who played Jimmy Corkhill) became the first celebrity to lend his support for Warrington-based mental health charity Making Space. Their centre is on Allen Street, close to town centre.

2006 AUG 5 TV antiques star David Dickinson appeared at Pyramid Parr Hall to film his new ITV show Dickinson's Real Deal.

2006 AUG Birchwood Shopping Centre hosted a Birchwood By The Sea event, enabling children to have fun at the beach without leaving the town. It featured magic shows, Punch and Judy and games. Golden Square had staged a similar event in the past, Warrington By The Sea.

2006 AUG 7 Warrington Wolves coach Paul Cullen took over from Salford City Red's Karl Harrison as the new England coach.

2006 AUG It is announced that Mr Smith's nightclub (previously the ABC cinema - The Ritz) is to close down.

2006 AUG Warrington Wolves became the first club to donate money from season ticket sales to the Rugby Football League Benevolent Fund.

2006 AUG Former environmental health chief Andy Gilbert travelled around Norway on his motorcycle to raise funds for Hope House Children's Hospice. Expecting to wear his winter gear, he witnesses evidence of global warming as Norway has one of its hottest summers ever.

2006 AUG The Civic Trust presented Walton Gardens with the Green Flag Award, a national benchmark for top parks and green spaces.

2006 AUG 19 Andy Prior Big Band perform a free jazz concert at the Old Fish Market at Golden Square as part of Culturefest '06.

2006 AUG 19 Warrington's temporary bus station operated for the very last time.

2006 AUG 21 Warrington Interchange, the town's new bus station, opened for business.

2006 AUG 27 Hollyoaks TV star Carley Stenson appeared at the Dallam Youth Festival.

2006 AUG 27 Stretton's famous Maize Maze teamed up with Macmillan Cancer in a bid to raise £5,000 to help people living with cancer.

2006 SEP 1 The 24-hour Relay For Life fund-raising event for Cancer Research UK raised approximately £6,500 at Victoria Park.

2006 SEP Youngster Shanice Nickle donned a fat suit and prosthetics to take part in TV chef Jamie Oliver's latest campaign to get children to eat healthy foods.

2006 SEP Mystery surrounds the death of several fish in the Manchester Ship Canal near Fiddler's Ferry when thousands were seen gasping for air. They came to the surface in a bid to get oxygen from the air as Environment Agency workers tried to re-oxgenate the water with pumps.

2006 SEP Warrington Wolves announces the Wire2Wolves community project to create a timeline of events around the stadium to highlight the history of the club and of the town. The club has applied to the National Lottery Fund for assistance.

2006 SEP Stockton Heath Independent Methodist church on Walton Road celebrated 200 years of service to the community.

2006 SEP 8-14 Two Warrington Hospital doctors, Steve Bentley and Barry Taylor, climb Mount Everest to raise money for CANtreat. Proceeds went to the charity's £1m appeal to enhance the environment of cancer treatment areas within the NHS.

2006 SEP 9 University of Chester, Warrington Campus, celebrated 60 years of higher education at Padgate.

2006 SEP Warrington Cine and Video Society celebrated 70 years of film-making.

2006 SEP Warrington Photographic Society received a £3,350 National Lottery grant to help preserve its collection.

2006 SEP Coronation Street celebrities Tina O'Brien, Stephen Peacock (Warrington's own) and Ryan Thomas opened Ibizaar, a new designer clothing shop in London Road, Stockton Heath village.

2006 SEP A Warrington author using the pseudonym Carol Dunning publishes two books: Dining For Lovers and Ghosts of the North West.

2006 SEP Golden Square Shopping Centre sponsored aerial photographs of the town's landmarks.

2006 SEP Collier Waste Management Ltd are refused a planning application to raise the level of waste in parts of the Moss Side Farm site after residents complained.

2006 SEP 11 Warrington Borough Council announced that Culcheth High School is to be demolished and rebuilt.

2006 SEP 14 Councillor Diane Terris became the first female Chief Executive of Warrington Borough Council.

2006 SEP 14 More controversy in the council's policy on collecting bins after a 61 year old Locking Stumps resident was told her green bin was too heavy for the council trucks, although she could pick it up herself. Her story was featured on BBC Northwest Tonight.

2006 SEP Warrington Borough Council demanded compensation from contractors into the five-month delay in implementing new £158,000 traffic signs into the town. Twenty signs were erected to inform motorists of accidents and give general information.

2006 SEP Chapelford railway station was dealt a serious blow when developers of the future Omega Business Park in west Warrington told councillors they will not pay the £1.5 million bill towards roads serving the station. It would have replaced Sankey Station in a link to the 2,000 home Chapelford Urban Village.

2006 SEP 15 Granada Reports presenter Paul Crone concluded his charity walk for the Up The Amazon appeal for The Vine Trust at Lymm Cross. He covered over 200 miles in a fortnight to raise over £65,000 to send medical boats along the Amazon to boost the quality of life for locals.

2006 SEP 17 Warrington Wolves announced that past-captain Mike Gregory was to become the latest addition to the Wolves Hall of Fame.

2006 SEP 17 Warrington fire station holds an Open Day to highlight the dangers of fire and to demonstrate the latest techniques in fire and rescue.

2006 SEP 17 The 66th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain was celebrated at Gulliver's World theme park by members of the RAF, Army and Navy.

2006 SEP 20 A two-day public inquiry into developments on Howley waterfront began at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

2006 SEP Nobles Amusements took over the building once occupied by Hodgkinson's on Bridge Street.

2006 SEP Supporters banged the drum for Fairtrade at the final game of the season at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

2006 SEP A national beauty competition in London has revealed that Warrington is the best place in the country for training models, as students from Warrington Collegiate pick a handful of awards at the annual National Beauty Competition at Earls Court.

2006 OCT 1 Grappenhall actress Amanda Dobson, 21, appeared in ITV 1 Granada's Cracker police series with Robbie Coltrane.

2006 OCT 1 Veterans of the First World War are remembered in a ceremony at the Parish Church attended by the Mayor Linda Dirir.

2006 OCT 7 'Celebrity mum' Kerry Katona signed copies of her autobiography Too Much Too Young at Waterstones bookshop in Golden Square.

2006 OCT Warrington's Coach House Brewing Company, run by Managing Director David Bolton, Tony Gandy and Neil Chantrell, won the Champion Beer of Cheshire for their Post Horn bitter at the Nantwich Food and Drink Festival.

2006 OCT 14 Relief Trent class 14 lifeboat "Earl & Countess Mountbatten of Burma" passes through Latchford Locks on its way to Anglesey after attending Manchester Lifeboat Week at Salford Quays.

2006 OCT Warrington Wolves was named Super League Club of the Year.

2006 OCT The Ring O'Bells pub on Church Street next to the Parish Church was named as the borough's first Fairtrade pub for stocking coffees and wines which ensure a fair price for its producers.

2006 OCT A campaign was launched to save Mr Smith's nightclub from demolition and turn it into a theatre. The group behind the campaign is known as Theatre 4 Warrington Campaign and is hoping to achieve charity status.

2006 OCT Oktoberfest, the annual beer festival at the Parr Hall organised by Warrington Rotary Club, celebrated its first 10 years of operation.

2006 OCT Warrington Wolves bought New Zealand rugby star Vinnie Anderson from St Helens for £50,000.

2006 OCT 80s pop star Captain Sensible of The Damned visited Warrington with his new outfit Dead Men Walking. The political activist has launched The Blah Party for the 'disaffected'. He had a number one hit with Happy Talk in June 1982. His real name is Ray Burns.

2006 OCT Hundreds of Warrington people were affected by the collapse of the Christmas hamper company Farepak. The big supermarkets offered to help out those affected. People have passed comment that as the boss of Farepak is said to be worth £30 million, they shouldn't have to, should they? He has been called to account by the government.

2006 OCT 19 Warrington Borough Council approved plans for the £1bn Omega Business Park in west Warrington. It will be the final stage in the New Town plan which was first started by the Commission for New Towns in 1972.

2006 OCT 19 Sir Thomas Boteler High School pupil, Christopher Dickinson picked up a bronze Team Player Award from Dame Kelly Holmes in a ceremony in London. The Living For Sport initiative is aimed at pupils between 11 and 16 who are at risk of opting out of school life by encouraging them to take part in sport.

2006 OCT 21 Former Warrington Rugby star Mike Gregory signed copies of his autobiography 'Biting Back' in Borders bookshop at Riverside Retail Park.

2006 OCT 23 The Big Idea, an internet TV channel, launched. It features its very own soap opera, Orford and Pop Factor to showcase the talents of local people.

2006 OCT 25 A small fire broke out in the cellar of the Patten Arms hotel opposite Bank Quay Station.

2006 OCT Plans were announced for a possible £7 million revamp of Parr Hall, funded by public and private investment.

2006 OCT Warrington Borough Transport responded to concerns about the potential Chapelford railway station by having talks with Network Rail.

2006 OCT A women-only night raised £3,000 for Breast Cancer Care at an event held at Polar Ford on Winwick Road.

2006 OCT Virgin Trains boss Carl Belcher announced plans to overhaul Warrington Bank Quay Station at a cost of £500,000.

2006 OCT Sainsbury's opened a new supermarket in the £1m revamp of the former Culcheth Provisions Stores.

2006 OCT The Forestry Commission launched an autumn photography competition to find the best images of autumn in the region. Check out their website www.forestry.gov.uk.

2006 OCT Mersey Ferries' Manchester Ship Canal Cruises announced a 20% increase in passengers this year. The company sails between Liverpool and Salford Quays via Warrington every summer.

2006 OCT The Pearl of Africa choir from Kamuzinda children's village in Uganda performed at William Beamont High School. They were touring the country to raise funds for the village which looks after AIDS orphans.

2006 OCT Plans were drawn up by the Borough Council into how the banks of the Mersey will look in the future. Planning permission has already been granted to redevelop the waterfront near Mr Smiths at Bridge Foot in a scheme resembling other waterfronts in the region, such as Salford Quays.

2006 OCT The Meadow View Fishery at Statham Pool in Lymm benefited from a new platform built by the Environment Agency to allow disabled access.

2006 OCT Warrington Borough Transport and Warrington Cycling Campaign launched a joint-leaflet highlighting safety first initiatives for bike riders and bus drivers.

2006 OCT Warrington Borough Council's school catering service signed a new supply contract with SET Produce of Stockport for fresh fruit and vegetables. Most of the produce is grown here in Warrington.

2006 OCT The 10th annual Oktoberfest at the Parr Hall raised £14,000 for this year's charities, Riding For the Disabled in Lymm, The Older People's Forum, Speak Up Group and Young Carers Group.

2006 NOV The Sankey Canal Restoration Society (SCARS) launched a calendar to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Sankey Canal, the first in modern-day England (and jolly good it is too!).

2006 NOV Miss Warrington, later Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd, was stripped of her title as it was reveal she had been dating footballer Terry Sheringham for two months before the win. He was one of the judges.

2006 NOV An extra lane will be added to Winwick Road to ease congestion near Tesco. Work will begin on the new section in the new year.

2006 NOV 8 Boat owners blockaded the Bridgewater Canal at Lymm in protest about prices rises by Peel Holdings for licensing and mooring charges. Matthew Corbett, formerly of TV's The Sooty Show, was the press officer.

2006 NOV Radio Lymm began broadcasting on 87.7FM in the run up to the village Dickensian Festival on 9 Dec.

2006 NOV TV soap stars, husband and wife Kym Ryder (Marsh) of Coronation Street and Jack Marsh of EastEnders, visited town to launch The Club leisure club at the Park Royal in Stretton.

2006 NOV 11-12 Warrington remembered its war dead at the cenotaph at Bridge Foot. On the Saturday, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month shoppers held a two-minute silence in the town centre.

2006 NOV Theatre For Warrington (T4W) received a massive boost of a mystery £250,000 donation to help turn Mr Smiths night club into a theatre.

2006 NOV 19 The LRK Cultural Centre on Haydock Street celebrated Diwali, a major festival for Hindus and Sikhs. Diwali is known as the Festival of Light and is a symbol of victory of evil.

2006 NOV Status Quo drummer, Jeff Rich, visited Ravenbank Primary School in Lymm to give pupils a master class in the art of drumming.

2006 NOV The Warrington Guardian reported that Lib Dem council leader Ian Banks would like the River Mersey area at Bridge Foot to be utilised as a riverside venue, like other towns and cities have achieved, including Manchester, Leeds and Wigan. With the Theatre 4 Warrington plan to turn Mr Smiths into a theatre, it could be the start of a new lease of life for the area. And what a welcome for visitors into the town when the first thing they see is a bright shiny welcome. In the end, Mr Smiths was turned into Halo nightclub and Theatre 4 Warrington are still looking for a venue.

2006 NOV The council reported that a town centre bypass from Crosfields to Chester Road was being considered. It is something desperately needed in that part of town.

2006 NOV Warrington Hospital announced a rescue plan to save £18 million by cutting 180 beds and 300 jobs.

2006 NOV Gulliver's World theme park in Westbrook admitted two counts of breaking health and safety rules in 2002 when 13-year-old Salma Saleem, who had Down's syndrome, died after she fell from a Ferris wheel ride at the park. The company was fined £170,000, which included £90,000 in court costs. Back to earlier story.

2006 NOV TV psychic Dave Wells, famous for his Most Haunted series on Living TV with Yvette Fielding, signed copies of his new book David Wells' Complete Guide to Developing Your Psychic Skills at Borders bookshop on Riverside Retail Park.

2006 NOV The Omega Business Park, planned for part of the site of the former Burtonwood Air Base to the west of junction 8 on the M62 motorway, finally got the green light. It will take 17 years to complete the project, creating thousands of jobs.

2006 NOV 21 Former BBC Political reporter Jim Hancock hosted a unique debate on the future of Warrington at a public meeting.

2006 NOV 24 Santa's Grotto returned to Golden Square after an absence of three years.

2006 NOV 25 Culcheth Lions organised the annual Victorian Day in the village. The fun day included the Christmas lights switch on.

2006 NOV 27 'The Friends of Real Lancashire', a group concerned with restoring the original pre-1974 boundaries of the region to maps and road signs, announced they want residents to share a toast for Lancashire Day. Check out their website.

2006 NOV Warrington Borough Council held back £70,000 from electronics company Siemens because of delays in the commencement of new traffic information screens for 6 months. The information screens should have been operational in January, but didn't start until the summer.

2006 NOV 40-year-old wheelchair bowman John Stubbs picked up an MBE from the Queen for his services to disabled sports.

2006 NOV Borough councillors visited a recycling plant in Huddersfield to see how they create electricity for the national grid by burning thousands of tones of rubbish. The council was hoping to introduce a similar scheme in Warrington.

2006 NOV 30 Eight fire engines were called out to a computer warehouse fire in Appleton Thorn. Nobody was injured and foul play was ruled out.

2006 DEC Warrington Borough Transport set up a free park and ride bus service to run every Saturday in December.

2006 DEC Woolston Grange Avenue, which runs from the A57 Manchester Road to Birchwood Way is to be turned into a dual carriageway at a total cost of £500,000.

2006 DEC Spooky goings on were reported at the Black Horse pub on Liverpool Road, Great Sankey. The owner noticed a bowl had been moved and neither he nor his wife had touched it. It was then noted that an aunt had died 3 days earlier. I wonder if there is any link with the guy who walked through a graveyard at midnight and heard a tapping sound on one of the gravestones. When he got closer he saw a shadowy figure who said "They spelt my name wrong!".

2006 DEC Borough councillors agreed to a freeze on expenses, despite a recommendation they should increase by 6.1%.

2006 DEC United Utilities were fined over £35,000, plus costs, for supplying water unfit for human consumption in Warrington in 2004. The charges were brought under Section 70 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

2006 DEC The Government revealed experimental figures showing how much carbon dioxide is produced in Warrington. It pumped out 836 kilo tons (kts) of Industrial Co2, lower than Runcorn and Widnes which had 879 kts. Liverpool had 1107. The figures were compiled in 2004 and revealed now.

2006 DEC 4 Middlesbrough developers, Python, began work on transforming the empty Priestley House on Sankey Street into offices. Previously, it was the base for Warrington Social Services department until the lease ran out in the 1990s.

2006 DEC Pink Ladies women-only taxi firm met up with Government ministers to try to work out a way of continuing their service (run without a licence) in light of the new Road Safety Bill, which requires the company to be licensed. Pink Ladies believe they are a private members club and therefore don't need a licence.

2006 DEC Pink Ladies visited Buckingham Palace and were told by the Queen that their service is a 'jolly good idea'.

2006 DEC Mayne's coach firm moved from Battersby Lane to a brand new building on Marsh House Lane to make way for a new housing development on the former site of Carrington Wire (Rylands).

2006 DEC Warrington Borough Transport announced plans for a free parking scheme at the Market in early 2007 on one day per week. Improvements to the market would also be undertaken, but rents for stallholders will increase to cover the cost.


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2007 JAN New Year's Honours for Warrington people included Sandra Busby of Business Link Cheshire (OBE), Dr Neil Goodwin of Manchester Strategic Health Authority (OBE), Keith Osborn, a former chief scientist at United Utilities (MBE), Jerome Evans, Manager of HM Young Offenders Institution Thorncross (MBE) and Andrew Carmen of Carousel for services to the disabled (MBE).

2007 JAN Councillors announced plans for a twinning arrangement with Tanzania and China. The town is already twinned with Hilden in Germany, Nachod in the Czech Republic and Lake County in Illinois.

2007 JAN 8 The Council announced that a conservation area to preserve buildings in the town centre will be extended. The war memorial, which was excluded from the original 1980s scheme, will now be protected from development. I believe the memorial should be moved to Bank Park or Queens Gardens so everybody can visit more safely.

2007 JAN 11 Former Miss Warrington, Danielle Lloyd, became one of the latest wannabees to enter the Channel 4 Big Brother House.

2007 JAN Greenall's owners AHG submitted plans to the Borough Council to build up to 300 houses on land off Loushers Lane.

2007 JAN Zoe Developments announced they wish to build a five-floor apartment block on the spare land on Winwick Street between Greenwood Furnishings and Cafe Centre. The development, which will go to a public inquiry, would feature a restaurant on the ground floor, 12 two-bed apartments and 4 one-bed apartments with parking spaces for 11 vehicles.

2007 JAN A move to relocate Warrington Borough Transport's depot to Slutchers Lane from Wilderspool Causeway is scrapped.

2007 JAN Plans are announced which could see the annual Christmas and New Year late night bus scheme being run all year round.

2007 JAN Part of Sankey railway station building could be turned into a takeaway restaurant if plans succeed.

2007 JAN Warrington-born Glenn Robb gained a part in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Starlight Express in London.

2007 JAN Sue Beesley of Warrington became BBC Gardener of the Year.

2007 JAN 13 Kingsman Alexander Green, aged 21 from Warrington was killed by gunfire as he returned to base while serving with the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment in Basrah, Iraq.

2007 JAN Rod King got his daughter to the church on time in style - on a recumbent quadricycle pedicab! As a member of Warrington Cycle Campaign he wanted to do something a bit special. The bike was borrowed from the Cycling Projects charity of which he is a trustee.

2007 JAN Danielle Lloyd, the former Miss Warrington from Liverpool, was caught up in the major controversy that prompted over 30,000 complaints to OFCOM about alleged racism in Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother. The 'abuse' was hurled at Indian film star Shilpa Shetty. It became the most complained-about TV show in the world and fellow contestant Jade Goody was later voted out by the public. She tried to make amends by apologising to the Indian actress via the national press. Jade Goody passed away on 22 Mar 2009 from cancer.

2007 JAN The Government overturned a council decision to prevent the construction of an 80-bed hotel at Gulliver's World theme park in Westbrook. The scheme would also feature a permanent base for the Burtonwood Association heritage centre, who have been based in temporary accommodation since 2004. See RAF Burtonwood for more.

2007 JAN Cheshire Rural Enterprise presented Lymm parish councillors with a grant of £141,000 to fund a revamp of areas of the village centre, including new footpaths, fencing and lighting.

2007 JAN 15 Chemical company Ineos Silicas, based on the site of Crosfields at Bank Quay, announced 67 redundancies over the next three years. Chemicals have been manufactured on the site since 1815.

2007 JAN Wayne Garvie, former director of content and production at BBC Worldwide, offered his expertise to students at University of Chester, Warrington Campus. He is the brains behind hit shows Strictly Come Dancing and the British version of Dragons' Den.

2007 JAN 18 Extremely high winds brought chaos around the town by blowing down trees and caused major traffic problems. See Wild Weather section on the My Warrington page for images.

2007 JAN 18 The record-breaking 57-feet-high Plane Ace tree in Winwick Park was toppled in the winter gales. There are fears that it may have to uprooted. It was planted in 2001 by former pop singer Kim Wilde when Winwick Hospital was demolished.

2007 JAN 25 Lee Briers was awarded the inaugural Parliamentarians 'engage Super League Player of the Year' award. The award was voted on by members of the All Party Parliamentary Rugby League group, which consists of MPs and Lords from across the political spectrum. Lord Hoyle, chairman of Warrington Wolves, collected the award on behalf of Briers - who was away on warm-weather training with the Wolves squad.

2007 JAN 29 Octogenarian Ivy Edwards, wife of former mayor, the late Harold Edwards, who passed away in 2000, attended a reception at 10 Downing Street in recognition of her services to the Co-operative Party, the organisation she has served as secretary and treasurer for 44 years.

2007 FEB 5 Traffic Wardens were reinstated onto Warrington streets.

2007 FEB 7 The Warrington Guardian newspaper's first female editor, Stella Parker, died in hospital aged 74.

2007 FEB 9 The town experienced a brief fall of snow.

2007 FEB 'Our Wood', which was created on the site of the former Burtonwood Air Base by local schoolchildren, is nominated for a British Urban Regeneration Award by the owners of the land, David Wilson Homes. The wood was officially opened in June 2006 by Fred Talbot, who was the Granada TV's weather presenter at the time.

2007 FEB One hundred jobs were lost as 61 branches of the Stationery Box company was bought by Partners the Stationers, which is part-owned by TV 'Dragon' Theo Paphitis. The Bridge Street store closed, as well as the head office at Eagle Park in Hawleys Lane, Dallam.

2007 FEB Heartless vandals destroyed a bench in Woolston Park which was erected by Cancer Research UK in recognition of a resident who recovered from breast cancer. The image, right, shows how the bench originally looked after it was installed in March 2006. I photographed it last summer when visiting the park but I am not revealing the resident's name, which was engrave in a message on the back of the bench.

woolston_park_060616_09.JPG (105318 bytes)

2007 FEB Greenalls announced plans to relocate its distillery to Risley.

2007 FEB Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve received a grant of just over £46,000 from Biffa, who operate a landfill site in Risley, to make improvements. Ten per cent of the grant came from Peel Holdings. The Eyes will featured in two BBC television programmes during February 2007 (Nature's Calendar) and in the autumn of 2007 (Alan Titchmarsh's Nature in Britain).

2007 FEB Warrington Museum received a donation of a port hole from the shipwreck Tayleur which was launched in Warrington and wrecked during a storm off Ireland in 1854 on her maiden voyage. Read more about Tayleur in On The Waterfront.

2007 FEB 14 Warrington-born Kerry Katona married Mark Croft at Gretna Green. She gave birth to her third daughter later the same month.

2007 FEB St Rocco's Hospice announced a £3 million expansion plan to extend the day centre and new therapy units. The government later contributed over £600,000 to project.

2007 FEB A footbridge over Manchester Road in Woolston was removed. The council installed traffic lights at a later date.

2007 FEB It was suggested that a by-pass road at Bridge Foot was created. At the same time improve Bank Quay railway station were also proposed. I was amused to read later in the Warrington Guardian that way back in 1898 the Chamber of Commerce had requested improvements at Bridge Foot so that two horses could get across at the same time! Oh how times have changed!

2007 FEB Warrington Borough Council announced proposals for a giant park and ride scheme for the region. It suggested one should be located near a motorway network so commuters could catch buses and use the motorway hard shoulder or dedicated lanes to complete their journeys. Other councils support the idea. In my college days we created a website proposing a park and ride scheme for the town. In it we suggested sites on the major routes at five locations in the north, east, south and west of the town.

2007 FEB Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in west Warrington signed a deal to separate the ash from coal and turn it into chemical substitutes and minerals for industrial use.

2007 FEB 18 The main suspect in the £40 million Greenalls arson blaze of 2006 was declared not guilty due to contradictory evidence.

2007 FEB Warrington Guardian photographer Mike Boden received the Best Weekly Photographer of the Year award at a ceremony in London.

2007 FEB A seal was spotted on the banks of the Mersey at Bank Quay.

2007 FEB 19 Work started on the demolition of the old Warrington Collegiate building on Winwick Road now that the £27 million new complex is open.

The image shows the old entrance to E-Floor,
where I learned my practical skills on web design.

wci_070220.JPG (78689 bytes)

2007 FEB Warrington Borough Council received a 4-star rating, the highest available, from the Audit Commission, putting Warrington in the excellent category for local councils. The report highlighted recycling, street cleaning and caring for the vulnerable among the council's successes.

2007 FEB Port Salford, a scheme to build a new port facility on the Manchester Ship Canal was announced by Peel Holdings. It was said that if it went ahead it would create more congestion on the roads in south Warrington. The bus company expressed its concern regarding timetables.

2007 FEB A series of photos from this website depicting the history of bus stations in Warrington were displayed in Warrington's new bus station, Warrington Interchange. See On The Buses for more.

2007 FEB 26 Warrington Borough Council announced that from 26 February rubbish bins will not be collected on Mondays. This is to avoid disruption at Bank Holiday periods.

2007 FEB 27 A public inquiry into two retail and leisure developments, New Time Square and The Wire Works, got under way at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

2007 FEB A £48,000 revamp of Ackers Pit fishing pool in Stockton Heath began. The pool was to be drained, cleaned up and restocked in a joint venture between Warrington Borough Council, the Environment Agency, Warrington Anglers Association and Stockton Heath Parish Council.

2007 MAR Radio Warrington began broadcasting online. Listen in at www.radiowarrington.co.uk.

2007 MAR The Borough Council confirmed that £100,000 put aside for the redevelopment of Westy Park five years ago is still in the budget. Locals were concerned that it wasn't available. In a similar situation they also assured residents of Dallam that £66,000 of improvements to the playing fields has not disappeared from the budget either, and the work would begin soon.

The Dallam project was officially opened on 27 June 2013!

2007 MAR Medical centre staff and members of the public across the town protested about Warrington Primary Care Trust's plans for a 'super surgery' in the town.

2007 MAR Lymm Slitting Mill reopened after an archaeological dig and work to make it accessible to the public. Read more on its history in the Lymm Dam section of Warrington Green.

2007 MAR 1 Labour politician Jack Straw paid a visit to Stockton Heath.

2007 MAR 3 A lunar eclipse was visible in the sky across Warrington and the rest of the UK.

2007 MAR 4 At last  - a Warrington girl was crowned Miss Warrington! After last year's representative actually came from Wigan, it's good to see this year's came from Culcheth - Holly Ikin.

2007 MAR Warrington Guardian photographer Eddie Fuller's famous photo of Warrington Rugby League's Challenge Cup win homecoming from 1974 helps to raises £1500 at an auction in aid of the Peace Centre.

2007 MAR Python Properties of Middlesbrough released an artist's impression of what the ageing Priestley House on Sankey Street would look like after a revamp. It had previously been used by Social Services, among others. After the revamp it would be renamed Bank Quay House.

2007 MAR It was announced that the town's commercial radio station, Wire FM, could be moved to a new base in Newton by its owners UTV. It eventually relocated to Wigan. Meanwhile, listen to the only radio station from Warrington for Warrington, Radio Warrington on 1332 AM (medium wave) and via www.radiowarrington.co.uk

2007 MAR A planning application submitted by Greenall Whitley to move to Risley and to allow their current land at Wilderspool and Walton to be redeveloped with up to 280 new homes was to be heard by the council.

2007 MAR Warrington Chamber of Commerce chief executive Colin Daniels said that both New Time Square and The Wire Works developments should be supported.

2007 MAR Warrington writer Christopher Curbishley saw his first book, The Children of Tomorrow, in print. It is the story of a fiction pop group spreading the message of peace and love to the children of tomorrow. Published by Author House UK, ISBN 978-142596411-5.

2007 MAR 15 Warrington Market hosted its very own Market Awards For Traders' Adverts (MAFTA). They were held to honour traders who shot their own videos for display on the Market's plasma TV screens. They were featured on BBC Northwest Tonight the night before launch.

2007 MAR 27 A public inquiry into a proposed medical waste incinerator on Winwick Road got under way at the Halliwell Jones Stadium. It was dramatically scrapped the following day.

2007 MAR A new service for collecting repeat prescriptions, www.clickchemist.co.uk, was launched. It is registered with Warrington Primary Care Trust.

2007 MAR Warrington Borough Transport announced pre-tax profits of £310,000 for the previous financial year 2005-06.

2007 MAR The Kingsway Allotment Society at Westy received a £10,000 National Lottery "Awards for All" grant to improve facilities on its site. The funding would allow gardeners to recycle waste rather than dumping it.

2007 MAR Town Centre jewellers, A Baker & Son, celebrated 100 years of business. They began life on Bridge Street in 1907 and now have four branches - one at Cairo Street, one in Stockton Heath and two in Liverpool.

2007 MAR A Warrington couple made history when they married earlier this month. The controversy surrounding the wedding is that the husband married his former mother-in-law. A new law passed earlier this year now allows such ceremonies.

2007 MAR A low tide on the River Mersey revealed the remains of a long lost bridge at Woolston New Cut near Paddington. It was later confirmed to be a crossing point at Miles Bite and is shown on an old Ordnance Survey map of 1845.

2007 MAR A controversial car boot sale which has operated on land in Winwick for the past seven years has been cancelled because the council says it is on greenbelt land.

2007 MAR A plaque was erected at Pyramid Arts Centre on Palmyra Square South in memory of Warrington-born comedian, author and broadcaster Pete McCarthy. See Warrington People for his profile.

2007 MAR 30 Eric Naylor, Former Mayor of Warrington in 1970-71, died aged 88.

2007 APR 2 Lord Hoyle, MP for Warrington between 1981 and 1997, unveiled a plaque in The Hoyle Building at Warrington Collegiate dedicated to his name. He now sits in the House of Lords as Baron Hoyle of Warrington and is chairman of Warrington Wolves Super League rugby club.

2007 APR 4 A planning application by Greenalls to build up to 280 homes on their land in south Warrington was refused by the council who say there is an over supply of new houses in the town.

2007 APR 11 Classic railway engine The Duchess of Sutherland, part of the London Midland and Scottish railway (LMS), passed through Warrington Bank Quay. In its lifetime it has pulled the Royal Train as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

duchess_of_sutherland.jpg (63096 bytes)

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2007 APR 19 Fifty firefighters were called to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station just after 10am to tackle a blaze which started in a roof section of the main turbine hall 150 feet above the ground. It caught fire when bitumen being used for repairs ignited.
2007 APR 21 Controversy reigns in the council and the Press as a new logo for the town council is unveiled. The council says the existing Coat of Arms is too difficult to install on buildings and feels the town needs to modernise. One commented that it was strange how they always managed it in the past, without this modern technology! They have spent £30,000 and two years on the project. In the Warrington Guardian various readers expressed their dismay at the council's decision. The image, right, is the town's Coat of Arms. See the Warrington Borough Council website home page for the new logo to compare the two and make your own mind up. warrington_coat_of_arms_030527.JPG (174600 bytes)

2007 APR 22 The annual ceremony of 'Beating the Bounds' in Latchford took place. The walk of a 4½ mile celebrates the ancient custom of checking boundary markers.

2007 APR 25 Bulldozers moved in to begin the demolition of Stockton Heath Primary School.

2007 APR 28 Warrington Bank Quay station was graced with the appearance of a London Midland Scottish (LMS) Black 5 steam engine. The 4-6-0 gauge No. 45407 hauled the return trip of a Railway Touring Company excursion from Manchester to Central Wales.

lms_black5_070428.JPG (88619 bytes)

2007 APR 29 Warrington historian and archaeologist Mark Olly began his second series of Lost Treasures on ITV Granada. Areas of Warrington, including Grappenhall, Thelwall and Lymm, feature.

2007 APR The Peace Centre at Great Sankey, set up in memory of IRA victims, Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball, was renamed Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, 14 years after the atrocity. They have set up a new 'Pound for Peace' campaign to help with the £500,000 a year running costs. They are asking people to donate just £1 a week to help maintain the work.

2007 APR Building Design Partnership unveiled its plans for the £24 million revamp of Culcheth High School.

2007 APR The first dedicated shop for Polish residents of the town opened up on Church Street near Sainsbury's.

2007 APR Pupils at Dallam County Primary School raised over £150 for Comic Relief by hosting a dressing down day and making and selling cakes and cards.

2007 APR An extension to the celebrated Our Wood in Westbrook took place as Mayor Linda Dirir plants the first of many new trees. The site was officially opened in June 20006 by Fred Talbot, former weather presenter at Granada TV.

2007 APR Stationery Box, the high street retailer, closed its head office at Dallam when no buyer was found for the company.

2007 APR The council refused Biffa waste management permission to extend their landfill site at Arpley.

2007 APR Part of a Channel 4 drama, The Mark of Cain, is filmed at Mr Smiths nightclub. The story portrayed a fictional army regiment on duty in Iraq, but the show was later cancelled when the international news story about the real life hostage taking of sailors in Iran hit the headlines.

2007 APR Winwick Athletic Football Club received an FA Charter Standard Development Club Award from the Lancashire FA, the first Cheshire team to be given the award.

2007 APR Dallam and District Community Angling Group organised an open fishing competition and raised £200 for the Shannon Bradshaw Trust. The Trust helps to raise money for families who have children with life-threatening conditions. Read more about the Trust in the Community section.

2007 APR The Plane Ace tree, planted by Kim Wilde in 2001, and damaged by the high winds in January this year, will not be replanted because the council says it will cost too much.

2007 APR Warrington Hospital's Radio General picked up three awards from the Hospital Broadcasting Association. The station began broadcasting in 1957.

2007 APR Stockton Lane, running between Stockton Heath and Grappenhall, and the location of a car accident in November 2004 in which two teenagers drowned as their car plunged into the Bridgewater Canal, is to close for good after a unanimous decision at a meeting in the Town Hall.

2007 APR Peel Holdings, owners of the Manchester Ship Canal Company, have been asked to consider repainting the swing bridges. They were painted grey in the war but never returned to their original bronze colour afterwards.

2007 APR A legal battle to save Stockton Heath Primary School was dropped because the local action group couldn't raise the £30,000 court costs which solicitors say would only have a 50/50 chance of success.

2007 APR Two companies were approached by the council to look into ways of improving the ageing Bank Quay railway station to make it attractive for visitors to the town.

2007 APR Permission was given to redevelop historic Bewsey Old Hall as flats, provided that strict archaeological conditions are met. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said that detailed planning permission would still have to be granted by Warrington Borough Council. The ancient hall stands on the site of the earlier residence of the Boteler family, which stood here from the 12th century.

2007 APR Plans to redevelop a run-down section of Dallam moved a step closer as more funds were allocated to build a children's play area on land once used for garages on Massey Avenue. The project is now £22,000 short of its £90,000 target, which will be undertaken by Warrington Borough Council, Groundwork Mersey Valley, Golden Gates Housing and Dallam residents.

2007 APR The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) announced that the mayoral car currently has illegal number plates. It reads as ED1 and should read as ED 1. The council is looking into it.

2007 APR The public opposed plans to merge GP surgeries into five super health centres at various meetings across the town. Five such centres would have replaced doctors' surgeries.

2007 APR Greenalls pushed ahead with plans to move to Risley despite its rejected planning application to build new homes on its existing sites in Wilderspool and Walton.

2007 APR New signs began to appear on Network Warrington's buses as the local bus company wishes to bring a smile to passengers faces with slogans like "Please have correct change ready. We don't want you late for your tea".

2007 APR The remains of a Mersey Flat, a type of barge used on the waterways in Warrington in the past, was discovered buried in the mud near Paddington Meadows Nature Reserve when sluice gates at Howley half a mile away were lowered to allow maintenance of the weir.

2007 MAY Priestley College in Wilderspool was awarded a 'beacon of excellence' by the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) in London.

2007 MAY BUPA (British United Provident Association), the private hospital in Stretton, agreed to carry out health care for the NHS, one of three in the North-West. Treatments should start in June.

2007 MAY 3 The Liberal Democrats remain in pole position on Warrington Borough Council after the local elections.

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2007 Saturday 12 May - mywarrington WEBSITE - 2ND BIRTHDAY

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2007 MAY 8 Colin Parry, whose son Tim was killed in the IRA bombing of Warrington in 1993, welcomed the new Northern Ireland government, as the separate parties come together to help build a new, peaceful, future for the province.

2007 MAY Warrington Collegiate announced £1 million in cuts which would cost around 50 jobs and education courses for vulnerable disabled students.

2007 MAY Warrington film producer Ken Horn won a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Awards) for his gritty northern drama The Street shown on the BBC.

2007 MAY 24 The extended Golden Square shopping centre opened for business. The £120 million work features Warrington's first Debenhams store. See photos on the Golden Square page.

2007 MAY Statistics show that most of the pollution in the town comes from traffic.

2007 MAY The Kwik Save supermarket on Academy Street closed in a shake up of the company nationwide.

2007 MAY 24 Terry Waite, former Beirut hostage, travelled to Canada with Warrington Male Voice Choir for a series of concerts.

2007 MAY Warrington Borough Council, in conjunction with the Warrington Guardian, launched a competition for readers to nominate their favourite quiet spot to tie in with Noise Action Week. See Warrington Green for photos of some of the town's quiet spots.

2007 MAY Warrington Hospital's Radio General celebrated 50 years of broadcasting to patients by inviting the public to see behind the scenes. The actual anniversary is 7 November.

2007 MAY Water was supplied to St Cross Church in Appleton Thorn for the first time since it was founded over 120 years ago.

2007 MAY John Hutton, Work and Pensions secretary for the government, visited the town.

2007 MAY The Mulberry Tree pub in Stockton Heath prepared its customers for the national smoking ban from 1 July by providing outdoor heated canopies where they can have a drink with their cigarettes. The ban will affect all enclosed public places, including bus shelters.

2007 MAY 28 The annual Warrington Horse Show took place in Daresbury, featuring B.S.J.A. show jumping, Strong Man competition, a ferret display, Vale Royal falconry display and a Gun Dog demonstration, as well as craft and trade stands, farmer's market and a fairground.

2007 MAY A 1,700-strong signed petition against the new borough council logo was handed in to the Town Hall three days before councillors voted on the adoption of it. You guessed it - it was adopted!

2007 MAY A special bench was installed at the Old Rectory Nursing Home in Grappenhall in memory of Nicola Sutton, who was murdered on 26 September, 2006.

2007 JUN Earth Song, a new exhibition by schoolchildren in the town went on display at Warrington Museum, Pyramid Arts Centre and the Gateway. The exhibition was organised by the Primary Arts Network.

2007 JUN 2 Golden Square shopping centre played host to the Environment Agency's Mend the World Day, a scheme to promote green issues.

2007 JUN Padgate and Woolston High Schools faced closure due to falling pupil numbers. My old school, Bewsey High closed for the very same reason in 1993.

2007 JUN 4 Theatre 4 Warrington (T4W) launched a fund-raising campaign at Alford Hall on Manchester Road.

2007 JUN 6 The controversial 'super surgery' planned by Warrington Primary Care Trust was scrapped. I was told that the old baths on Legh Street was one of the venues suggested as a base, one of five which would have replaced doctors' surgeries.

2007 JUN The 75 Engineer Regiment replaced the Kings and Cheshire Regiment at Peninsula Barracks on O'Leary Street, Orford.

2007 JUN Government minister Ed Milliband paid a visit to the Gateway to meet with volunteers and staff on the issue of funding, but refused to answer questions on the budget cuts at Warrington Collegiate.

2007 JUN 13 Warrington Borough Council refused a licence for car boot sales on land off Townfield Lane in Winwick. The council said it is greenbelt land and has restricted use throughout the year: 28 events in total, including 14 markets. The car boot organiser wanted a sale every Sunday and Bank Holidays between April and December.

2007 JUN 14 The Warrington Guardian revealed that Mr Smiths nightclub at Bridge Foot has been sold to a company in Blackpool called Syndicate Nightclub. The venue still has a licence as a nightclub so it could re-open very soon.

2007 JUN 16 The annual Bawming of the Thorn event took place in Appleton Thorn. See photos of last year's event on the Events page.

2007 JUN 16 Urban Splash, owners of Bewsey Old Hall, revealed plans to redevelop the hall as seven apartments with additional apartments built in the grounds. The exhibition was held at Bewsey Barns Community Centre in Old Hall.

2007 JUN 20 Virgin Trains and the Borough Council unveiled plans for a revamp of Bank Quay station. The scheme will feature a facelift to the building with cafe and waiting areas, along with better ticket facilities and a shop.

2007 JUN 20 Boots the Chemist left Bridge Street to relocate at the extended Golden Square.

2007 JUN Campaigners against the closure and demolition of Stockton Heath Primary School felt betrayed by the Council as it is revealed that the new school will run £1.5 million over budget.

2007 JUN Days, the first feature film made by a school, premiered at The Foundry Church, Widnes. It was made by pupils and teachers at Penketh High School and is the story of how bullying at school does not have to be the end of it as the victim becomes the hero in a football match.

2007 JUN 22 Flash floods hit the town. Carriageways on the M6 near junction 22 were covered in water. All in all, Warrington escaped the worst of it - unlike many parts of Yorkshire and the Midlands where many residents lost all their belongings in devastating floods.

2007 JUN 24 A political row erupted at the council meeting over who was to blame for the £1 million cuts at Warrington Collegiate. Lib-Dems blamed the Labour Government, while Labour blames the college...

2007 JUN 29 Warrington Walking Day route was diverted after a suspect car was found parked in Museum Street. This was in response to a foiled bomb plot in London. The vehicle in Warrington was declared safe later the same day.

2007 JUN A new cleaning team swung into action at Warrington Interchange to clean the buses between journeys.

2007 JUN Youngster Joel Davies, a budding young Warrington actor, who has already appeared in hits such as ITVs Cracker, met his screen hero, Warrington actor Pete Postlethwaite OBE. He wrote to Pete to wish him luck in a recent play in Manchester and was invited to meet him in his dressing room after a performance.

2007 JUN Work on revamping Acker's Pit in Stockton Heath ground to a halt as it was revealed that silt - which suffocates fish and plant life - ran deeper on the bottom of the lake than contractors first thought. The cost has escalated, exceeding the original funding.

2007 JUN Archaeologists unearthed parts of a Roman road and various pottery samples in the grounds of the demolished Stockton Heath Primary School, said to date back to the 1st century AD.

2007 JUN Parish councillors in Great Sankey expressed their dismay at the disappearing heritage in the town as they oppose the revamp of Bewsey Old Hall.

2007 JUN A suggestion was made to use the former police training building at Bruche for plays and shows. This would be useful for Theatre 4 Warrington who are campaigning for a theatre for the town.

2007 JUN A 7-storey apartment block in Howley received planning permission, creating fears for local residents that it will become the first of many skyscrapers in the town.

2007 JUN An anonymous reader of the Warrington Guardian was so upset about the shocking overgrown state of Warrington cemetery that they sent a photo into the paper to get a response from the council. The council apologised and promised action.

2007 JUN Warrington celebrity, Kerry Katona, former member of girl group Atomic Kitten, hit back at national press stories that she took drugs after having her third baby.

2007 JUN The Brownie pack at St Mary's church hall in Penketh celebrated 50 years in existence.

2007 JUL Warrington's bus interchange and visitor centre won the Tourism For All Award at an event held at Chester Racecourse.

2007 JUL Despite national trends to change to fortnightly rubbish collections, Warrington Borough Council has announced that they will stay with weekly collections for the foreseeable future.

2007 JUL The Wireworks, a scheme to regenerate a run down section of Winwick Street opposite Central station with restaurants, hotel and cinema was given the go-ahead by the Government. A rival development at Time Square was turned down because the site was currently occupied and in use.

2007 JUL Winwick Parish Council put up £2,500 to oppose the proposed rail terminal at the former Parkside colliery just north of the district.

2007 JUL Plans for a town centre swimming pool were dashed by the Lib Dem-Tory controlled council. Warrington's Legh Street baths have been closed since 2003.

2007 JUL New Town House on Buttermarket Street was voted the ugliest building in Warrington by readers of the Warrington Guardian.

2007 JUL The Creamfields music event to be held at Daresbury, just outside Warrington, announced Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace as its first charity of the year.

2007 JUL Property company Hometrack announced Warrington as the best place in the country for buying property to let.

2007 JUL Warrington Borough Council announced a £½ million makeover for 80-year old Lymm Library on Davies Way.

2007 JUL Former Penketh High School pupil Howard Litton became head of Nickelodeon Children's TV channel in the UK.

2007 JUL New X-Ray equipment was installed at Warrington Hospital allowing digital storage which can be accessed on the internal network.

2007 JUL 2 Workers at Gemini Retail Park were evacuated following a bomb scare.

2007 JUL 3-30 It was revealed that one of the suspected terrorists arrested in Australia in connection with the car explosion at Glasgow airport on Saturday, 30 June 2007, was a doctor who practised at Warrington and Runcorn hospitals. He was later released without charge and returned to India. All eight suspects arrested were linked to the NHS.

2007 JUL 4 Bent's Garden Centre in Glazebury celebrated 70 years of business. It is Warrington's biggest and oldest garden centre.

2007 JUL 7 Culturefest 07 summer festival began with A Grand Day Out in Queens Gardens. It featured stalls and a carousel.

2007 JUL 12 The official opening ceremony of Warrington Interchange took place. At the event five new buses were named after some of Warrington's Worthies. See photos of the event on the On the Buses page.

2007 JUL 14 The annual Winwick Carnival took place on Middleton Lane, with over 2,500 enjoying the festivities.

2007 JUL 14 The 27th annual Howley Carnival took place on Howley Park. The event was opened by Helen Jones, MP for Warrington North.

2007 JUL 15/20 Warrington-born 'celebrity mum', Kerry Katona, was held captive by armed raiders at her home in Wilmslow, Cheshire. The gang was said to have escaped with £150,000 of property, including a BMW sports car and electrical items. The car was found undamaged on Friday of the same week.

2007 JUL 17 High school students across Warrington performed at the Parr Hall in a musical, Trash, about rubbish and recycling.

2007 JUL 19 Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited students of University College Chester Warrington Campus and the young offenders centre Thorn Cross.

2007 JUL 23 BBC TVs Doctor Who visited the Skittles at Market Gate - or at least his Police Box TARDIS and a Dalek did.

2007 AUG Lymm Parish Council announced that the annual Easter Duck Race in the village will return in 2008. I bet you didn't know they had one, did you? Neither did I!

2007 AUG A north west naturist group have asked if they can hire the Amazing Maize Maze in Stretton to hold activities there. The owners asked the public to comment.

2007 AUG Reactive Audio, a production company who make shows for BBC radio, ITV and other media organisations, have moved their production centre from Manchester to Knutsford Road in Warrington.

2007 AUG The location of a controversial set of traffic lights at Asda Westbrook are under review by the Borough Council. Road users said they were in a dangerous position, even though they were put there to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road.

2007 AUG It is reported that July 2007 had ten times as much rain in Warrington than in the same period last year. According to the Met Office, 57 mm is average - last year was 17mm, this year it was 123mm.

2007 AUG Cheshire Police have revealed that the cost of the murder case for Shafilea Ahmed, who died in 2003, is approaching £5 million. The case remains unsolved at the time of writing. An inquest will be held in early 2008. To follow the thread of this story, click this update and return here after the final part.

2007 AUG Warrington dance group IndepenDANCE performed in Cardiff at the ITV Britain's Got Talent show where they featured alongside artists such as pop group Westlife.

2007 AUG The Planning Committee of Warrington Borough Council have announced that further discussions on the future of Time Square are taking place with Big Apple Warrington after the Government refused planning permission for redevelopment of the site due to issues over affordable housing.

2007 AUG Former bodybuilder and model Lisa Appleton appeared in the BBC show Kitchen Criminals. The show was about improving one's skills in the kitchen.

2007 AUG Traffic Wardens have handed out over 10,000 parking tickets in the town since February. Many believed they are only doing it to meet shortfalls in budgets from central government, whilst others believed the council had set targets, which the council categorically denied.

2007 AUG Warrington Borough Transport reported that over a million extra passenger journeys were made on the town's buses in the 2006/7 financial year. They say the new Warrington Interchange is a contributing factor.

2007 AUG A report said that around £1.5 million in Council Tax went uncollected in the borough last year.

2007 AUG After a break due to a funding shortage, work resumed on cleaning out Acker's Pit in Stockton Heath.

2007 AUG Cheshire Police CSOs Tom Reid and Tony Spruce launched the VPX (Victoria Park Experience). The event, including coaching for skating, skateboarding, bike riding, sport, dance and DJ-ing, operated every Tuesday in August.

2007 AUG 2 Three year old Ethan Connolly visited Berlin for the first in a series of operations to remove a rare lymphangioma, a cist on his face which enlarges his features. The treatment will cost £50,000 and many fundraising events are taking place to complete the treatment. See more his on his myspace website.

2007 AUG 9 Fire Station Open Day took place at Winwick Road. See photos in Peter's Gallery.

2007 AUG 11 Warrington-born BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans married for the third time at Guildford registry office in Surrey. His new bride was golf professional Natasha Shishmanian. He was previously married to Carol McGiffin (Loose Women, ITV1) and Billie Piper (Dr Who, BBC).

2007 AUG 12 The annual Lymm Rushbearing Festival took place. Read more about the ceremony here.

2007 AUG 12 Garry Newlove, aged 47, from Fearnhead, who was attacked as he tried to prevent youths damaging his car outside his home on Friday 10 August, 2007, died two days later in hospital. Seven youths were questioned by police, four were charged with his murder: an 18 year old, two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old. The three others were released without charge. The post-mortem result confirmed that Mr Newlove's death was caused by "trauma to the head". A heartbreaking letter from his daughter appeared in the national and local press soon after the tragedy.

2007 AUG 16 Tributes were paid to Paul White, owner of Whites Sports Shop in Warrington Market who died on this day. He received the accolade 'The Bird Man of Appleton Thorn' for the work he did looking after injured and sick birds. He was described as a 'legend' by many of the townsfolk.

2007 AUG 18 The annual Scott Street Carnival takes place.

2007 AUG An application from Biffa Waste Services was submitted to extend a landfill site at Risley. A previous application last year was rejected. This latest application was also rejected in October 2007.

2007 AUG 23 Legendary musician Acker Bilk performed at the Old Fish Market in Golden Square in a free concert organised by the Borough Council. See Events page for photos.

2007 AUG The Warrington Guardian reported that Warrington Collegiate had received complaints for featuring a child dressed in a military uniform holding a pistol. The prospectus, which was promoting courses for students wishing to enter the armed forces, was later withdrawn.

2007 AUG 30 A prankster in Latchford got their own back on a traffic warden by clamping his moped with a bike lock chain through the front wheel.

2007 SEP 3 The funeral of Garry Newlove, who was murdered last month, took place in Padgate.

2007 SEP 7 Volunteers from Dallam Seniors Youth Club retired after 15 years of loyal service to the community.

2007 SEP 11 The Fairtrade stall in the market, Fair 4 All, celebrated its 5th birthday.

2007 SEP The annual Woolston and District Show celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

2007 SEP It was announced that Woolston High School will close in 2012. Residents of the area were fighting to keep it open.

2007 SEP The Bechstein Model M grand piano in the Parr Hall was put up for auction in London.

2007 SEP The grave of Warrington-born Joseph William is unearthed at the site of the former Liverpool Castle. He was the man who created the Williamson Tunnel which ran under the city. The site was opened to visitors on the weekend of 14 Sep 2007.

2007 SEP Stars from TV's Hollyoaks and Coronation Street, including Warrington-born Stephen Arnold (Ashley Peacock in the ITV1 show), took part in a charity football match against Warrington bus drivers to raise money for the Shannon Bradshaw Trust, for which Stephen is patron.

2007 SEP Peel Holdings announced plans to invest over £4 million in improvements to the site of a former timber mill off Chester Road in Lower Walton.

2007 SEP Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe visited town to show his support for the £21 million Orford Park Project, a scheme to regenerate a former landfill site between Winwick Road and Orford Park into a leisure and sports facility. See more on the Warrington Borough Council Website.

2007 SEP 9 Contact Warrington, a one-stop-shop for all Warrington Borough Council services on Horsemarket Street, was officially opened to the public by Mayor Cllr Celia Jordan.

2007 SEP Labour announced plans to fight the closure of Woolston High School, due to close in 2012.

2007 SEP 22 Warrington Male Voice Choir performed a Peace One Day concert at the Parr Hall for the UN International Day of Peace. Terry Waite, Patron of the choir, gave a short address.

2007 SEP 22-23 Warrington Salvation Army celebrated 100 years since the inaugural Home League meeting in Leytonstone in 1907 with a weekend of events at the Warrington citadel. The object of the Home League was to combat the growing tendency to neglect the fostering of true home-life and to encourage thrift and hygiene. See more at the Salvation Army website.

2007 SEP Warrington Older People's Forum received a £1,000 grant from the O2 "It's Your Community" fund. The group, for people aged 50 or over, meets at Warrington Baptist Church in Sankey Street on the third Monday of each month from 1pm onwards, and currently has over 400 members.

2007 SEP Tracy Buckley appeared on ITV1's Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and won a host of prizes including two cars and three holidays.

2007 SEP Warrington Hospital announced its finances should be back in the black after a deficit of £8.5 million last year.

2007 SEP It was announced that a mix of houses and offices could be built on the site of Greenalls when they move to Risley. See a photo of the former main brewery in Peter's Gallery.

2007 SEP Warrington Borough Council is in the clear after the accidental demolition of the listed Bay Horse pub on Winwick Street, which is on the site of the proposed Wire Works development. The demolition firm received a £15,000 fine for the destruction of the building.

2007 SEP Ninety-eight percent of people who wrote to Warrington, St Helens and Wigan councils were opposed to the Parkside rail terminal north of Winwick. Of 3,000 letters, only 60 showed support.

2007 SEP 29 Sky Sports rugby league commentator and former Great Britain International Mike "Stevo" Stevenson signed copies of his latest book, Looking Back, at Borders bookshop on Riverside Retail Park.

2007 OCT 2 Diana Youdale, aka Jet in the 1990s TV show Gladiator, launched her own Pilates health classes at Great Oak Health in Lymm.

2007 OCT Former Culture Club singer Boy George (O'Dowd) is forced to pay £31,000 in compensation to a Warrington music promoter when he pulled out of a performance at the opening of her GAY USA club in Los Angeles after he was arrested for possession of cocaine. The non-event cost the club owner an estimated £100,000.

2007 OCT 2 Liverpool FC Reserves were beaten 1-0 by Sunderland at the Halliwell Jones Stadium in the first of nine matches to be played there in the 2007/8 season. 3,403 spectators watched the match, in which kick-off was delayed by 15 minutes to get everybody into the ground.

2007 OCT Peter Bradley became the first person in the UK to crack the code in a game called Isis which featured on BBC2's Dragons' Den. He won £500 for his trouble. Learn more about the game at www.isisadventure.com.

2007 OCT 4 Justice Minister Jack Straw visited Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institute at Appleton Thorn.

2007 OCT 4 A vehicle exploded on land near Bewsey Old School. Residents were evacuated and the army bomb disposal unit were called in. There was no trace of bomb materials found and the residents were later allowed to go home.

2007 OCT The former Bruche Police Training Centre could become the location for affordable housing, the council has announced.

2007 OCT 7 The annual Duke of Lancaster's Regimental Sunday parade took place. It features a march past and a service at the Parish Church. A civic reception followed at the Parr Hall.

2007 OCT Paddington Meadows nature reserve received a grant of £38,386 from Waste Recycling Environmental limited towards the £54,000 cost of restoration. See photos of the Meadows in Warrington Green.

2007 OCT Tesco announced plans to transport wine along the Manchester Ship Canal to cut down on its carbon footprint.

2007 OCT Warrington bus driver Nuala Callaghan set off for north Vietnam on a 700km bike ride to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

2007 OCT 20 The Halliwell Jones Stadium hosted the Gillette Fusion rugby league match between the New Zealand All Golds and the Great Britain Northern Union to celebrate 100 years of International Rugby League. The All Golds won 25-18.

2007 OCT Warrington Borough Council announced a 300% increase in recycling rates since 2004.

2007 OCT Warrington Borough Council announced a Park and Ride scheme for Christmas 2007. The scheme would create 800 extra spaces to the north and south of the town.

2007 OCT A planning judge ruled that land near Peel Hall at Houghton Green is not greenbelt land. The site had previously been earmarked for 1,000 homes. The council has now been given permission to apply to the Court of Appeal.

dallam_resurfacing_071204.JPG (64717 bytes)

2007 OCT Dallam motorists and bus users faced 11 weeks of disruption when large sections of Longshaw Street were resurfaced. Part of the work included a reduction in the size of the roundabout to aid buses travelling around it.

dallam_resurfacing_071219.JPG (56513 bytes)

2007 OCT 31 Colin Parry, who lost his 12-year-old son Tim in the IRA bombing of Warrington in 1993, met up with Sin Fein Leader Gerry Adams face to face for the first time since the atrocity at a charity function in London. Mr Parry says it was not easy to invite Adams to the event but it was infinitely easier than carrying Tim's coffin.

2007 NOV Local communities in the town were bracing themselves for a decision on whether six sub-post offices are to close. They are situated at Glazebury, Padgate, Winwick, Lymm, Orford Lane and Lovely Lane, Whitecross. It was part of a national initiative which could see over 2,500 small post offices closing. The closure of all six was confirmed in January 2008. Update.

2007 NOV A decision on the future redevelopment plans for Bewsey Old Hall are postponed as Urban Splash need more time to provide information to councillors.

2007 NOV 2 Wire FM, Warrington's first radio station, held its 5th annual Bring A Pound To Work Day to raise funds for Warrington's St Rocco's Hospice and Runcorn's Halton Haven Hospice.

2007 NOV 7 Warrington Hospital's Radio General celebrated 50 years of broadcasting to the patients of the hospital, an operation which now runs 24 hours a day.

2007 NOV 9 The Birchwood Partnership launched a new website www.birchwood.org.uk, which is aimed at strengthening links between schools, churches, business and community groups in the Birchwood area. mywarrington has supplied photographs for future use on the site.

2007 NOV The murder trial concerning the death of Garry Newlove began.

2007 NOV 15 The annual Christmas lights switch on took place at Golden Square. Former Blue group member Simon Webbe performed at the event.

2007 NOV 19 Former Warrington Wolves star Mike Gregory died four years after being diagnosed with a neurological disease. Read more in Warrington Wolves.

2007 NOV 27 'Real Lancashire Day' events take place across the county. Campaigners are hoping to reinstate the traditional border of Lancashire. Warrington is now a Unitary Authority, so not connected to Lancashire or Cheshire for administration purposes, but the original county border of Lancashire never actually moved, so all in all, Warrington is STILL in Lancashire. Read more at www.forl.co.uk.

2007 NOV Pressure from tenants and councillors forced a U-turn on the closure of allotments on land behind Steel Street in Padgate. The land has been used as allotments for over 30 years.

2007 NOV The world's first professional qualification in Muslim youth work was launched at the University of Chester Padgate campus.

2007 DEC 1 The Big Wheel is opened on the Town Hall lawn for the Christmas season. See On Top Of The World for photos.

2007 DEC 3 According to Channel 4 current affairs programme, Dispatches, more than 7,000 homes in Warrington are at significant risk of flooding - the seventh highest number in the country. Read more here.

2007 DEC 8 The village of Lymm hosted its Dickensian Festival.

2007 DEC 4 Nexum Leisure, the new owners of Mr Smiths nightclub, announced that the venue will re-open in March 2008.

2007 DEC Warrington Borough Transport announced a night time bus service over the festive period to get people home from pubs and clubs.

2007 DEC 4 Work got under way to install passenger lifts at Warrington Central Station after years of campaigning from the public.

2007 DEC 11 Former Warrington preacher David Brash, aged 62, was said to have been murdered in the Philippines by hit-men hired by his new wife ten days after he was reported missing. His body was found in a swamp and looked as though it had been burned. He was pastor at the Runcorn Independent Baptist church for 12 years. He had caused controversy by saying the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 was God's punishment on humanity. He was divorced and had two adult children.

2007 DEC The Pride of Place poll for 2007 revealed the top ten attractions for Warrington residents. The results were: The Barley Mow pub 51%, Trans Pennine Trail 31%, Halliwell Jones Stadium 4%, Market Gate Skittles 4%, Risley Moss 3%, Walton Hall and Gardens 2%, Town Hall and Gates 2%, Bridgewater Canal at Lymm 1%, Lymm Slitting Bridge 1% and Bridge Foot 1%.

2007 DEC 14 Warrington celebrity Kerry Katona appeared on BBC1's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. On the show she confessed to taking cocaine drugs over 3 years ago, and admits she cannot say she won't in the future, but hopes she doesn't.

2007 DEC 17 Latchford swing bridge caused chaos for drivers when it froze open for two hours.

2007 DEC Warrington Cycling Campaign received national acclaim for their book about 'crap' cycle lanes around the country, highlighting how local councils jump on the bandwagon of eco-friendly travel and then fall flat on their faces with poor facilities to help tackle the problems. The book is on sale at local bookshops.

2007 DEC 26 Warrington Wolves suffered a humiliating defeat when National League One side, Leigh Centurions, beat them 38-18 in a pre-season friendly at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

2007 DEC 28 John Hales, former owner of Waysiders store on Horsemarket Street, and chairman of the Chamber of Trade, died aged 80.


To 1199

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2008 JAN 1-15 J D Wetherspoon's pub, The Friar Penketh, held a January sale. It reduced the price of drinks for a two-week period.

2008 JAN 7 Council Tax is set to increase by £50 a year to plug a £10 million gap in council finances.

2008 JAN 7 United Utilities announced pans to improve odours at Gatewarth water treatment works. Residents in Sankey Bridges have long complained about it.

2008 JAN Greenall's submitted new plans to redevelop their Loushers Lane site, which includes nearly 200 new homes. A previous application in January 2007 was refused.

2008 JAN Priestley House on Sankey Street was renamed Bank Quay House.

2008 JAN The Hatton Arms pub in Hatton, a listed building, was refused planning permission to replace windows and to make internal alterations.

2008 JAN Curtis Jobling, Warrington creator of Bob the Builder, launched Animate IT! 2008, a competition for under 12s to design their own characters for an animated ‘claymation’ film.

2008 JAN Storms battered the town. Flooding hit Hawleys Lane bridge and Densham Avenue, Longford.

2008 JAN 7 A film entitled The Most Important Question You Will Ever Ask was filmed in the Duckegg Bluu restaurant in Culcheth. It was created by Warrington production company Storm56. Check the website www.fuzzyduck.eu and view the film at www.myspace.com/storm56 or search the web for storm56. mywarrington is not responsible for external websites.

2008 JAN 13 Fans and players held a minute’s applause for Mike Gregory during the testimonial match of Lee Briers at the home game versus Wigan Warriors. Read more on Mike in Warrington Wolves page.

2008 JAN (14) The coroner at the inquest of teenager Shafilea Ahmed, who died in Kendal in 2003, concluded she was unlawfully killed but there was not enough evidence to say how she died. Update.

2008 JAN 14 Asda stores in Warrington have started to impose £60 fines to inconsiderate drivers who park in disabled and parent and child spaces.

2008 JAN 16 Three youths were found guilty of murdering 47-year-old Garry Newlove, who was kicked to death on 15 August 2007 outside his home in Fearnhead. Two other teenagers were cleared of the crime.

2008 JAN (17) The new owners of Mr Smiths night club, Nexum Leisure Ltd, announced the new name for the club will be Synergy when it reopens later in the year. Mr Smiths was founded by John Graham Smith, who died on 8 April 2005. He transformed the former ABC/Ritz cinema into one of the most famous nightspots in the North West.

2008 JAN 26 Sky News videoed Saturday nightlife in Warrington. It was described as ‘an ugly picture’ in the press.

2008 JAN 30 The end of an era as the sign for Mr Smiths nightclub was removed in preparation for its new life as Synergy.

2008 JAN 30 The Health Protection agency announced a reduction in superbug infections MRSA and Clostridium Difficile (C. difficile) in Warrington.

2008 JAN (31) The Youth Justice Board announced that youths under 18 years old will no longer be held at Thorn Cross Offenders Centre in Appleton.

2008 JAN It was announced that schools in Warrington are ahead of the national average for GCSE results.

2008 JAN Orford Park received £401,627 from the Big Lottery Fund to update the playground facilities.

2008 JAN Culcheth Methodist Church received a £6,000 grant towards the £17,000 cost of new furniture and rewiring the building.

2008 JAN Adrian Morley took over as captain of Warrington Wolves after Lee Briers steps down from the role.

2008 JAN A memorial to former Warrington Wolves player Mike Gregory was unveiled at Warrington Collegiate Institute on Winwick Road.

2008 JAN Post Office UK Ltd announced the closure of six local post offices in the town from March 2008 – Booths Hill (Lymm), The White Horse (Glazebury), Orford Lane, Church Drive (Padgate), Sankey Green (Lovely Lane) and Myddleton Lane (Winwick). Back to first mention of story.

2008 JAN Local band The White Company celebrated their win in Climb The Tail, a national competition for unsigned bands.

2008 FEB Plans are announced to transform the former Garnet cabinet works on Barbauld Street and other buildings on Cairo Street into a café, office and retail development.

2008 FEB Warrington Market was runner-up in the National Market of the Year award in Birmingham Town Hall. The award was for the indoor market category.

2008 FEB Teenager Johnny Scotland met the Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street after campaigning to save Woolston High School.

2008 FEB Warrington Wolves opened a lounge at the ground in memory of former player Mike Gregory.

2008 FEB 1 Champion swimmer and fundraiser Aden Walker received the award for Warrington Sports Personality of the Year 2007 from Warrington Wolves coach Paul Cullen.

2008 FEB 8 The Duke of Kent officially opened the new £2.35 million Broomhead Library at the University of Chester Warington campus. It is named after Steven Broomhead, former principal of the campus, and now chief executive of the Northwest Regional Development Agency. The Duke of Kent also performed the official opening ceremony of the new £27 million Warrington Collegiate on Winwick Road.

2008 FEB 9 Radio One Dance DJ Judge Jules performed at the opening ceremony of Apogaeum, a new store in Golden Square selling Apple computer equipment.

2008 FEB 11 The three teenagers accused of murdering Fearnhead resident Garry Newlove in August 2007 were jailed for life.

2008 FEB 20 BBC TV programme Crimewatch showed a reconstruction in Cumbria into the death of Warrington resident Shafilea Ahmed. Update. Update.

2008 FEB Former Warrington student, Matt Greenhalgh, received the Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a British writer, director or producer at the BAFTA ceremony in London for his work on the film Control.

2008 FEB Staging the giant Ferris wheel at the town hall last December resulted in a loss of almost £30,000. For photos from the top of it, see On Top of the Word.

2008 FEB BBC Celebrity Scissorhands presenter Lee Stafford visited Johnson’s hairdressing salon on Sankey Street.

2008 FEB 25 Champion English Channel Swimmer, Sunny Lowry, died aged 97. She was the first English woman to swim the Channel. Read her profile in Sporting People.

2008 FEB The former Police Training Centre at Bruche was transferred to English Partnerships.

2008 FEB An alcohol expert at Warrington hospital expressed concern over Synergy bosses applying for a licence which would keep the Bridge Foot venue open until 6.30 a.m. on some days.

2008 FEB 22 Granada TV's Paul Crone attended a fundraising event at the Park Royal Hotel in Stretton for the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace in Old Hall. A Harry Potter novel signed by the author JK Rowling sold for £2,200 on the night.

2008 FEB 24 A ceremony to commemorate the Battle of Pieters Hill in the Boer War of  27 February 1900 took place in Queens Gardens, where a statue marks the event.

2008 FEB 25 Work began on an upgrade to Bank Quay railway station. The work was meant to start last September. In the same month it was announced that more carriages will be introduced on the West Coast Main Line and that lifts will be installed at Warrington Central station.

2008 FEB 27 An earthquake hit Warrington, measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, the biggest in the town since 1984. It lasted for around 10 seconds at 1 a.m.

2008 FEB Campaigners fought to save Warrington Driving Test Centre. Closure would mean drivers travelling to St Helens. The campaign was to no avail as the centre closed on 26 September 2008.

2008 FEB Warrington Borough Council approved the sale of the former Greenall’s land in Loushers Lane. Two hundred homes will be built on the land as the company invests in a new distillery at Risley


2008 MAR Warrington, Widnes and District Society for the Blind announced they are looking for new premises, as the current venue is unsuitable. They were founded in 1924 and have been based in Museum Street ever since.

2008 MAR 5 The council announced that Woolston High School will be closed in 2012.

2008 MAR 9 BBC religious and ethnic affairs programme The Big Question, hosted by Nicky Campbell, was broadcast live from The Pyramid centre in the Cultural Quarter.

2008 MAR 10 Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew attended a Make Sport Your Business seminar at Birchwood Park.

2008 MAR Olympic chiefs announced that three venues in Warrington will be used to train athletes ahead of the 2012 event. They are Halliwell Jones Stadium (football), Birchwood Leisure Centre (indoor volleyball) and Victoria Park (athletics).

2008 MAR Warrington charity JUMP (Jacob’s Unique Memory Pot) receives £9,000 when its patron and Hollyoaks star Rickie Whittle appears on BBC quiz show The Weakest Link. www.jumpchildrenscharity.co.uk

2008 MAR Staff from Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institute received the Butler Trust Award for Excellence from the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace.

2008 MAR Da Nico’s Italian restaurant on Lovely Lane was chosen as a venue to film a piece for the BBC Mastermind Final featuring Warringtonian Derek Moody, which was broadcast on Easter Monday.

2008 MAR The council asked United Utilities to sort out the flooding problem on Hawleys Lane, Dallam when the area receives heavy rain. See my photos of it in My Warrington.

2008 MAR Dallam Centre on Dallam Lane celebrated its 30th anniversary. The centre provides care and support to adults with physical difficulties.

2008 MAR Warrington Borough Transport promoted ‘Our Routes Grow Trees’, a scheme to help plant trees in African countries when passengers buy a Savercard.

2008 MAR 14 Synergy nightclub opened. Carley Stenson and Rickie Whittle from Channel 4’s Hollyoaks appeared.

2008 MAR 19 Plans for £400,000 extensions to Winwick Primary School were announced.

2008 MAR 23 Yates’s Wine Lodge on Buttermarket Street closed after 12 years in business. It was built on the site of the former Odeon cinema.

2008 MAR 24 Lymm Duck Race took place at the Dingle to raise cash for local charities.

2008 MAR Local authority workers went on strike in protest about a pay freeze this year.

2008 MAR Bryan Lomax won the best documentary category in the Total Film Short Film Awards for his 10-minute film Far From Home.

2008 MAR Warrington-based British Deaf History Society received a grant of £9,520 from the Big Lottery Fund.

2008 MAR The Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool, laid the foundation stone for the new Fairfield Primary School in Howley. The old school will be taken over by community groups.

2008 MAR The former Stockton Heath home of entertainer George Formby is to be turned into a guesthouse. The property at 143 London Road was known as Hillcrest.

2008 MAR Warrington author Andrea Gouk signed copies of her new book Tales of the Smiling Buddha at Borders book shop.


2008 APR Warrington Borough Transport managing director Nigel Featham announced he is leaving the company for pastures new at Arriva Buses in West Yorkshire.

2008 APR The council formed a new twin town partnership with Mwanza in Tanzania. This is in addition to Hilden in Germany, Lake County in Illinois, USA, and Nachod in the Czech Republic.

2008 APR The council approved an Auto Training Centre at Great Sankey High School, one of only 47 RAC centres in the country which delivers practical lessons as part of the school’s curriculum.

2008 APR Warrington Primary Care Trust announced plans to upgrade Garven Place medical centre.

2008 APR 6 Snow in Warrington.

2008 APR Warrington Disability Partnership received a £922,055 grant from the National Lottery to renovate their Centre for Independent Living in Beaufort Street, Sankey Bridges.

2008 APR A former doctor at Warrington hospital was jailed for 18 months for withholding information about terrorist plots in London and Glasgow in June 2007.

2008 APR 13 Members of the Sikh community celebrated the festival of Vaisakhi. It celebrates the day in 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, turned them into Khalsa Sikhs (The Saint Soldiers) to stands up against the brutal oppression practised by the Mughal rulers of the Indian subcontinent, and to uphold the Sikh religious values of equality, freedom of thought and worship for all faiths and peaceful co-existence for all communities.

2008 APR 14 A pregnant woman escaped serious injury when lightning struck a chimney in Chapelford village.

2008 APR The Warrington Guardian was named O2 Newspaper of the Year at the first O2 Media Awards.

2008 APR 14 Conservative shadow foreign secretary William Hague visited The Forge shopping centre in Stockton Heath.

2008 APR 16 Ted Lafferty, the first Liberal Democrat Mayor of Warrington in 2004, died, aged 71. He was a borough councillor for 21 years and also served on Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council.

2008 APR 21 The first North West Fashion Week took place at Golden Square Shopping Centre.

2008 APR Swedish furniture store IKEA celebrated its 21st birthday. It chose Warrington as the location of its first UK store.

2008 APR Former US president Bill Clinton sent a letter of praise to Warrington Male Voice Choir in recognition of their efforts to use their music to help promote peace. It coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and the 15th anniversary of the Warrington Bomb. The choir appeared on TV in Ireland.

2008 APR Warrington author Steve Burke published his book Without Wings – The Story of Hitler’s Aircraft Carrier. See his website www.withoutwingsonline.co.uk.

2008 APR Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg visited the Warrington Guardian offices in Bridge Street.

2008 APR Plans are announced to demolish Culcheth High School and replace it with a new £24 million state-of-the-art building.

2008 APR 20 The annual St George’s Day parade and service took place. The event included a procession of Scouts from the Town Hall to the Parish Church of St Elphin where a service was held.

2008 APR 22 A public inquiry began at the Halliwell Jones Stadium into plans to extend Biffa Waste Management landfill site at Risley. The plans were turned down in August 2008.

2008 APR 23 Warrington Borough Council approved plans to rebuild Penketh Methodist Church.

2008 APR 26 Soloist Beverley Knight headlined the finale in North West Fashion Week at the Old Fish Market in Golden Square.

2008 APR Second World War evacuee and widow, Audrey Quirk, published her autobiography Brywes for Breakfast, Pickelets For Tea.

2008 APR 28 The executive board of the council approved a £2.2 million scheme to introduce bigger recycling bins to be collected from doorsteps, starting in September 2008.

2008 APR Bendy traffic bollards are to be trialled by the council. They have a spring on the base so they can bounce back up and save money on replacing the old type when they are hit.

2008 APR Charity JUMP (Jacob’s-Unique Memory Pot www.jumpchildrenscharity.co.uk) receives a £22,500 grant from the BBC Children in Need appeal.

2008 MAY 1 40,000 residents voted in the local elections, resulting in a continued power-sharing between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

2008 MAY Former Manchester City players Tommy Booth and Peter Barnes helped to raise £19,000 for Leukaemia Research and Manchester’s Christies Hospital in a charity auction at the Park Royal Hotel in Stretton.

2008 MAY Warrington fire station took delivery of a new £140,000 vehicle to replace one of their existing machines.

2008 MAY Former Warrington rugby league player Derek Whitehead became the latest member of the Warrington Wolves Hall of Fame. He is the 28th player to receive the honour.

2008 MAY The council spent a further £150,000 to improve the controversial traffic lights scheme on Cromwell Avenue in Westbrook. The total cost of the scheme has now reached £700,000.

2008 MAY (3/4) Former Editor-in-chief of the Warrington Guardian, Trevor Buckley, died after a short illness, aged 76.

2008 MAY 7 Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, visited Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institution in Appleton Thorn.

2008 MAY Pensioners in Whitecross protested over new £3-a-day charges brought in by the council to travel on minibuses to the leisure centre.

2008 MAY English Partnerships launched a sales brochure inviting developers to submit detailed proposals and financial bids for the redevelopment of the former National Police Training Centre at Bruche.

2008 MAY Plans were announced to demolish Legh Street baths and build a health centre on the site.

2008 MAY The Talking Newspaper for the blind and partially sighted celebrated its 30th anniversary. The service provides audio versions of the Warrington Guardian.

2008 MAY Author Stephen Gerard-Hayden published his book Cobblestone Kids, a book about the results and pitfalls of a deprived childhood.

2008 MAY Warrington Borough Transport launched its own Eau de WBT, its on-board bus fragrance.

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2008 Monday 12 May - mywarrington WEBSITE - 3RD BIRTHDAY

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2008 MAY 15 A Navy minesweeper passed through Latchford Locks on its way to Salford Quays to search for unexploded mines around the site of the new BBC Manchester studios.

2008 MAY 16 Comedian Peter Kay filmed scenes for his new Channel 4 TV show at Rixton. It was called "Britain's Got the Pop Factor...and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice" - a spoof of reality TV shows in which he played a singer called Geraldine McQueen. It was aired on 12 October 2008.

2008 MAY The Ministry of Defence released secret UFO files, some of which include reports of sightings over Warrington. But why do we never see these UFOs during the day? Or before 17 December 1903?

2008 MAY 22 Former Busted band member and winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Matt Willis, visited Chicago Rock Café in Barbauld Street.  

2008 MAY 22 Anger erupted as the council approves two controversial schemes in Croft for a chicken farm and a housing development.

2008 MAY Padgate-born former pop-star Kerry Katona was voted the fourth most hated celebrity in the country in a survey for Marketing Magazine. Top of the list was Heather Mills, former wife of Beatle Paul McCartney.

2008 MAY Curtis Jobling creator of Bob the Builder visited the Warrington Guardian as part of Local Newspaper Week. He was born in Blackpool and later lived in Warrington.

2008 MAY Two of the convicted killers of Garry Newlove from Fearnhead were given leave to appeal their sentences.

2008 MAY More than 1,500 council employees shared a £3.8 million payout over equal pay. Each employee received about £2,400.

2008 MAY An estimated 14 million people have visited Golden Square shopping centre since its redevelopment one year ago, it is reported.

2008 MAY 26 The annual Warrington Horse Show took place in Daresbury.

2008 MAY 27 Paul Cullen left Warrington Wolves ‘by mutual consent’.

2008 MAY Croft Youth Club celebrated its first anniversary. They meet at Christchurch hall in the village every Wednesday and have around 50 members.

2008 MAY 29 Warrington hosted a European Market, giving townsfolk the chance to sample foods from across the continent in a 4-day event.

2008 MAY 30 A wind turbine was installed at Centre Park at Arpley Meadows.

2008 MAY 30 Peaches Geldof, daughter of Sir Bob Geldof, created a reusable shopping bag for Golden Square shopping centre as part of a Bin the Bag campaign.

2008 MAY 31 The War in Warrington, a cage-fighting event, took place at the Parr Hall. The sport, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), features a combination of boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu and judo.

2008 MAY 31 Fourteen-year-old George Sampson from Birchwood won ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent and £100,000.

2008 JUN An 1850s billet cutter from the Stockton Heath Forge went missing from ‘safe storage’ for a second time. It first went missing in 2006. See a photo of it in the Stockton Heath section of the My Warrington page. Linking story.

2008 JUN 4 The council voted to remove a controversial bus lane on Winwick Road by Tesco.

2008 JUN 4 Warrington Radio General secretary, Keith Inman, visited the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street as part of the NHS 60th anniversary celebrations.

2008 JUN 5 Irish president Mary McAleese visited the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace in Old Hall as part of a two-day visit to the region.

2008 JUN 10 The Berlin Airlift’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition opened at the RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre in Westbrook.

2008 JUN 10 A fire at three business premises in Bewsey Road caused an estimated £500,000 in damage. A teenager was jailed for three years on 5 December 2008 for a ‘revenge attack’ on one of the businesses.

2008 JUN Latchford couple Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton appeared in Channel 4’s Big Brother show. Neither of them made it to the final.

2008 JUN 15 Staff and customers from Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Centre took part in a dragon boat race on the River Dee in Chester to raise funds for St Rocco’s Hospice.

2008 JUN Legendary Warrington rugby league star Brian Bevan was named in Australia’s Team of the Century in an event to celebrate 100 years of the sport in Australia.

2008 JUN St John’s United Reformed Church on Wilderspool Causeway celebrated its 200th anniversary.

2008 JUN The 60th anniversary of the revival of Lymm May Queen took place. The event originally started in 1879 but was halted during the Second World War and revived in 1948.

2008 JUN 18 A banjolele owned by entertainer George Formby sold for £21,600 at a Bonhams auction in London.

2008 JUN 20 Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg visited the town.

2008 JUN 20 More than 1,000 women took part in the 13-mile Starlight Walk to raise £160,000 for St Rocco’s Hospice in Bewsey.

2008 JUN 21 Celebrations took place for the opening of Bewsey Park Community Centre.

2009 JUN A Warrington writer published his action adventure novel The Patent of Mann under the pen-name of George Dixon.

2008 JUN 21 The 44th Thelwall Rose Queen festival took place.

2008 JUN 21 Padgate Walking Day took place.

2008 JUN 21 The annual Bawming of the Thorn ceremony took place in Appleton Thorn.

2008 JUN 26- JUL 6 The annual Lymm Festival took place. Events included a scarecrow trail and a performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

2008 JUN 27-29 Burtonwood Art Show took place at St Michael’s Church Parish Hall. 50 exhibitors displayed their work for sale, with proceeds going to supporting the church.

2008 JUN 28 The 40th anniversary of the town’s twinning with Hilden, Germany took place. The last remaining section of Golborne Street was later renamed Hilden Square. See Tour 2 for photos of the area.

2008 JUN Bewsey Lock Bridge received a £56,000 makeover with funding from Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd. Volunteers at Sankey Canal Restoration Society carried out the restoration.

The bridge after restoration
and how it used to look (inset)

bewsey_lock_bridge_restored_080630.jpg (126569 bytes)
2008 JUN Plans were submitted to Warrington Borough Council to extend the former bungalow of Beatle George Harrison in Appleton. He bought the property for his parents in the 1960s.

2008 JUN Warrington Borough Council considered the options for installing a waste incinerator in the town.

2008 JUL Passenger lifts were installed at Warrington Central Station.

2008 JUL Ice Blok, a synthetic ice rink, opened in Cockhedge Shopping Park. It closed in 2011 when The Skating Academy roller rink opened on Academy Street.

2008 JUL Postal workers prepared to strike in protest at the possible closure of the sorting office in Lymm village.

2008 JUL 2 Plans to turn Bewsey Old Hall into a hotel were rejected at a council meeting.

2008 JUL 3 Culcheth Sports Club celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was previously known as Daten Sports and Social Club.

2008 JUL 5 The first Warrington Market Classic Car Show took place.

2008 JUL 5 The annual Croft carnival took place. The event has run continuously since it was revived in 1972.

2008 JUL 6 The annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD) took place at Walton Gardens.

2008 JUL Warrington Borough Council approved plans for a new state-of-the-art high school in Culcheth. Once the new school is open, the old one will be demolished (sadly).

2008 JUL Trainee carpenters from Warrington Collegiate Institute solved an anti-social problem at St Mark’s Church in Dallam by building doors across a porch at the back where groups of people were congregating.

2008 JUL Pupils from Penketh High School filmed scenes on Sankey Station for comedy film Louise, made by graemePRODUCTION.

2008 JUL The former home of TV writer Richard Curtis in Appleton was put on the market for £2 million. His TV and film credits include Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually. 

2008 JUL 10-13 Stockton Heath Arts and Culture Festival took place.

2008 JUL 12 Warrington Music Festival took place in Queens Gardens, Palmyra Square.

2008 JUL 12 Stockton Heath Walking Day took place. The weekend of celebrations concluded with a farmers’ market.

2008 JUL 12 The 80th annual Glazebury gala took place. The event started in 1928 when Ruth Peters was crowned the first queen.

2008 JUL The government considers plans to relocate the fire control centre from Cockermouth in Cumbria to Lingley Mere in west Warrington.

2008 JUL 13 The annual Winwick Carnival took place on Myddleton Lane. An estimated 6,000 people visited.

2008 JUL 15 Pupils from Stockton Heath Primary School dressed up in costumes from 1910 to mark the final week in the school before a new building takes its place. See photos of the school on My Warrington page.

2008 JUL 18 Former Big Brother contestant Michelle Bass visited Total Fitness gym to sample a day in the life of Lisa Appleton, who was in the current series of the reality show at the time.

2008 JUL 18-19 Burtonwood library celebrated its 40th anniversary.

2008 JUL 19 The Amazing Maize Maze returned to Apple Jacks Farm on Stretton Road.

2008 JUL 19 Howley Carnival took place. It started with a parade from Wellington Street and finished at Howley Park where entertainment was provided.

2008 JUL 19 Stretton Walking Day took place with a summer fair afterwards on St Matthew’s Primary School field.

2008 JUL 20 The 11th Westy Carnival took place on Westy Park.

2008 JUL 21 Warrington Borough Transport introduced a new bus service to Chapelford village in west Warrington. The No 17 service will be known as the Chapelford Connector.

2008 JUL Birchwood Park celebrated its 10th anniversary. The business park borders Birchwood Forest Park.

2008 JUL 21 Former Conservative party chairman and Shadow Cabinet Minister Francis Maude MP visited the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace in Old Hall.

2008 JUL 26 Hundreds took part in the Cancer Research Relay for Life fundraising event by walking around the athletics track at Victoria Park.

2008 JUL 27 They have the Beast of Bodmin Moor. We have a large black cat in woods near Walton Gardens that is as big as a German shepherd dog, according to readers of the Warrington Guardian.

2008 JUL Three buildings and one structure in Warrington were put on the English Heritage “at risk” register. They are Bewsey Old Hall, the Gate House to Bradley Old Hall in Burtonwood, the north barn at Hurst Hall in Glazebury and the transporter bridge over the Mersey at Bank Quay.

2008 JUL Students from Penketh High School received a Languages and Film Talent Award (LAFTA) – the first of its kind - celebrating the linguistic talent of young film-makers. Sir Trevor McDonald and comedian Eddie Izzard sat on the judging panel.

2008 JUL 31 The council announced plans to close lower Bridge Street to traffic overnight on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to cut down on anti-social behaviour. The street would close from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. each night.


2008 AUG 9 Operation Checkpoint, a joint initiative between police and licensees, was launched in a bid to make people feel safer in the town centre.

2008 AUG 10 The annual Lymm Rushbearing Festival took place. The tradition remembers the time when villagers used to change the rushes on floors before winter started. Read more about the ceremony here.

2008 AUG 11 Residents in Orford opposed plans to demolish Norris Street Methodist Church hall to make way for a nursing home.

2008 AUG 16 The former Brickmakers Arms pub on School Brow was renamed The Kandi Bar to become the town’s first gay bar.

2008 AUG 17 Warrington rower Richard Egington won a silver medal with the British men’s eight at the Beijing Olympic Games.

2008 AUG 19 Lucy Meacock and Tony Morris from Granada Reports visited Golden Square with the Junior Newsreader Challenge, a roadshow to attract younger viewers to ITV Local shows.

2008 AUG 21 Mark Morris, front man of 90s indie band The Bluetones, opened the first Live in the Square music event at Golden Square.

2008 AUG The Rope and Anchor pub on Manchester Road, Woolston, won August’s Quality Tracker award from brewery industry magazine the Morning Advertiser.

2008 SEP Warrington Borough Council announced plans to sell off Risley police station building, but the police will remain there after the auction.

2008 SEP 6 The first Farmers’ Market was held in the town centre, attracting produce from a 30-mile radius.

2008 SEP 6 Flash flooding hit parts of Warrington, including Hawleys Lane bridge in Dallam.

2008 SEP 7 The annual Woolston Show took place.

2008 SEP 8 The owners of Fuss salon in Great Sankey helped to prepare Coronation Street stars for the TV Choice awards at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

2008 SEP 8 Work began on a new single-storey car park at Warrington Hospital, which will create 200 extra spaces.

2008 SEP 13 The 60th Hatton and District Show took place on Daresbury Lane.

2008 SEP 14 Warrington police station on Arpley Street staged an open day.

2008 SEP 18 Celebrity Peter Andre visited Chicago Rock Café on Barbauld Street.

2008 SEP 18 Woolston Library celebrated its 40th anniversary.

2008 SEP 20 Home Secretary Jacqui Smith visited the town to talk to constituents in the Orford area.

2008 SEP 20 Bessie Ardern, founder of the Warrington bakery, died aged 101. The Willis Street bakery started in 1932.

2008 SEP 21 The annual Battle of Britain Parade took place at Gulliver’s World, organised by the Burtonwood Branch of the RAF Association.

2008 SEP Proposals for a Titan super-prison on the site of the Omega Business Park in Burtonwood were announced.

2008 SEP 25 Helen Newlove, widow of murdered Garry, launched the Newlove Warrington campaign (New Warrington, Love Warrington) in association with the Warrington Wolves Foundation, to improve the future of the town.

2008 SEP 25 Retired teacher Veronica Millington from Warrington published her first novel Fanny Eliza Johnson, a Thoroughly Modern Headteacher, an insight into one of Bolton High School’s first headmistresses.

2008 SEP Warrington Borough Council said in a letter to Culcheth and Glazebury Parish Council that the likelihood of reopening Glazebury railway station is ‘very slim’. The station closed 50 years ago but trains still pass through it on the Liverpool to Manchester railway.

2008 SEP The Warrington Partnership set out a 30-year vision for the town in its draft Sustainable Community Strategy. Link here to read and download a copy.

2008 OCT Acker’s Pit in Stockton Heath is reopened after a clean-up is completed.

2008 OCT Peel Holdings announced plans to build Port Warrington at Acton Grange, Moore, as part of their £50 billion Ocean Gateway project. The plan was approved by Warrington Borough Council in March 2010.

2008 OCT Warrington Library closes for 3 months to allow for a £200,000 refurbishment. A temporary facility was opened in the museum while work got under way.

2008 OCT 4 Warrington rugby league legend Harry Bath died in Australia, aged 83. Read his profile on the Warrington Wolves page.

2008 OCT Health bosses consider adding fluoride to the water supply. It comes after a report says the dental health of children in Warrington is worse than the national average.

2008 OCT Arriva reversed a previous decision to cancel the No 6 bus service to Liverpool, which would have left residents in parts of west Warrington without a bus service.

2008 OCT 5 Veterans gathered at the Parish Church for the annual Regimental Sunday parade.

2008 OCT TV Soap stars from Hollyoaks, Brookside, Coronation Street and Emmerdale took part in a football game at Warrington Town to support Pathways to Work, an initiative to help people on health-related benefits back into employment.

2008 OCT 12 A red triangular-shaped UFO was reported flying over Asda in Westbrook at 9.13 p.m. It was probably taking advantage of the 24-hour opening – well, don’t want to be seen during the day, do they? Following on close behind was Lord Lucan riding Shergar…

2008 OCT 13 Warrington Borough Council agreed to spend £650,000 on repairs at Walton Hall.

2008 OCT 13 A master plan to redevelop the centre of Warrington over the next 30 years was unveiled by the council.

2008 OCT 20 Former Warrington Wolves and Great Britain rugby player, David Myers, died in a road accident on the M6 motorway. He was 37 years old.

2008 OCT 20 The Sikh community in Warrington celebrated the 300th anniversary of the religious movement.

2008 OCT Bewsey Lodge Primary School received the DCSF International School Award at a ceremony in London.

2008 OCT 23 Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, visited the town to officially open the new Sandy Lane Children’s Centre in Orford.

2008 OCT 24 Penketh Library celebrates its 40th anniversary.

2008 OCT 25 M People group member Heather Small performed at the Parr Hall.

2008 OCT 29 The owners of Fuss salon on Park Road in Great Sankey helped to prepare Coronation Street stars for the National Television Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. They performed a similar duty at the TV Choice awards last month.

2008 NOV 8 The Halliwell Jones Stadium hosted a gala dinner for the Newlove Warrington campaign. Bolton comedian Peter Kay acted as MC, and 80s singer Rick Astley led the entertainment. The event raised £64,000.

2008 NOV 8 Warrington singer Kerry Katona launched her own perfume at The Fragrance Shop in Golden Square.

2008 NOV Teenager Becky Arnold performed with the Stage and Singing Express School in a charity version of the musical Hairspray at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London’s West End. The NSPCC benefited from the event.

2008 NOV 9 The annual Remembrance Day service took place. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. On Tuesday 11th November, there was a minute's silence in the town centre at 11 o'clock to mark Armistice Day itself.

2008 NOV 10 The council agreed to invest £1.2 million on improvements to the Parr Hall. At the same time they agreed not to remove the historic Cavaille-Coll organ, thought to be one of only two in the world.

2008 NOV 10 The last remaining hangars at the former Burtonwood Air Base were demolished to make way for the Omega Business Park. See photos of the hangars on the RAF Burtonwood page.

2008 NOV Warrington-born immigration officer Kay Lomas featured in the Sky One documentary series UK Border Force, which follows the work of immigration staff at Heathrow Airport.

2008 NOV 13 Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson switched on the Christmas lights at Golden Square. He also switched the Birchwood Christmas lights on the following Thursday.

2008 NOV 13 Two of the teenagers convicted of murdering Garry Newlove in Fearnhead last year appealed against their sentences. One successfully had his reduced, but the ringleader did not. The third person convicted of the murder did not appeal his sentence.

2008 NOV 18 Warrington Borough Transport was named UK Bus Operator of the Year for 2008 at a ceremony in London. The bus company also won the Shire Operator of the Year for 2008.

2008 NOV 21 Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard visited Bank Quay Social Club for a sportsman’s dinner.

2008 NOV 21 Dignitaries marked the 50th anniversary of hydrogen peroxide production by the auto oxidation (AO) process pioneered by Warrington company Solvay in 1958.

2008 NOV 28 Synergy nightclub at Bridge Foot reopened as Halo under new management. Big Brother contestants Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton appeared at the opening ceremony.

2008 NOV 29 Culcheth held a Victorian Day, including its Christmas lights switch-on.

2008 NOV 30 One hundred and thirty runners dressed up in Santa outfits for the Santa Dash event at Walton Gardens to raise funds for Birchwood-based charity Families Reunited.

2008 NOV Plans were announced to turn the former airfield of HMS Blackcap in Appleton into a motor sports and advanced driving academy. The plans were put on hold in December 2008 when the application was withdrawn. Read more on HMS Blackcap on the RAF Burtonwood page.

2008 NOV Radio 2 personality, and ‘Voice of the Balls’ on the National Lottery show, Alan Dedicoat hosted a quiz at the Harrow Inn in Culcheth to raise funds for Children In Need.

2008 NOV Warrington Hospital received foundation status. Its name will change from North Cheshire Hospital NHS Trust to Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. As a Foundation Trust it is responsible to the residents rather than the government, whatever that means.

2008 NOV It was revealed that Justice Secretary Jack Straw paid a secret visit to the Omega Business Park site in Burtonwood in connection with a proposed Titan prison. The council and residents were opposed to the idea of a prison on the site. 

2008 DEC Victoria Park Residents Association received a lottery grant of £4,405 to turn waste land behind Enville Street into a nature and wildlife community garden.

2008 DEC 1-10 Warrington Market teamed up with 6 other local authorities to appear in TV adverts promoting the use of markets.

2008 DEC 8 Warrington Borough Council approved plans for the £28 million Orford Park Project to go ahead. The 50-acre site on Winwick Road will be transformed into a sports village.

2008 DEC 8 The council held secret talks about new plans to breathe life into Time Square on Bank Street.

2008 DEC 13 Lymm village held its 23rd annual Dickensian Festival.

2008 DEC 24 A ‘UFO’ sighting over Chapelford turned out to be Chinese lanterns released to celebrate a wedding anniversary.


To 1199

1200s  1300s 1400s 1500s 1600s 1700s 1800s 1900s

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2009 JAN Warrington is named among six towns across the country to benefit from a new £15 million flood management programme.

2009 JAN Plans to demolish the derelict Grade II listed Black Bear pub on Knutsford Road and turn the space into 5 homes have been withdrawn by the developers. Later in the month an electrical company made an application to convert it into an office.

2009 JAN Justice Secretary Jack Straw said in a letter that a Titan prison on the Omega Business Park site in Burtonwood could bring in £15 million to the local economy. This follows a secret visit he made to the area in November 2008.

2009 JAN 5 Woolworth’s store on Sankey St closed its doors for the last time after 90 years of trading in the town. 807 stores nationwide closed as administrators failed to find a buyer when the company went into liquidation.

2008 JAN 7 Hood Manor shopping area in west Warrington is to receive a £50,000 makeover. Broken flags will be replaced and the area will be landscaped.

2009 JAN 8 Ed Milliband, energy and climate change secretary, visited renewable energy company Novera at Centre Park, Arpley Meadows.

2009 JAN 9 Warrington comedian Jimmy Bright, aka Dominick Reardon, pleaded guilty to importing a Class A substance into Jersey and received a nine month jail sentence.

2009 JAN It was announced that the former Holy Trinity vicarage on Palmyra Square was to be turned into a five-storey restaurant and office facility.

2009 JAN A commemorative bench was unveiled in Warrington Market in memory of market trader Russell Willis who ran the Sausage Shop until his death in September 2008.

2009 JAN 14 Hall Motors on Folly Lane, Bewsey, went into administration with the loss of 40 jobs. Sid Hall set up the Peugeot franchise in the 1960s. The site has since been taken over by a new Peugeot dealership. sid_hall_motors_folly_lane_bewsey_090123.JPG (120029 bytes)

2009 JAN The Co-op Late Shop in Fearnhead began to play classical music through loudspeakers to disperse groups of teenagers who hang around the entrance.

2009 JAN A planning inspector gave permission for a private airstrip to be opened in Rixton, overturning a previous refusal from Warrington Borough Council. The site will be monitored for 18 months (until July 2010) to make sure there is no disruption to wildlife or residents. The airstrip was made permanent in August 2011.

2009 JAN Police spoke out against a 99p-per-pint alcohol promotion by J D Wetherspoon's The Friar Penketh on Barbauld Street. The pub hit back by saying they were only trying to help those suffering the economic slump.

2009 JAN 17 Helen Newlove appeared on the Noel Edmonds Sky One TV show Noel's HQ and was presented with £40,000 worth of equipment for a community radio station.

2009 JAN 28 Billy Ocean performed at the Parr Hall. He has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

2009 JAN 29 Virgin Media chose Warrington as the first place to launch its 50 megabits per second broadband service. And I thought my 3.5 Mbps speed was fast!  

2009 JAN Royal Mail defended its decision to move the post box in Winwick to a location on Golborne Road. Residents said they now had to cross a busy road on a blind bend to use it. Royal Mail eventually backed down and moved it to a different location.

winwick_post_box_090205.JPG (101000 bytes)

2009 JAN 30 Workers at Fiddlers Ferry Power Station joined a national walkout in a protest against foreign workers.

2009 JAN Culture Secretary Andy Burnham MP visited Crosfields Sports Club to see plans on expanding the leisure facilities.

2009 FEB Schools minister Jim Knight told Warrington Borough Council to use its powers to claw back surplus money from schools after a Warrington Guardian Freedom of Information request reveals £4.7 million was left in the bank at the end of March 2008.

2009 FEB 1 Snow fell in Warrington.

2009 FEB Steve Wakefield published his book Living The Dream, Moving The Mendips, to highlight his life on the railway at Dallam shed. See photos of Dallam shed in Making Tracks 1 and Making Tracks 2.

2009 FEB Warrington Museum received a grant of £247,500 from Waste Recycling Environmental Limited. The cash allowed the refurbishment of some of the galleries and work started in the autumn of 2009.

2009 FEB Penketh High School became the first school in Warrington to sign up to Sky Sports Living For Sport, a joint initiative between the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports to give students an opportunity to learn new sports.

2009 FEB 9 An 18-month trial on 140 of Warrington’s roads began to see if a 20 mph speed limit helps to reduce accidents.

2009 FEB A £4 million primary school for Chapelford, west Warrington, is being considered as part of council budget discussions.

2009 FEB 12 The Warrington Guardian reveals they have received a secret email saying talks have been held into building a waste incinerator at the Omega Business Park site in Burtonwood.

2009 FEB 13 The revamp of Bank Quay railway station was unveiled by Warrington’s MPs Helen Southworth and Helen Jones. At the same time a ‘kissing zone’ was set up for couples to say their goodbyes, with a plaque being applied to a wall outside the station.

2009 FEB BBC Radio 2 broadcaster and writer Stuart Marconie visited Reactive Studios on Knutsford Road to record an audio version of his best-selling book Pies and Prejudice.

2009 FEB Warrington Market is named the Best Indoor Market in the UK for 2009.

2009 FEB A 6-month £300,000 restoration project began on St Thomas’ Church, Stockton Heath, which saw the roof replaced and internal repairs to the building and organ.

2009 FEB Birchwood Juniors football club players protested when the Football Association stopped two girls playing in their side. The FA eventually backed down and blamed an admin error when insurance documents went missing.

2009 FEB Celebrity chef Mark Earnden returned to his roots at Bruche Primary School to deliver his interactive ExpoChef lessons.

2009 FEB 15 Warrington author Chris Kirwan discussed his novel Shadowers Crossing on Roger Philips' BBC Radio Merseyside’s show The Philips Hour. The story is about two young boys separated by a river, who meet 1,000 years later to save their communities.

2009 FEB 20 A 10,000-name petition against a Titan prison being built on the Omega Business Park site in Burtonwood was handed in to 10 Downing Street.
2009 FEB 27 After 39 years of serving the district of Bewsey, R & J Allcock local food store transferred the business to new owners. They were very well respected in the community and mywarrington wishes the family all the best for the future. alcocks_090224.JPG (71436 bytes)

2009 MAR St Mary’s Priory Church on Buttermarket Street introduced a junior choir to join the established adult one.

2009 MAR Cheshire Police Authority announced plans to buy its first helicopter to replace the aeroplane it currently uses.

2009 MAR The borough council announced plans to close Longbarn Primary School in August 2010.

2009 MAR 7 The Warrington Fairtrade Steering Group invited residents of the town to the Old Fish Market in Golden Square to take part in a world record attempt at the most Fairtrade bananas eaten in a 24-hour period. Groups from around the world are also taking part and it is hoped 250,000 bananas will be eaten.

2009 MAR 9 The new day unit at St Rocco’s Hospice in Bewsey was opened.

2009 MAR Warrington Register Office was given top marks in an inspection by the General Register Office for England and Wales.

2009 MAR Conservative MP, Baroness Warsi, shadow minister for community cohesion and social action, visited the Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sikh Temple on Dover Road in Latchford.

2009 MAR Voters in Hatton will no longer be required to travel to Stretton on election days as a campaign to set up a polling station in the Hatton Arms pub is approved.

2009 MAR The empty Railway Inn pub in Latchford could be turned into offices if plans go ahead.

2009 MAR 14 Comedian Jimmy Carr performed at the Parr Hall.

2009 APR 4 TV antiques expert Adam Partridge from the BBC’s Flog It programme attended a coffee morning at Penketh Methodist Church in Penketh. He valued antiques at £2 per item with proceeds going to the new church building fund.

2009 APR 16 Conservative shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague visited Warrington and added his support to the campaign against a Titan prison.

2009 APR 17 Twenty cars in Dallam had their windows smashed or tyres slashed in a spate of vandalism during the early hours of the morning. At Warrington Magistrates' Court on 1 July, 2009, a 35 year old man was found guilty of causing criminal damage. He received a four-week suspended sentence and a six-week curfew. The car owners and other residents expressed their disgust at the verdict.

2009 APR 26 Warrington Rugby Union Under 13s squad won the Lancashire Cup for the first time in 90 years when they beat Manchester Rugby Union Club 39-0.

2009 APR 27 Campaigners were celebrating after Justice Secretary Jack Shaw announced the scrapping of a proposed Titan prison at Omega Business Park in west Warrington.

2009 APR 27 The new fire service control centre at Lingley Mere in west Warrington was officially opened.

2009 APR Padgate High School was renamed Lysander High School from September. The name was chosen because the Westland Lysander was an aircraft used by the RAF and the school is built on the former RAF Padgate site.

2009 MAY Shadow Work and Pensions minister Steve Webb visited Warrington Age Concern to discuss requirements and concerns with senior citizens.

2009 MAY The council considers closing down the information centre at Warrington bus station.

2009 MAY 9 More UFOs are spotted over Warrington, this time in Stretton. Next…

2009 MAY 11-17 The annual Local Newspaper Week took place across the country to highlight the important contribution these companies make to the community.

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2009 Tuesday 12 May - mywarrington WEBSITE - 4TH BIRTHDAY

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2009 MAY 20 A party of visitors from Lymm’s twin town Meung-sur-Loire spent 4 days in the village.

2009 MAY Pupils at St Matthew’s Primary School in Stretton brought the Kenneth Grahame book The Wind in the Willows to life in a performance carried out by touring drama group Image Musical Theatre.

2009 MAY Plans to reclaim derelict sections of the New Cut Canal in Woolston were submitted to the council. Permission was granted later in the year.

2009 MAY Birchwood Youth Club was handed a special award and £1,000 by the housing group Frontis in recognition of work done in the community.

2009 MAY The legal aid bill for the three murderers of Garry Newlove in August 2007 totalled more than £500,000.

2009 MAY 18 Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, visited Westy Sure Start Children’s Centre.

2009 MAY A Laurel and Hardy Sons of the Desert fan club opened at The Albion pub on Battersby Lane.

2009 MAY The Friends of Latchford Parks was a new group formed by residents of the south Warrington village in response to the Ranger Service being withdrawn from Black Bear Park.

2009 MAY 23 Sinatra’s Bar and Grill opened in the former Picturedrome/Cameo cinema on the corner of Sankey Street and Springfield Street.

2009 MAY Four Warrington primary schools have been named on a list of the north west’s outstanding schools. They are Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School, Gorse Covert Primary School, St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Appleton and Thelwall Community Infant School.

2009 MAY 25 The annual Warrington Horse Show took place in Daresbury.

2009 MAY 27 The former Silver Birch pub on Dewhurst Road in Birchwood was converted into a new base for Birchwood Community Church. Planning permission was granted in February 2009. The building was demolished in 2017.

2009 MAY 31 Fire destroyed Attic Studios recording studio on Longford Street, Orford. The building was empty at the time of the blaze.

2009 MAY A new play area opened up in Dallam on land by Massey Avenue which was formerly occupied by garages.

2009 MAY - JUN Route 29, an exhibition of paintings by a local artist who travelled on the number 29 bus from Warrington to Collins Green was exhibited at Warrington Museum. The exhibition ran until June 2009 and the paintings were later sold, with proceeds going to St Rocco’s Hospice.

2009 JUN Warrington Museum won the 2009 Museums and Heritage Awards for Excellence for its Mr Smithies and the Lost Tombs of Peru exhibition last year. It won the prize for the project on a limited budget section for its Bringing the Wow Factor to Warrington Museum display.

2009 JUN Nine red squirrels were born at Walton Gardens Children’s Zoo, the first since a breeding programme was set up in 2006.

2009 JUN Cheshire Dogs’ Home in Grappenhall celebrated its 10th anniversary.

2009 JUN 2 Sixteen-year-old Temi Abimbola drowned in Appleton Reservoir. School friends at Sir Thomas Boteler High paid tributes to the boy whose ‘smile could light up any room’. An inquest on 27 November 2009 gave the verdict of accidental death by drowning.

2009 JUN 7 The annual HMS Blackcap service took place to commemorate those who served at the Stretton base. Read more about HMS Blackcap in RAF Burtonwood page.

2009 JUN 7 Birchwood Carnival took place at Birchwood Forest Park.

2009 JUN Former Penketh High School pupil, and now Warrington sailor on HMS Illustrious, Able Rate David Parr took part in Fly Navy 100 in London, a celebration of 100 years of Naval Aviation.   HMS Illustrious at Liverpool on 24 October 2009.

hms_illustrious_liverpool_091024.JPG (58913 bytes)

2009 JUN 13 The annual Lymm May Queen festival took place.

2009 JUN 15 & 17 Staff and pupils at a school in Warrington were given antiviral drugs after two children contracted swine flu. Both children recovered from the illness.

2009 JUN 15 Warrington South MP Helen Southworth announced she is standing down at the next general election to spend more time with her family. She has represented the constituency since 1997.

2009 JUN 18 Unofficial strike action took place at Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in a row over job losses at other plants in the UK.

2009 JUN 20 The annual Bawming of the Thorn ceremony took places at Appleton Thorn. Read more about the ceremony on the Events page.

2009 JUN 20 The Friends of Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden held a Picnic in the Park concert. Bactiguard Wire Brass performed at the event.

2009 JUN 20 Warrington Wolves beat Catalans Dragons in Barcelona by 24 points to 12 in the first-ever Super League game played in Spain.

2009 JUN 20 The annual Thelwall Rose Queen crowning took place.

2009 JUN 21 Orford Park Festival took place. The event also included the annual Orford Walking Day procession.

2009 JUN A government report listed Warrington as the 10th most at risk in the country from flooding.

2009 JUN 23 Warrington fire service showed off its latest piece of equipment at the Cheshire Show – a 40ft inflatable fire engine to help teach fire safety. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service were forced to defend the £26,000 price tag in the face of £6 million budget cuts.

2009 JUN 25 - JUL 4 The 10th Lymm Festival took place. Link to their website here.

2009 JUN 27 Warrington Market hosted the annual Classic Transport Show. See photos in Classic Motor Shows page.

2009 JUN 27 Padgate Walking Day took place. 

2009 JUN 27-28 Burtonwood Art Show took place to raise funds for St Michael’s church.

2009 JUN 28 Woolston Eyes nature reserve held an open day. Read more about the Eyes in Warrington Green 2.

2009 JUN 28 Newlove FM, a community radio station set up by the widow of murdered Garry Newlove, began broadcasts to Warrington from a unit in Golden Square shopping centre. It presented a variety of programmes, with contributions from professional radio presenters and featured an interview with Conservative leader David Cameron. It ran until 12 July 2009.

2009 JUN Pupils at Padgate High School buried a time capsule covering life and events in 2009, which will be opened in 2029.

2009 JUN The government announced that the Omega Business Park is being considered as the Ministry of Justice looks at moving civil service jobs out of London, which could create around 2,500 jobs.

2009 JUN The creator of Bob the Builder, Curtis Jobling, was guest of honour at The Pebbles, a new child development centre in Orford.

2009 JUN Lymm Oughtrington Park Cricket Club celebrated 125 years by publishing a book 125 Not Out.

2009 JUL 1 A new GP surgery opened at Golden Square on Sankey Street.

2009 JUL 2 The sixth annual North West Casual Classics car show took place at Fiddlers Ferry. For photos of the 4th event, see the Classic Motor Shows page.

2009 JUL 2 The Warrington Guardian was named Newspaper of the Year for the second year running at the O2 Media Awards.

2009 JUL 2 Warrington Market manager Steve Pickering won an award in the innovation category at the 2009 Council Worker of the Year awards in Harrogate. He received his award from John Denham MP, minister for communities and local government.

2009 JUL Cinnamon Brow Youth Club received a £4,600 grant from the National Lottery to enable them to develop their film making skills and to produce a DVD.

2009 JUL 3 The annual Warrington Walking Day event took place.

2009 JUL 4 The annual Croft Carnival took place.

2009 JUL 4 TV presenter and Warrington author Mark Olly hosted the Party in the Park event at Queens Gardens.

2009 JUL Golden Square’s Ian Cox was named Marketing Manager of the Year at the annual SCEPTRE awards ceremony in London.

2009 JUL 6 McIntyre Learning Centre received a £5,000 grant from the national B&Q One Planet Living Award to help with the New Routes horticulture training site at Victoria Park allotments.

2009 JUL 7 Torrential rain caused flash flooding in Thorn Close, Penketh.

2009 JUL 9 The 4-day annual Stockton Heath Festival began.

2009 JUL 11 Stockton Heath Walking Day took place.

2009 JUL 10 Former world snooker champion Dennis Taylor was guest speaker at the 10th Warrington Business Awards at the Park Royal Hotel in Stretton.

2009 JUL 11 Glazebury Gala and rose queen crowning took place.

2009 JUL 11 The annual Penketh Carnival took place on Greystone Recreation Ground.

2009 JUL 11 Warrington Music Festival took place at Queens Gardens. The event featured performances from Exile Parade, The Stocks, Black Manalishi, China White, The Kingsway, The Jokers and The Collision.

2009 JUL 11 Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett and Calum Best, son of footballer George Best, appeared at the finale of the Go Style Live fashion event at Golden Square shopping centre.

2009 JUL 12 The 18th annual Disability Awareness Day took place at Walton Hall Gardens.

2009 JUL 12 The inaugural Warrington Youth Carnival took place in Queens Gardens.

2009 JUL Two Warrington sports clubs were awarded grants from the National Lottery – Imagine 8 Netball Club received £9.637 and Cheshire Cats Rugby League Football Club secured £7,224.

2009 JUL St Matthew’s CE Primary School on Stretton Road, Stretton, applied for permission to erect a wind turbine. The plan was later withdrawn. The parish council did not object to the application.

2009 JUL 17 Colin and Wendy Parry received doctorates from Bradford University for their work with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

2009 JUL 18 The 10th annual Winwick Carnival took place.

2009 JUL 18 The 5th annual Burtonwood Bridge five-mile road race and two-mile fun run took place.

2009 JUL 18 The Hawthorn Centre in Blackbrook was re-launched as Hawthorn Community Centre after being closed for 3 years.

2009 JUL 18 The 29th Howley Carnival took place.

2009 JUL 18 Stretton Walking Day and Rose Queen festival took place.

2009 JUL 19 The 12th Westy Carnival took place.

2009 JUL 19 Former Warrington Wolves coach, New Zealander Cec Mountford died, age 90, in Gold Coast, Australia. He led the side to the Challenge Cup replay win against Halifax in 1954 and their championship win in 1955.

2009 JUL Work started on solving the flooding problems at Hawleys Lane bridge in Dallam. United Utilities announced plans for similar schemes in Penketh and Great Sankey.

2009 JUL The Warrington Rugby League Referees' Society celebrated a £9,400 National Lottery Awards for All grant.

2009 JUL 20 Campaigners say the fight goes on as Warrington Borough Council votes to close Longbarn Primary School.

2009 JUL 20 Fire broke out at the empty Greenall's site in Loushers Lane.

2009 JUL 25 Cast members from Hollyoaks, Nathalie Emmanuel and Sasha Valentine played casualties cut from a car wreck at the annual Fire Station open day on Winwick Road.

2009 JUL 25 Oakwood Local Park was officially opened after a £100,000 investment.

2009 JUL Part-time traffic lights are to be piloted at Cockhedge Green roundabout by Midland Way and Brick Street. The scheme was considered successful and the lights are switched on at peak times.

2009 JUL 27 The largest play area in the town opened at Orford Park in a project funded by the Big Lottery, the DCSF Play Builder Fund and Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN).

2009 JUL Lymm Dam retained its Green Flag status, first awarded to the beauty spot last year. The Green Flag is awarded to parks or green spaces that meet a government standard.

2009 JUL Old Hall Primary School received its second ‘outstanding’ OFSTED inspection. It was first awarded the accolade in March 2006. 

2009 JUL 29 A judge at Warrington Magistrates Court ruled that Pink Ladies was operating without appropriate licenses. The company had argued that it was not a taxi service, but a unique club offering safety to women who were members. Since then the organisation secured licensing under Vehicle and Operator Services Agency standards (VOSA) – a Government agency – rather than through the local authority, and operates as a not-for-profit organisation.

2009 JUL Moss Side Farm in Rixton was named supreme farm in the 2009 Cheshire Farms Competition.

2009 AUG 1 TaskJesus, a festival of music, fun and Christian praise, took place at Victoria Park. Charlie Hale, Warrington comedian and evangelist, was the compere.

2009 AUG 1 BBC rugby league commentator, and former Warrington Guardian journalist, Keith Macklin died, aged 78. Read his profile in Warrington People.

2009 AUG Winwick Athletic under 10s football club was named the National FA Development Club of the Year for 2009 and are invited to Wembley Stadium. Link to their website here.

2009 AUG Warrington Museum hosted the Reincarnated Rubbish exhibition which featured objects made out of recycled materials.

2009 AUG Warrington Disability Partnership’s Wizard Narrow Boat received a £336 grant from Warrington Housing Association to help with running costs.

2009 AUG Housing minister John Healey announced a £1.76 million pedestrian and cycle accessibility scheme for Chapelford and Bruche. It is one of 12 such schemes across the country.

2009 AUG 8 The first annual St Rocco's Hospice Dragon Boat Race took place at Warrington Rowing Club on the Mersey at Howley.

2009 AUG 9 The traditional Lymm Rushbearing Festival took place. Read more about the ceremony here.

2009 AUG 9 Former Lymm resident and one-time hostage Terry Waite wrote in the Mail on Sunday against changing the law on assisted suicides.

2009 AUG 14 Former Mississippi Showboat owner Paul Keepe began a new venture when Showbar and Secrets opened at the former Brannigans bar on Friars Gate.

2009 AUG Fit Kidz, a community charity encouraging youngsters in Bewsey and Dallam to keep fit and healthy, ran a summer-long series of sporting events.

2009 AUG Plans were announced to demolish Legh Street baths and to build a new health centre on the site. Similar plans were announced in May 2008.

2009 AUG Opendoors submitted an application to turn Patten Hall on Winmarleigh Street into a shelter for homeless people.

2009 AUG 15 The Scottish Brick Society, a film written by 16-year-old Culcheth student George Atkinson, received its premiere at the Pyramid centre in Palmyra Square.

2009 AUG 15 Birchwood Fire Station hosted an open day.

2009 AUG 15 Scott Street Carnival took place.

2009 AUG 15 Dallam Fun Day took place – indoors due to the rain.

2009 AUG 16 Fusilier Simon Annis, aged 22, was killed by an explosion in Helmand province in Afghanistan. He attended Culcheth High School and had been married for just six months.

2009 AUG Members of Age Concern, Penketh, produced a DVD Penketh Past and Present about life in the district.

2009 AUG 22 Burtonwood Catholic Club celebrated its 50th anniversary.

2009 AUG 22 The former Kandi Bar gay pub on School Brow re-opened as The Road House Classic Rock Bar. The building was up for let when I passed by on 10 June 2010.

2009 AUG Christ Church CE Primary School on Station Road received an ‘outstanding’ award by Ofsted in an inspection carried out on 25 June 2009.

2009 AUG 20 Inmates from Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institute won the Brockhouse Trophy for their 1920s-themed garden at the Southport Flower Show.

2009 AUG 21 The second Stockton Heath Library, in Alexandra Park, celebrated its 50th anniversary. The first one on Carlton Street closed in 1957.

2009 AUG Network Rail announced its preferred route for a new high-speed rail route from London to Scotland, with Warrington being one of eight locations where trains will stop.

2009 AUG 29 Warrington Wolves beat Huddersfield 25-16 in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley.

2009 AUG 30 The Venerable Richard Blackburn is named as the new Bishop of Warrington.

2009 AUG Warrington Borough Transport received delivery of 12 new Volvo buses.

2009 SEP 1 The funeral of Fusilier Simon Annis took place. He died on 16 August 2009 while serving in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

2009 SEP 6 The annual Woolston Show took place in Woolston Park.

2009 SEP Lysander Community High School opened its doors to pupils in Padgate and Woolston as Padgate High School is rebranded.

2009 SEP The council won a £1.9 million grant to build 30 affordable social houses in the town.

2009 SEP 8 TV personality Myleene Klass visited Marks & Spencer at Gemini in a campervan to promote the store’s latest range.

2009 SEP 11 Plans were unveiled which would see Cockhedge Shopping Park transformed in a £3 million makeover.

2009 SEP 11 Lord Hoyle stepped down as chairman of Warrington Wolves rugby league club after 10 years. Steven Broomhead, chief executive of the Northwest Development Agency, took his place.

2009 SEP 11 Double gold-winning Paralympian Ellie Simmonds visited William Beamont Community High School to officially open a hall named after her.

2009 SEP 12 Cairo Street Unitarian Chapel opened its doors to the public for National Heritage Week.

2009 SEP 12 Fearnhead Fun Day took place at Padgate High School.

2009 SEP 12 The 61st Hatton Show took place.

2009 SEP 14 Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan stopped off in Warrington on his Economic Cycle from Liverpool to Cleethorpes, where he asked questions about the recession.

2009 SEP 17 The council’s development committee approved outline planning permission for a £30 million scheme to regenerate Orford Park. The Orford Park Project will include sports facilities, a health centre and shops. Final planning permission is expected in December.

2009 SEP 18 Lymm actor Chris Bisson joins the cast of ITV soap Emmerdale. In a previous acting role he played Vikram Desai in Coronation Street.

2009 SEP 19 The Great Wings Duck Race took place at Gulliver’s World in Westbrook to raise funds for the RAF Association’s Wing Appeal, which supports serving and ex-serving members of the RAF.

2009 SEP 19 TV auctioneer Adam Partridge appeared at Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church to value antiques.

2009 SEP 20 Holy Trinity church at Market Gate celebrated its 300th anniversary.

2009 SEP 20 The annual Battle of Britain Parade took place at Gulliver’s World in Westbrook.

2009 SEP 20 Cairo Street Unitarian Chapel hosted its annual academy service to remember its part in the development of Warrington Academy.

2009 SEP Construction work began on a £5.4 million further education centre within the grounds of Birchwood High School. Birchwood College, as it will be known, is scheduled to open in September 2010.

2009 SEP Warrington Band China White performed with New York acts The Furious Five and Kurtis Blow on their UK ‘Legend to Legend’ tour.

2009 SEP 25 Warrington Wolves and Macmillan Cancer Support teamed up for The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Last year’s event raised £20,000 in Warrington, and over £7.9 million nationwide.

2009 SEP 29 Fair 4 All hosted a fashion show at Hill Cliffe Baptist Church in Appleton to showcase clothing from Fair Trade suppliers.

2009 SEP Stockton Heath Methodist Church received a grant of £50,000 from Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN) towards redevelopment of the church hall on Walton Road.

2009 SEP New play equipment was unveiled at Sankey Valley Park. The £55,000 ‘space net’ replaced the previous spider’s web, which was removed due to vandalism in 2008.

2009 OCT 1 Soul singer Mica Paris performed at the Parr Hall.

2009 OCT 2 Former Warrington Guardian reporter Mike Hall, and now the sports presenter on Granada Reports, was named Sports Journalist of the Year at the O2 Media Awards in Manchester.

2009 OCT 4 The New Balance English Half Marathon took place.

2009 OCT 4 The annual Regimental Sunday event took place. The day included a service at the Parish Church and a parade to the war memorial at Bridge Foot.

2009 OCT Students from three Warrington schools produced a film Behind the Golden Gates, the story of Warrington’s links with transatlantic slavery. The film was premiered at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool and was partly funded with £17,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

2009 OCT 11 Victoria Park staged an It’s A Knockout competition.

2009 OCT 14 Channel 4 show The Secret Millionaire featured charities in Warrington.

2009 OCT 16 Sir Bobby Charlton opened the new Brainwave centre in Birchwood. The charity helps children with brain difficulties. The Countess of Wessex unveiled a plaque on her visit on 18 November 2009.

2009 OCT 19 The executive board of Warrington Borough Council approved a consultation on redeveloping Walton Hall Gardens with private money. But they were keen to stress that the grounds would not be sold off.

2009 OCT 28 The council approved plans to demolish Legh Street baths and replace the building with a new health centre.

2009 OCT 30 TV comic Al Murray ‘The Pub Landlord’ signed copies of his new book Think Yourself British at Asda Cockhedge.

2009 OCT Warrington Borough Council announced plans to invest up to £85,000 a year to improve the condition of Warrington cemetery on Manchester Road, which opened in 1857 and houses around 150,000 graves.

2009 OCT Appleton Thorn received a new village sign courtesy of Appleton Parish Council (photo, right). 

appleton_thorn_village_sign_100901.JPG (74562 bytes)

2009 OCT The Jungle Play Centre, based at Winwick Quay, was named Best UK Family Entertainment Centre under 12,000 sq ft at the annual Awards for the Play Industry Recognising Excellence (ASPIRE).

2009 OCT A government planning inspector ruled that the redevelopment of Bewsey Old Hall can go ahead. Urban Splash plan to turn the Grade II listed building into flats. Warrington Borough Council had earlier turned down the plans.

2009 NOV 3 Warrington rugby league scrum half Parry Gordon died, aged 64. He made 543 appearances for the club between 1963 and 1981.

2009 NOV 3 John White, former co-owner of White sports shop in the town died peacefully in his sleep, aged 74. The shop moved into Warrington Market when Golden Square shopping centre was built, and still trades to this day. The Sankey Street shop is featured in a photograph in Memory Lane under the section Walking Through Time (Part 3).

2009 NOV 7 Warrington Hospital's Radio General request service celebrated its 50th anniversary. Link to their website here.

2009 NOV 8 The annual Remembrance Day Parade took place in the centre of town.

2009 NOV 12 It was announced that the person who switches on Warrington’s Christmas lights this year will be a reject from The X Factor! It turned out to be Lucie Jones, who was voted off the show, while Jedward stayed in…

2009 NOV 14 A fundraising walk took place between Warrington and Irlam in memory of former Culcheth High School pupil, Fusilier Simon Annis, aged 22, who was killed by an explosion in Helmand province in Afghanistan on 16 August 2009.

2009 NOV 16 A new bus service between Warrington, St Helens and Skelmersdale was launched. The Strawberry service runs an hourly service from Monday to Saturday.

2009 NOV 16 The executive committee of Warrington Borough Council unveiled a £27 million master plan to regenerate Sankey Valley Park. The scheme included holiday homes, an indoor play park and an expansion of Gulliver’s World theme park.

2009 NOV 16 The council announced Project Victoria Park, a vision for the future of the Warrington beauty spot. The scheme included a city farm, a waterfront promenade, formal gardens and a sports village.

2009 NOV 18 The Countess of Wessex, Sophie Windsor, officially opened the new day centre at St Rocco’s Hospice in Bewsey.

2009 NOV Warrington Bank Quay was named the fourth-worst English railway station in a government report.

dallam_hawleys_lane_bridge2_100725.JPG (61141 bytes) 2009 NOV New electronic flood alert signs were installed on Hawleys Lane Dallam. Sensors should alert the system and display a warning message, but one local resident made the following point: by the time you get to the signs you are right on top of the problem area. He suggested they should be positioned further away at both ends of the road as it would give drivers more time to take action.

dallam_hawleys_lane_bridge1_100725.JPG (63206 bytes)

2009 NOV 23 Planning permission was granted to spend £1.2 million redeveloping 400 metres of the New Cut canal in Woolston. Did you know there was once a glue factory close to the site? I didn’t either!

2009 NOV 25 Birchwood based dance group IndepenDANCE appeared on BBC TVs Blue Peter.

2009 NOV Penketh swimming pool received a makeover with a £30,000 grant from the parish council.

2009 NOV 27-29 The town hosted its first Made in Cheshire Christmas Market.

2009 NOV 28 Culcheth held its annual Victorian Day. The event was organised by Culcheth Lions.

2009 NOV 28 Warrington Market staged an outdoor festive market, which included camels.

2009 DEC 2 Phoenix Nights comedy star Dave Spikey signed copies of his new book He Took My Kidney and Broke My Heart at Waterstones in Golden Square.

2009 DEC 5  X-Factor duo Jedward appeared at Halo nightclub as part of the X-Factor finalists live tour.

2009 DEC Santa appeared in his grotto at Hancock & Wood’s store on Bridge Street for the first time since the 1970s.

2009 DEC 5 Asco supermarket opened in the old Woolworth’s store on Sankey Street.

2009 DEC 5 Britain’s Got Talent 2009 finalists Stavros Flatley performed at Cockhedge Shopping Park.

2009 DEC The Strawberry Bus Company introduced a novel marketing campaign – red heads travel free until 15 December 2009.

2009 DEC Pupils at William Beamont High School took part in Operation Herrick, a scheme for sending Christmas boxes to troops in Afghanistan.

2009 DEC 8 Artist Brenda Shaw, died in St Rocco’s Hospice, age 71. She raised thousands of pounds for the charity, especially with her calendar of paintings of old Warrington. Link to St Rocco's website here.

2009 DEC The Albion pub on Battersby Lane wins the CAMRA Cheshire Pub of the Year award.

2009 DEC 11 TV celebrity Katie Price, aka Jordan, signed copies of her new book at Waterstones in Golden Square.

2009 DEC 12 The 24th Dickensian Festival took place in Lymm.

2009 DEC 15 Warrington residents Steve Wakefield and Dawn Bodey appeared in the BBC4 documentary Hop, Skip and Jump: The Story of Children’s Play.

2009 DEC Warrington Borough Council announced proposals to plug a £30 million shortfall in funding over the next 3 years by cutting budgets for things like recycling centres, swimming baths and street lighting.

2009 DEC 15 Twelve staff at the newly opened Asco store were told they no longer have jobs, less than two weeks after the store opened. Bosses say they took on too many workers.

2009 DEC Students from Warrington Collegiate organised a flashmob at Golden Square by placing buckets on their heads and danced to a track by Bucketheads to highlight climate change. A flashmob, for those not in the know, is a group which performs an unusual action for a brief period of time.

2009 DEC 18 Santa took reindeer to St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary School in Burtonwood, to the delight of youngsters.

2009 DEC 19 Heartless vandals set fire to Christmas decorations, tree and nativity scene at St Andrew’s Church on Poplars Avenue in Orford.

2009 DEC 19 Snow in Warrington.

2009 DEC 20 The council took the decision to temporarily close Fox Covert cemetery because there was no salt to grit the paths during the latest cold snap.

2009 DEC Warrington Borough Council announced a junction improvement scheme on the A49/A50 at Longford roundabout. The work would involve removing the roundabout and installing traffic lights at a new crossroads junction, as well as making improvements to the approach roads. A consultation period will take place in early 2010. The photo shows the roundabout junction on 7 March 2001, taken from E floor of Warrington Collegiate (my classroom in those study days). longford_island_010307.jpg (68639 bytes)

2009 DEC The Home Office agreed to take up 157,000 sq ft of office space at Birchwood Park as it created a regional hub for the Whitehall department.

2009 DEC Despite a public campaign, Warrington Borough Council made a final decision to close Longbarn Primary School in August 2010.

2009 DEC 28 Former Victoria Park High School pupil Alison Burrows joined the cast of Channel 4's Hollyoaks as part of the McQueen family.


To 1199

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2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2010 JAN 4 A public inquiry began regarding a United Utilities plan to build an underground storm water storage tank on Stocks Lane Recreation Ground in Great Sankey. The plan was refused on 4 February 2010.

2010 JAN 19 Warrington-born BBC journalist Clare Matheson won the Online Journalist of the Year Award at the 23rd Workworld Media Awards in London. What is the difference between a journalist who writes online and any other kind of journalist?

2010 JAN 26 The access road leading to the Halliwell Jones Stadium was renamed Mike Gregory Way after the former player who passed away in 2007.

2010 JAN 26 Old Hall’s Foundation for Peace and the Warrington Wolves Foundation launched a two-year partnership project after securing a £394,000 Big Lottery Fund grant. The project will give 60 young people the chance to learn skills that make a positive difference in the community.

2010 JAN 27 Coronation Street cast members Julia Howarth and Warrington-born Steven Arnold visited St Rocco’s Hospice to mark the start of the charity’s silver jubilee celebrations.

2010 JAN The Wire Works project for Winwick Street was put on hold as the developer submitted a planning application to extend the life of the current car park on the site for up to five years.

2010 JAN Warrington-based charity SPARC (Supporting People Achieving Real Choice) received a National Lottery grant of £9,760. The group supports people with learning difficulties in the area of employment, health education and travel training. They are based at Warrington Collegiate on Winwick Road.

2010 JAN The John Holt Cancer Support Foundation, who featured on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire programme in 2009, received a grant for £22,500 from the Chester-based Morgan Foundation. Link to the charity.

2010 JAN Warrington Borough Council began a study into the creation of a leisure trust that would take over the running of leisure centres and libraries as part of a spending review to save £30 million over three years. Other plans include closing recycling centres in Woolston and Stockton Heath.

2010 JAN Work began on a £75,000 Playbuilder transformation of Elizabeth Park in Thelwall, which would include a zip wire and climbing wall.

2010 JAN Thelwall Mummers, a branch of Thelwall Morris Men raised over £7,000 for the Samaritans in Warrington, St Helens and Halton by performing at different venues across the town. Read more about the group here

2010 JAN Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden received a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £33,700 to help restore the Victorian glasshouse.

2010 JAN 31 Two kind-hearted Great Sankey children raised £335 by selling their toys to aid the Haiti earthquake appeal.

2010 JAN Work started on the £30 million Orford Park Project. The site will be transformed into community, sport and health facilities and is due to be completed in January 2012.

2010 JAN Sue Blyth MBE, a dedicated YMCA worker for over 29 years, met Prime Minister Gordon Brown at a community heroes reception at 10 Downing Street. Read more about the Warrington YMCA on the Community page.

2010 FEB 2 Heavy rainfall caused the River Mersey to flood at high tide at Bridge Foot.

2010 FEB 4 Lesley Sampson, mother of Britain’s Got Talent winner George, was acquitted of fly tipping fan mail in April 2009. The case was dropped because the council failed to produce evidence.

2010 FEB The Environment Agency announced £800,000 of funding to help tackle the flooding problems. The announcement coincided with a public consultation on flooding in the town.

2010 FEB Warrington North MP Helen Jones was cleared of any wrongdoing in the expenses scandal, despite paying back £840.

2010 FEB Parents, medical experts and teaching union NASUWT expressed concern over plans to change study patterns at Birchwood Community High School which would leave schoolchildren eating lunch as late as 1.50 pm.

2010 FEB 7 Irish pop due Jedward from TV's X-Factor appeared at the Warrington Wolves ground for the first match of the season against Harlequins. The Wolves won the match 58-0.

2010 FEB 7 Warrington-born footballer Steve Kindon was guest of honour at a fundraising event for Help For Heroes organised by Warrington Freemasons. £3,000 was raised from auctions, including a boxing glove worn by Mike Tyson and a framed set of photos of former British heavyweight boxing champion Henry Cooper.

2010 FEB 8 The Warrington Guardian reported that a water pump has been found by archaeologists in the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens. It is thought it served the 19th century Greenall’s estate. Read more about the archaeological group here.

2010 FEB Pupils at Woolston Community Primary School raised £250 for the Haiti earthquake appeal by baking cakes.

2010 FEB It was announced that Warrington is set to receive £45 million towards new street lighting. This comes at a time when the council is considering switching them off at night to save money!

2010 FEB The former Railway Hotel in Latchford would be turned into three separate units under plans submitted to Warrington Borough Council. See a photo of it in the Latchford Village section on the My Warrington page.

2010 FEB 15 Organisers of Fairtrade Fortnight hoped the public would take part in the ‘big swap’ by changing their usual brand of tea for a Fairtrade version to promote the 15th anniversary of Fairtrade. Other events included a Mad Hatter’s Fairtrade Tea Party and a Strictly Fairtrade tea dance.

2010 FEB The 6th Warrington (1st Thelwall) Scout Group celebrated its 60th anniversary.

2010 FEB 25 Recycling centres in Warrington were saved from the axe as the council backed down on plans to close Woolston and Stockton Heath sites. At the same time the Rangers Service was also saved from £51,000 of cuts.

2010 FEB 26 J D Wetherspoon's opened a new pub on the site of the Odeon cinema in Buttermarket Street. The former Yates’s Wine Lodge was renamed The Looking Glass in memory of Lewis Carroll who was born in Daresbury, just outside Warrington. Wetherspoons also has The Friar Penketh on Barbauld Street.

2010 FEB Oasis Warrington 21st Century Church in Callands applied for a change of use for an empty business unit as the base for their meetings. The plan was rejected on 13 May 2010.

2010 FEB The council released a list of sites, including Bewsey Old Hall and Lymm Youth Club, which could be sold off to raise money.

2010 FEB 27 The Greenwood family from Warrington won £46,000 on the Ant and Dec Push the Button show on ITV1.

2010 FEB 28 The Warrington branch of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association held a service in Queens Gardens to mark the 110th anniversary of the Battle of Pieter’s Hill, one of the most significant battles in the Boer War in Africa.

2010 MAR 4 Unions expressed their fury at Warrington Borough Council’s decision to save £30 million from the budget over the next three years as the council reveals it spent £28 million on consultancy fees in the past three years.

2010 MAR 9 Identical twins Mark and Ian Lees took part in a celebrity cook-off with I’m A Celebrity winner Gino D’Acampo on ITV1’s This Morning programme.

2010 MAR Public services union Unison condemned plans to transfer NHS admin work to India to save money.

2010 MAR 13 Paul Keepe, the owner o the former Mississippi Show Boat in Howley and Showbar and Secrets Nightclub in Friars Gate, died, aged 61.

2010 MAR 15 Warrington Museum closed for a refit – but staff are reluctant to move a figure of a Buddhist monk, which is said to be cursed! Apparently, all staff that touched it in the past have had car accidents.

2010 MAR 15 Bolton comedian Peter Kay performed at the Pyramid to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake appeal.

2010 MAR 17 The fire authority approved plans to change the working pattern of Birchwood Fire Station from 24-hour cover to 12-hour cover with retained firefighters being called in at night. Residents had campaigned against the plans since 2 February.

2010 MAR 18 Justice Secretary Jack Straw visited the Warrington Wolves Foundation and later gives a speech at the Peace Centre in Great Sankey.

2010 MAR 24 The Budget promised £100 million to repair potholes after the winter freeze – Warrington is to receive over £250,000.

2010 MAR (25) Dr Liam Fox, shadow defence secretary, showed support for Armed Forces Identity Cards to be used as official proof of age. He hoped to see a pioneering scheme launched here in Warrington rolled out nationwide.

2010 MAR 25 Comedian Frank Skinner visited George Formby’s grave in Warrington cemetery as part of a TV programme about the ukulele-playing entertainer.

2010 MAR 26 Skate Academy, a new roller-skating rink, opened in the former Kwik Save building on Academy Street.

2010 MAR 27 The Letter Box Study Group met at the Gateway on Sankey Street. They have 700 members and share stories about post boxes from around the world. Exciting, eh?

2010 MAR 29 Rosie Winterton MP, local government and regional economic development minister, visited the head office of the North West Development Agency at Centre Park, Arpley Meadows to discuss last week’s budget.

2010 APR Cheshire Police purchased a new helicopter, which will be used to cover the Warrington area.

2010 APR 5 The annual Lymm Duck Race took place. 

2010 APR 7 Defence minister Bob Ainsworth visited Sure Start Children’s Centre in Latchford to help Nick Bent kick off his campaign to become MP for Warrington South.

2010 APR Warrington Wolves player Vinnie Anderson showed his support for the Stroke Association’s awareness campaign one month after his father-in-law died from the condition.

2010 APR It is announced that £1 million is wasted in Warrington each year on prescription medicines that are not needed or not taken by patients.

2010 APR 8 Warrington Borough Council announced that following a ballot of all tenants, the council’s housing stock will be transferred to Golden Gates Housing Trust. Turnout for the ballot was 63.13%, with just 8.1% voting against transfer, meaning the group will become a registered social landlord.

2010 APR 13 Asco supermarket on Sankey Street closed down after less than 5 months of trading.  

2010 APR 14 Human remains were discovered by Environmental Agency workers alongside the River Mersey in Latchford. They were later confirmed to be Culcheth resident Sarah Kershaw, who went missing in 2005.

2010 APR 14 A herd of 12 cows was on the loose in Bruche, Howley and Latchford. Some of the cows were later seen near McDonalds at Riverside Retail Park. Link to the Warrington Guardian news story.

2010 APR 16 Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg visited the Wolves Foundation at the Halliwell Jones Stadium in his first public appearance since the historic first televised leaders’ debate. Baroness Shirley Williams was also in town.

2010 APR 16 Education minister Ed Balls visited Penketh High School with Warrington South Labour candidate Nick Bent.

2010 APR 20 Shadow business minister Kenneth Clarke visited Stockton Heath in an election campaign walkabout.

2010 APR A consultation began on the future development of Bennett’s Recreation Ground in Padgate.

2010 APR 27 – May 9 Circus Mondao visited Church Street, Howley. The circus is one of the few remaining in the country to feature animals. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) called on families to boycott the show.

2010 APR 27 Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe visited Stockton Heath on the election campaign trail.

2010 APR Stockton Heath Parish Council quashed rumours that Ackers Pit is to be sold off.

2010 APR St Oswald’s church officials in Winwick announced that the building is under threat from deathwatch beetles. The oak beams had been gnawed at and the damage could cost £1 million to put right.

2010 APR 30 Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills visited Mojo Bar on Cairo Street for the launch party of Golden Square’s fashion website www.go-style.co.uk.

2010 MAY 1 Jenny Williams from Warrington took up the challenge to go naked for the latest photo shoot of American Spencer Tunick. An exhibition of photos will go on display to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lowry gallery in Salford Quays.

2010 MAY 2 Stockton Heath Primary School celebrated its first 100 years. The original building was demolished in 1997. See photos on My Warrington page.

2010 MAY 3 Culcheth Community Day took place.

2010 MAY 4 Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown visited Golden Square shopping centre on the election trail.

2010 MAY 7 General Election results:

Warrington North Turnout 44,211 Majority 6,771
Party Candidate Number of Votes % of Votes
Labour Helen Jones 20,135 45.54
Conservative Paul Campbell 13,364 30.23
Liberal Democrat David Eccles 9,196 20.8
Independent Albert Scott 1,516 3.43
Warrington South   Turnout 54,874 Majority 1,553
Party Candidate Number of Votes % of Votes
Conservative David Mowat 19,641 35.79
Labour Nick Bent 18,088 32.96
Liberal Democrat Jo Crotty 15,094 27.51
UKIP James Ashington 1,624 2.96
Green Steph Davis 427 0.78

2010 MAY 8 TV and radio presenter Timmy Mallett visited Liberty Galleries at the Forge Shopping Centre, Stockton Heath, as part of the 40th anniversary of The Railway Children film. Six paintings and three limited edition prints by him were unveiled at the gallery. He became famous as a Piccadilly Radio presenter in the 1980s and for his Wacaday TV show, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

2010 MAY The developers of Omega Business Park on the former Burtonwood Air Base announced plans to appoint a house builder to build homes on the site as they reviewed the master plan approved in 2006.

2010 MAY 11 Paul Deighton, chief executive officer of the London organising committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) visits the Halliwell Jones Stadium. It was announced in March 2008 that three Warrington venues would be used to train Olympic athletes, including the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2010 Wednesday 12 May - mywarrington WEBSITE - 5TH BIRTHDAY

mywarrington_around_the_world_history.jpg (115350 bytes)

2010 MAY (13) Plans to demolish Legh Street baths and build a health centre on the site were scrapped by NHS Warrington to plug a budget deficit of £24 million. The plans were later put back on the agenda after consultation with the developers (Sep 2010).

2010 MAY 14 TV comedian, actor and presenter Stephen Fry, who suffers from bipolar disorder, boosted the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ‘Stamp Out Stigma’ campaign by mentioning it on his Twitter site. Read more about the campaign here.

2010 MAY 14-15 The 14th Grappenhall Beer Festival took place in the old barn at Grappenhall Community Centre on Bellhouse Lane.

2010 MAY 16 The Lancashire Lads Memorial Garden and Garden of Remembrance was officially opened at the Peninsula Barracks on O’Leary Street. The garden is in memory of those who have served their country from 1945 to the present day.

2010 MAY 17 Conservatives and Liberal Democrats agreed by just two votes to continue power sharing at Warrington Borough Council. Labour had the largest number of seats at the local elections but not the biggest overall majority. Labour 27 seats, Lib Dems 24, Conservative 6.

2010 MAY Stockton Heath Dramatic Society celebrated its 60th anniversary. 

2010 MAY /JUNE The former Lymm post office was painted pink and turned into a film location for a BBC drama based on the tale of the launch of a pink-themed taxi company. Meanwhile another BBC crew were filming in the village for the daytime show To Buy or Not to Buy. Filming continued into June 2010.

2010 MAY 22  18-year-old former Penketh High School student Danielle Hope won the BBC1 Over the Rainbow show to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End musical The Wizard of Oz, to be staged next year.

2010 MAY 22 Over 6,000 residents have signed a Facebook campaign opposing the council’s plan to enter into a long-term lease with a company for Walton Hall Gardens. The deal would see the hall turned into a hotel. The council said it would go ahead with the plans despite the opposition.

2010 MAY 28 Panama Jacks nightclub on Bridge Street was rebranded as Oscars.

2010 MAY 28-29 Warrington Market and Golden Square shopping centre host Warrington Food Festival.

2010 MAY Warrington band Exile Parade performed at the Zebra Music Festival in Chengdu, China in front of 20,000 people and an estimated live television audience of 100 million. Follow them online.

2010 MAY Lymm and District Round Table announced they had raised £8,000 for local charities last year. Link to their site here.

2010 MAY Coronation Street scriptwriter Christine Marshall from south Warrington showcased her short film Pram at the Cannes Film Festival. 

2010 MAY 31 The annual Warrington Horse Show took place at Hall Lane Farm in Daresbury.

2010 JUN 6 The 22nd annual service to commemorate the men and women who served at HMS Blackcap in Stretton took place at the St Cross Church in Appleton Thorn.

2010 JUN 6 BBC show Occupation received a BAFTA for best serial Drama.

2010 JUN 12 The annual Birchwood Carnival took place in Birchwood Forest Park.

2010 JUN 12 The annual Lymm May Queen festival took place.

2010 JUN 13 The annual Civic Sunday event took place. The procession from the Town Hall to the Parish Church of St Elphin marks the beginning of the new Mayoral year.

2010 JUN 14 Protesters descended on the Town Hall to hand in a 7,000-name petition protesting against the council’s plans for Walton Hall Gardens. The council agreed to a public consultation.

2010 JUN The Trans Pennine Trail, which passes through Warrington on its route from Hornsea to Southport, celebrated its 21st anniversary. A baton relay was staged across the route.

2010 JUN The official handing over of the keys ceremony took place at the new Culcheth High School, which opens in September.

2010 JUN 14 Tributes have been paid to Marine Steven Birdsall, aged 20, from Great Sankey, who died today in Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham. He was shot on Sunday 13 June 2010 by insurgents while protecting a group of Royal Engineers in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He attended Great Sankey High School.

2010 JUN 18 The 5th St Rocco’s Hospice Starlight Walk took place as 2,000 women walked the 13-mile route to raise funds for the charity. This year the charity celebrated its silver jubilee.

2010 JUN 19 The annual Thelwall Rose Queen festival took place. This year’s event included, for the first time, a walking float and pram float.

2010 JUN 19 The annual Bawming of the Thorn ceremony took place, raising £3,647 for village projects.

2010 JUN 20 Walter Chadwick’s fairground set up on Orford Park for Orford Park Community Festival and Orford Walking Day.

2010 JUN 22 Firefighters attend a scene near Oughtrington Lane close to St Peter’s Church in Lymm as 17 acres of hay were alight.

2010 JUN 22 Halo nightclub at Bridge Foot closed down due to the economic climate.

2010 JUN The government announced that the North West Development Agency, based at Centre Park, Arpley Meadows, will cease to exist in April 2012, just 4 weeks after business secretary Vince Cable visited the offices to say it would remain open.

2010 JUN The Blessed John Henry Newman Roman Catholic Church opened on Knutsford Road in Latchford, the first new catholic church in the town for about 50 years. It combines the parishes of Our Lady’s and St Augustine’s.

2010 JUN Warrington Borough Council announced it is considering a Warrington Youth Zone in the town centre, which would include sport and activities.

2010 JUN 23-27 Planet Circus presented The Globe of Death show at Victoria Park.

2010 JUN 25 Labour Party leadership contender and former foreign secretary David Miliband visited town to give a speech at Holy Trinity Church.

2010 JUN 26 Residents, parents and pupils were given one last look inside Culcheth High School building before it was demolished. The new building opens in September.

2010 JUN 26 Grappenhall Walking Day took place.

2010 JUN 26 Padgate and Woolston Walking Day took place.

2010 JUN 27 St John the Evangelist Church in Higher Walton celebrated its 125th anniversary.

2010 JUN 27 Warrington Borough Transport discontinued all Sunday evening bus services from today due to cuts in funding from Warrington Borough Council.

2010 JUN The Samaritans celebrated the 40th anniversary of their first Warrington phone call. The charity was started in London in 1953 by vicar Chad Varah.

2010 JUL 1 The funeral of Marine Steven Birdsall took place. He died on 14 June 2010 after being shot the previous day while serving in Helmand province.

2010 JUL Sandy Lane Nursery in Orford received an ‘outstanding’ achievement from OFSTED after an inspection in April.

2010 JUL 2 The annual Warrington Walking Day took place. The event was introduced by Rector Horace Powys sometime between 1832 and 1834 as a counter-attraction to Newton Races.

2010 JUL 3 The annual Croft Carnival took place at Croft Park.

2010 JUL 5 Six schools in the district were set to lose £80 million of investment as the new government freezes the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) scheme set up by the previous Labour government. Culcheth High School is safe, but six others promised cash will see it taken back. They are William Beamont, Penketh, Lysander, Sir Thomas Boteler, Green Lane and Fox Wood Special Schools. The cash freeze was announced by the Government in May.

2010 JUL (5) Warrington Wolves star Matt King shaved off his trademark hair to raise £1,245 for local charity Families United.

2010 JUL 5 Private Thomas Sephton from Great Sankey, died, aged 20. The member of the 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment was on foot patrol in Helmand province on 4 July 2010 when he was injured by a roadside bomb. He died the following day after being flown home to the UK. He attended Great Sankey High School.

2010 JUL 6 TVs Secret Millionaire Charlie Mullins re-visited town to perform the official opening ceremony of the new John Holt Cancer Support Foundation headquarters on Palmyra Square. Link to the charity.

2010 JUL 8 Sir Thomas Boteler High School hosted its third annual music festival, Boteler Out Loud.

2010 JUL 8-11 The 3rd annual Stockton Heath Festival took place, which included Stockton Heath Walking Day on Saturday 10th July.

2010 JUL 10 The annual Glazebury Gala took place.

2010 JUL 10 Manchester charity Animals in Distress presented a fun dog show at Penketh Carnival on Greystone Recreation Ground.

2010 JUL 10 The annual Stockton Heath Walking Day took place.

2010 JUL 11 The 19th annual Disability Awareness Day took place at Walton Hall Gardens, attracting over 28,000 visitors. The event began in 1992.

2010 JUL Warrington Borough Council was forced to pay out £83,475 after its failed appeal against turning Bewsey Old Hall into seven separate apartments.

2010 JUL Some of the town’s historic sites were listed on the English Heritage at-risk register, including the Town Hall, Bridge Street, Buttermarket Street, the north barn at Hurst Hall in Glazebury, Bank Quay transporter bridge, Bewsey Old Hall, Bowl Barrow off Highfield Lane in Winwick and the entrance to Bradlegh Old Hall in Burtonwood. Some of these were featured in 2008 and 2006 and the council is looking at ways to fund their protection.

2010 JUL Lymm Parish Council received a Big Lottery Fund - Awards for All grant of £6,350 towards the cost of a new kitchen and disabled toilet at the village hall.

2010 JUL Essential strengthening work began on Liverpool Road bridge near Bank Quay Station.

2010 JUL Results of a public consultation over the revamp of Bennetts Rec in Padgate were published. Suggestions include better pathways, more parking provision, improvements to nature sites, site safety and access and promotion of the heritage of the site.

2010 JUL Everton football star Jack Rodwell performed the opening ceremony on the new Cuerdley 18-hole True Fit golf course.

2010 JUL 15 Helen Newlove announced she will become the ‘voice of the people’ as she takes up her seat in the House of Lords to become Baroness Newlove of Warrington in the County of Cheshire. She has campaigned tirelessly against alcohol-related violence since her husband Garry was murdered in Fearnhead in August 2007.

2010 JUL 16 Warrington Wolves beat top of the table Wigan Warriors by 23 points to 16 in the first-ever televised rugby league match in 3D on Sky Sports. Sorry Sky, but the technology isn't quite up to perfection yet - but ok for its novelty value.

2010 JUL 17 Joseph’s Amazing Racing Pigs took part in Winwick Carnival in honour of the legend of the Winwick Pig. Read the story of the Winwick Pig on the History page.

2010 JUL 17 The sixth annual Burtonwood Bridge Five Mile Road Race took place.

2010 JUL 17 The annual Stretton Walking Day took place in the village. The event dates back to the early 1880s.

2010 JUL 17-18 The 4th annual Warrington Music Festival took place in the Old Fish Market at Golden Square.

2010 JUL 18 Warrington Youth Carnival took place in Queens Gardens. Events included music, a climbing wall, BMX challenges, jewellery making and a recyclable fashion show.

2010 JUL 19 Work began on a £500,000 makeover for Warrington Central Station. All we need now is lifts at Birchwood Station and we are getting close to life in the 21st century!

2010 JUL 20 The final assembly at Longbarn Primary School took place prior to the school being closed down.

2010 JUL The council approved a controversial plan to extend a landfill site in Risley. Collier Industrial Waste Ltd can now develop the site and process waste until 2018.

2010 JUL Figures released show that the damage caused by last winter’s freezing conditions amount to over £400,000, with over £250,000 being provided by central government for repairs.

2010 JUL 21 Baroness Helen Newlove wrote a guest column in The Sun newspaper.

2010 JUL 22 The funeral of Private Thomas Sephton, aged 20, from Great Sankey, took place at the Parish Church of St Elphin. He died on 5 July 2010, the day after he was injured in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

2010 JUL 24 The 30th annual Howley Carnival took place.

2010 JUL Knights in Battle re-enactment society showed pupils at Lysander High School what it was like to be a knight in days gone by. See Warrington Market page for photos of their visit to the market's 750th anniversary event in 2005.

2010 JUL Culcheth Royal British Legion was presented with certificates that honoured outstanding achievement in the D-Day landings in the Second World War.

2010 JUL 24 Birchwood fire station held an open day to publicise fire safety.

2010 JUL 20-25 Four Warrington schools received awards at the annual Tatton Show for their garden creations. Woolston CE Primary School received a gold award, with honours for Evelyn St, St Oswald’s and Appleton Thorn schools. Making Space charity in Allen Street received a bronze award.

2010 JUL 27 – Aug 7  Scouts from Warrington joined others in the 13th World Scout Moot in Kenya, part of which involved building a dam to improve life for villagers. The Warrington team raised £44,000 to fund the trip. Read more about the event here http://scouts.org.uk/wsm2010.

2010 JUL 31 Laura Harrison sang at the BBC Proms concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. Her contribution celebrated the work of American composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, famous for Sweeney Todd and West Side Story.

2010 JUL Fifteen staff from Golden Gates Housing completed the Three Peaks Challenge to raise £4,500 for Birchwood charity, Brainwave. The event involves climbing the three highest peaks in the UK within 24 hours: Ben Nevis, Scotland (1,344m), Scafell Pike (England, 978m) and Snowdon in Wales (1,085m). They achieved it with just two minutes to spare.

2010 JUL 29 Hotel group Contessa pulled out of plans to convert Walton Hall into a 5-star hotel.

2010 AUG VPX (Victoria Park Experience) took place throughout the month. The event included coaching for skating, skateboarding, bike riding, sport, dance and DJ-ing.

2010 AUG 2 Warrington Borough Council hosted Fun Day Monday in Time Square and market areas. Market stalls, donkey rides and children's entertainment were part of the attractions.

2010 AUG 4 Warrington Borough Council hosted National Play Day in the town centre. Activities included face painting and children's entertainment.

2010 AUG 7 The second annual St Rocco's Hospice Dragon Boat Race took place at Warrington Rowing Club on the Mersey at Howley.

2010 AUG Asco supermarket, which took over the vacant Woolworth’s store in December 2009, went into administration.

2010 AUG Part of the Greenalls site on Loushers Lane was sold off for office space.

2010 AUG 7 Burtonwood village held its first scarecrow competition. Visitors walked round the village to score each of the nineteen scarecrows and raised funds for St Michael and All Angels Parish Church.

2010 AUG 8 Warrington Wolves beat Catalans Dragons 54-12 to reach the Carnegie Challenge Cup Final at Wembley for the second year in a row. They meet Leeds Rhinos on Saturday 28 August 2010.

2010 AUG 8 The annual Lymm Rushbearing Festival took place. Read more about the ceremony here.

2010 AUG Stockton Heath Methodist church received a ££2,000 grant from the Veolia Environmental Trust towards the upgrade of the church hall.

2010 AUG Alexander Park in Stockton Heath received a Green Flag Award. Meanwhile, Walton Gardens’ Walton Lea Project receives a Green Pennant Award for the sixth year.

2010 AUG 9-14 The Youth For Christ organisation hosted family fun days across the borough. The days included Penketh (Aug 9th), Stockton Heath (10th), Dallam (11th), Lymm (12th), Birchwood (13th) and Orford on the 14th.

2010 AUG 10 Christine Cullen, wife of former Warrington Wolves coach Paul Cullen, died after a long battle with cancer. She was 48.

2010 AUG 14 Scott Street Carnival took place on St Peter’s Way Park. All proceeds were donated to Green Lane Special School.

2010 AUG TV actor Max Beesley, who appears in Sky drama Thorne visited the Café Salar in Lymm. He previously appeared in Hotel Babylon as Charlie Richards.

2010 AUG 17 Arsonists set fire to the bandstand in Walton Hall Gardens, totally destroying it.

2010 AUG Labour Party leadership candidates Ed Balls and Ed Milliband visited the town.

2010 AUG 28 Warrington Wolves beat Leeds Rhinos 30-6 in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley. The club makes history for itself – it is the first time they have had back-to-back Final victories in the competition, having beat Huddersfield 25-16 last year.

2010 AUG 28 Warrington Borough Council hosted an Armed Services Day on Bridge Street and Horsemarket Street in support of Help for Heroes.

2010 SEP 2  Two people were arrested and released on police bail over the murder of Shafilea Ahmed in 2003 in the Lake District. 

2010 SEP 2 Vandals strike at Oakwood Avenue Junior School in Padgate as over £10,000 of play equipment is destroyed in a blaze which started in one of the wooden out-buildings.

2010 SEP 4 Warrington Borough Council hosted the Annual Farmers Market in the town centre.

2010 SEP 5  The annual Woolston Show took place in Woolston Park. Attractions included a circus skills workshop, donkey rides, dog show, vegetable competition and a fairground. Read about the history of the park in Warrington Green 2.

2010 SEP Shoppers and traders were disgusted with the announcement that council employees can use the market car park at heavily discounted rates. They will pay 60p per day, a fraction of the £5.70 cost for more than four hours.

2010 SEP The council announced they will need to make an extra £20 million of cuts in public spending over the next three years, on top of the £30 million already announced.

2010 SEP Fair 4 All Fairtrade stall in the market was named as Divine chocolate company’s Stockist of the Month. The prize is a bucketful of gold coins (made of chocolate).

2010 SEP Businesswoman Sue Thomason launched Beautiful magazine, which is aimed at women who are size 12 and over. Read more at www.beautifulmagazine.co.uk

2010 SEP Former Warrington Wolves player Paul Derbyshire is diagnosed with motor neurone disease. He served the club for 18 years.

2010 SEP Rixton Methodist Church on Chapel Lane becomes The Bikers Church after members of the Christian Motorcyclists’ Association began to hold meetings there.
2010 SEP Warrington Borough Council approved planning permission to convert the former tram shelter outside St Elphin’s Park into a new entrance at the beauty spot. See photos, right. See On The Buses page for the story of the trams. st_elphins_park_tram_shelter_090412_2.JPG (74376 bytes) st_elphins_park_tram_shelter_090412_1.JPG (110596 bytes)

2010 SEP 4 Grappenhall Community Centre hosted a village fete to celebrate the re-opening of the Bellhouse Lane centre.

2010 SEP It is announced that the life of Arpley landfill site at Liverpool Road, Sankey Bridges could be extended for a further 12 years until 2025. It was due to close in 2013. Residents began a campaign against the plan.

2010 SEP 6 Birchwood College opened. The official opening ceremony was performed by the Mayor, Clr John Joyce, in November 2010.

2010 SEP 7 The former Bruche Police Training centre site was used as the base for an emergency services training exercise to test how they would respond to a biological or chemical attack.

2010 SEP 11 Cairo Street Unitarian Chapel opened its doors to the public for National Heritage Week. 

2010 SEP 11 The 62nd annual Hatton Show took place in Daresbury. Attractions included Golborne Brass Band, Cheshire Wood Turners, a pet show, a horse show and a real ale tent.

2010 SEP 11 Fearnhead Fun Day took place at Lysander High School. Attractions included Warrington Pipe Band, Cheshire Cadets, street dancers, gymnastics, boxing and cheerleading.

2010 SEP 11-12 Warrington Fire Station on Winwick Road hosted a charity car wash day in aid of Help the Heroes and The Firefighters Charity, followed by an Open Day on the Sunday.

2010 SEP 16 A new toy shop, The Entertainer, opened its new store in Golden Square. Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer unveils its revamped store and Poundland opened in the former Woolworth’s/Asco store on Sankey Street.

2010 SEP 18 Warrington Market hosted a vintage day and craft fare.

2010 SEP 18 The Piano Bar opened on Bold Street. Entertainment included a live pianist and vocalist.

2010 SEP 18 Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project held its first open day at the former St Elphin’s Fairfield Primary School on Fairfield Street. The event featured birds of prey and karate demonstrations.

2010 SEP 18 Warrington Wolves were beaten 34-22 by Huddersfield Giants to end their run in the 2010 Super League play-offs.

2010 SEP Warrington's Museum of Policing at Arpley Street received a grant of £21,000 to make improvements.

2010 SEP It is revealed that Warrington Borough Council has paid out around £2.5 million in personal injury claims in the past three years.

2010 SEP Warrington Borough Council announced plans to regenerate areas around the market and Bridge Street into office space.

2010 SEP Warrington history lecturer Dr David Harrison of Liverpool Hope University published his book The Transformation of Freemasonry, which includes stories of how the Freemasons movement played a part in education at Warrington Academy.

2010 SEP Lakes Centre Nursery on Sandy Lane, Orford, received an 'outstanding' award in every category in a recent Ofsted report.

2010 SEP An application by Howards Environmental Services to build a recycling plant on land off Folly Lane, Bewsey, was refused by Warrington Borough Council.

2010 SEP It is announced that Stockton Heath Festival has made a profit for the third year in a row. The four-day event cost £29,500 to host and brought in revenue totalling £31,000.

2010 SEP 24 Warrington charity fundraisers took part in the 10th annual Macmillan Cancer Support 'world's biggest coffee morning' event.

2010 SEP 25 Warrington Borough Council hosted the Warrington Disability Partnership Mobility Show in the town centre.