Golden Square

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Warrington - A Town of Many Industries

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This page last updated Saturday, 31 January 2015
Golden Square - right at the heart of Warrington

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Golden Square Shopping Centre is located at the very heart of Warrington.
Work began in 1973 to clear the land bordered by Golborne Street, Horsemarket Street and Sankey Street. The Queen unveiled a plaque at the centre in 1979 but the building work was not completed until 1983.

How did Golden Square get it's name?

Information given to me by a member of the public suggested the
 whole area was originally covered with sand, hence the 'golden' phrase.
However, after contacting Warrington Library, I now have a different answer:

The modern Golden Square Shopping Centre was named after Golden Square, the small square linking Old Cheapside to the Corn Market, all of which area was destroyed during the development. In terms of where the original Golden Square got its name, that may be lost to history. Golden Square is listed on our earliest detailed map of the town, Donbavand's map of 1772.

Our geological maps of the 1850s do show that whilst the vast majority of town centre Warrington is built upon clay, one of the few sand patches is found at the town end of Sankey Street including where the old Golden Square stood, though there is no deposit of sand substantial enough for the geologists to note, found near the town hall. My thanks to Warrington Library for the information.


EXCITEMENT brewed as the world’s first ‘Tea Fusion tricycle’ arrived at Golden Square Shopping Centre.

golden_square_tea_tricycle_1.jpg (135118 bytes)

The mobile tea stall houses Unilever’s Tea Fusion machine, on a tricycle designed by Runcorn-based inventor Mike Wheelhouse.

It promises to deliver the perfect cuppa to Warrington shoppers who, like many tea lovers, are often disappointed with the brew they are served when they are not at home.

It comes after Unilever spent almost 10 years developing Tea Fusion, a tea machine which delivers freshly brewed loose leaf tea in less than a minute as part of their popular Lipton brand.

golden_square_tea_tricycle_2.jpg (135015 bytes)

Runcorn-based inventor Mike Wheelhouse
is pictured by the Tea Fusion tricycle in Golden Square.

Mike Wheelhouse is pictured at Golden
Square’s Tea Fusion tricycle with Megan
Gordon who prepares the perfect cup of
tea for Warrington shoppers.


Inventor Mike, who has his own company Mudguard Tricycles, has skilfully combined it with one of his tricycles


He said: “I suppose I’m a man with lots of ideas. I make bespoke tricycles as my business and Unilever has come up with this great tea idea so I just brought the two together and created a sort of pop-up stand.”


Mudguard Tricycles, which has produced vehicles as coffee stalls for London Fashion Week, is in the process of designing one for Chester Zoo, and collaborating with Gok Wan for another, so he had all the knowledge and experience necessary to come up with this latest idea.


Mike said: “I had seen Tea Fusion’s fantastic tea machine at an exhibition in London and just knew it would be great on one of my trikes.”


Lisa Badger, Tea Fusion Marketing Manager, explained more about Tea Fusion and said: “Tea Fusion has a range of 12 Rainforest Alliance Certified teas and infusions that offer something for everyone’s taste.


“The machine’s unique brewing chamber is spectacular to watch, the handpicked loose leaves dance and this is where the magic happens, and what differentiates it from the everyday tea most people make at home. 


She added: “This is a first for us, to have Tea Fusion served from a tricycle and it really increases the element of theatre and makes the captivating brewing process even more visible. We think it’s great!”


Ian Cox, Golden Square Centre Director, said: “When I heard about what Tea Fusion and Mike were doing, I thought it would be a fantastic and fun addition to Golden Square.


“We feel very proud to be the first in the world to have a mobile Tea Fusion tricycle which is capable of producing the finest cup of tea for our loyal shoppers – some 13 million a year.


“Combined with the great range of shops and eateries we already have here, including big names such as Primark, Top Shop, Next, Oasis, Nandos and Ask, this project is all part and parcel of our aim to provide the best possible choice and shopping experience for our visitors.”


Mike, aged 42, lives in Sandymore with his wife Claire and two daughters aged eight and 11, and spent 20 years in the building trade before embarking on his three-wheeled venture.


He said: “I set up my own firm providing external cladding with a partner and we built up to having a £4 million turnover but when the recession hit we had to go into liquidation.


“It was hard, I’d be lying if I said otherwise, but I knew I had to just pick myself up and try something else and I’d always been quite creative.”


A weekend in London with friends proved an inspirational turning point for Mike when he ended up heading home after a night out on the back of a rickshaw.


“It was really good fun and I thought there was something there so I put a bit of money into importing a few rickshaws from Asia.


“They were rubbish. There’s no denying that. The quality was awful but it was enough for me to see that there was a market for something like that so I started making my own here in the UK.”


Two-and-a-half years later Mike has developed a top quality manufacturing base in Runcorn and established a varied and high profile client list, as well as almost ending up on TV’s Dragon’s Den.


He said: “We have this brand called Urban Trikes that is a mobile car washing business for franchise. The Dragon’s Den people heard about it while we were starting out and asked us to be on the show but we weren’t ready at the time so we had to say no.”


Since then Mike’s trikes have gone from strength to strength without any Dragon assistance and he is thrilled to have his invention installed at Golden Square.


He said: “I’ve had this vision in my head of what it should look like for so long so it’s brilliant to launch it in Warrington.”



Don't forget to visit Golden Square to see the tricycle and sample the drinks on offer. The centre now has over 675,000 sq. ft. of top retail outlets including Primark, Debenhams, H&M, Next, Topshop, River Island, Beaverbrooks, Republic, Oasis, and Boots.  For more information visit:


Many thanks to Golden Square for permission to reproduce their text and images in this section of mywarrington.

Back in Time

golden_square_aerial_bovis.JPG (114999 bytes) golden_square_030812_1.jpg (57630 bytes) golden_square_queen_paque_050423.JPG (63020 bytes) golden_square_070416_2.JPG (59397 bytes)
How Golden Square would
look after its 21st
Century extension
(image courtesy Bovis
Lend Lease).
A view of Golden Square
from the north taken
on 12 August 2003. The
area in the foreground is
now the site of
Warrington Interchange.
The plaque commemorating
the Queen's visit in 1979.
The familiar logo of Golden
Square seen on Midland
Way on 16 Apr 2007.
it has been changed
since this photo
was taken.

However, the development meant that the town lost other historic buildings, including the old Market Hall. The outer shell of the Victorian Fish Market has been retained and is used to stage promotional and entertainment events under cover.

And, thankfully, the 16th century Barley Mow pub was kept intact. In recent years the current owners of the pub wanted to change its name to something less desirable, but the townsfolk protested. It was basically a case of if you call it that, we won't drink there and the original name remains. Power to the people!

golden_square_030812_5.JPG (77551 bytes) golden_square_030812_6.jpg (68570 bytes) golden_square_030812_7.JPG (88045 bytes)
A walk around the outside of Golden Square in 2003, starting at Market Gate,
going down Sankey Street and into Golborne Street. The first image shows
the entrance closest to where Cheapside was until it was cleared to
build the original Market Hall. The other two views show Sankey Street.
For even older views of this section, see Memory Lane (Walking Through Time).
golden_square_030812_2.JPG (77572 bytes) golden_square_050315_1.jpg (61705 bytes) golden_square_050311_1.JPG (67865 bytes)
This is Golden Square on Golborne Street, showing the
circular access road for the centre and pedestrian underpass.
The images below show the pedestrian underpass and footpath.
golden_square_050311_2.JPG (109154 bytes) golden_square_040521_2.JPG (114882 bytes) golden_square_050311_3.JPG (104921 bytes)

golden_square_751104.JPG (26328 bytes) golborne_st_760219.JPG (91966 bytes)
The plaque for the
opening of
Legh Street car
park in 1975.
The plaque for
the opening
of Golborne
Street in 1976.

The Ordnance Survey map of 1905 (reprinted and in the shops) shows the area where Golden Square is now situated.

Can you recall these old street names?
Regent Street    Mount Street    Paradise Place    Heath Side    Jolley Street    Brown Street    Flag Lane
Hughes Court    Cambria Place    Mill Street    Peter Street    Golden Grove Street    Rowe Street
King Street    Queen Street    Market Street    Lyme Street    Cheapside    Market Place

Of those, only Lyme Street, Regent Street and Legh Street survive. Regent Street is the road behind the White Hart pub. The name Golden Square isn't new. There is an 1855 photograph of Cheapside, Golden Square, in Alan Crosby's excellent book, A History of Warrington.

golden_square_030812_3.JPG (84882 bytes) golden_square_050314_1.JPG (80726 bytes) golden_square_050318.JPG (74371 bytes) golden_square_040521_1.JPG (108889 bytes)
From this point in 2003 you walked along the balcony, passing the bus station and
round past Littlewoods entrance, down the steps or ramp, past The Hop Pole pub
and Hatters Row to end up
passing the fountain and back to your starting point.
golden_square_040223.JPG (108212 bytes) golden_square_030529.JPG (71464 bytes) hatters_row_030529_1.JPG (78290 bytes) golden_square_030812_4.JPG (63997 bytes)

A proposal to extend Golden Square shopping centre was announced in 1997, but met with fierce opposition from the start, mainly from the Time Square and Market retailers, who had a rival redevelopment planned. Government approval for Golden Square was finally given by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott MP, after a public inquiry. A proposed Tesco store and new Warrington Wolves rugby ground on Winwick Road also threatened the development at one point. Those are now built and Golden Square extension went ahead. A plan to redevelop Time Square was rejected in 2007, but the council has other ideas for its future redevelopment, including links to the southern end of Bridge Street and the River Mersey. Work on this is expected to start in early 2015.

golden_square_art_040708_1.JPG (107393 bytes) golden_square_art_040708_2.JPG (99646 bytes) golden_square_art_040708_3.JPG (99677 bytes) golden_square_art_040708_4.JPG (120389 bytes) golden_square_art_040708_5.JPG (102302 bytes) golden_square_art_040708_6.JPG (103446 bytes) golden_square_art_040708_7.JPG (105992 bytes)
These art works once graced the entrance to Golden Square near the British Home Stores entrance. They depict the industry, history
and heritage of the town.  Sadly, only two are on display nowadays in the bus interchange - the remainder are hidden by the lifts.

There is also a proposed development for Winwick Street behind the Bay Horse pub, to be called the Wire Works. That area would include a new cinema (there are no facilities for filmgoers in the town centre  - the nearest is Westbrook, some 2 or 3 miles way out west of town centre), with shops and living accommodation also included in the scheme. After a public inquiry in March 2007, planning permission has now been granted for the project. The land has been cleared, but only to make way for a temporary car park. As of March 2009 the scheme is on hold - probably something to do with that credit crunch thing...

bay_horse_pub_050204.JPG (68617 bytes) bay_horse_pub_050215.JPG (54520 bytes)
The Bay Horse public
house on 4 Feb 2005.
After demolition
(taken 15 Feb 2005).

The Bay Horse pub, a listed building, was demolished (by accident), resulting in a £15,000 fine. Some don't think it was an accident...

The extended Golden Square now covers the site of old Golborne Street and Legh Street Car Park. New rooftop and underground car parking facilities are available at the new mall. Golborne Street has now disappeared forever, so keep hold of your existing town maps as they might be needed to educate the next generation of history students!

Major stores based in the new centre are Debenhams, Boots, H&M, Next, Sports World and, from 5 December 2013, Primark. By the time this web site was launched in May 2005, the two footbridges on Golborne Street had been removed, and the north end of Legh Street car park had been demolished.


sand_sculpture_060907_4.JPG (61718 bytes) sand_sculpture_060907_2.JPG (76558 bytes) sand_sculpture_060907_1.JPG (79488 bytes) sand_sculpture_060907_3.JPG (92442 bytes)
Did you see the mermaid sand sculpture in Golden Square during September 2006? If not, photographs are the only way to see it because it has now gone. So how did they do it? It is made of sand and water. But not your normal sand from the beach. The crystals in beach sand are round and do not stay together. The sand used here is river sand because its grains are angular and interlock like bricks. It took three days to construct and can last up to three months, but this one was only on display for two weeks. To protect it from wind and rain the sculptor sprayed on a screen when sculpting it, and designed it in such a way that water drains off it. So how are they made? Well, take some sand, mix it with water, compress it by hand as best you can, then sculpt from the top down with a shovel, trowels and pallet knives. It was a spectacle for which these photographs don't really give it justice. You had to be there to appreciate the artist's skills. I wish I had been there during construction. It would have been fascinating.

The rest of this page covers the building work of the extension in chronological order.

Preliminary survey work on the waste ground west of Crown Street began on 17 March 2004, with land clearance
work starting proper on 27 September 2004. Completion of the whole project was scheduled for Spring 2007.

winwick_st_survey_040317.JPG (98007 bytes) golborne_st_040927_1.JPG (70614 bytes) golborne_st_040927_2.JPG (84814 bytes) winwick_st_041019.jpg (80883 bytes)
Survey 17 March 2004. How the area around Golden Square looked on 27 Sep 2004, the day work actually began.

OCTOBER 2004 - MARCH 2005

winwick_st_041007.jpg (81355 bytes) golden_square_041119.jpg (67797 bytes) golden_square_041207.JPG (86377 bytes) golden_square_050112.JPG (57588 bytes) golden_square_050126.jpg (61388 bytes)
New bus station site
taken from Crown Street
on 10 Oct 2004.
The same area from
Midland Way on
19 Nov 2004.
New legislation requires
less noise for pile driving
(7 Dec 2004).
View of Legh Street car
park from Midland Way
(12 Jan 2005).
Looking east towards
new bus station site
from Legh Street car
park (26 Jan 2005).
golden_square_050221.JPG (89806 bytes) golden_square_050222_2.JPG (92624 bytes) golden_square_050310.JPG (97333 bytes) golden_square_050318_1.JPG (72844 bytes) golden_square_050318_2.JPG (66941 bytes)
Victoria House office
block demolition
(21 Feb 2005).
Legh Street is widened
to become the new bus
route (22 Feb 2005).
Legh Street car park
demolition begins
(10 March 2005).
Golborne Street pedestrian bridges are removed on
18 March 2005. The one on the left was destined for
Birmingham Airport but it never got there.
golden_square_footbridge_040223.jpg (95413 bytes) golden_square_050222_1.JPG (91894 bytes) golden_square_050222.jpg (41976 bytes) golden_square_050404.jpg (46372 bytes) golborne_st_060817.JPG (83594 bytes)
The car park link bridge
(23 Feb 2004 and 22 Feb 2005).
These two panoramic images were taken from the top
of Legh Street car park on 22 Feb 2005 (left)
and 4 Apr 2005.
Golborne Street sign
(17 Aug 2006).

APRIL 2005                                  

red_flag_man_050404_2.jpg (68622 bytes) golden_square_050420_1.JPG (111766 bytes) golden_square_050420_2.JPG (111020 bytes) golden_square_050420_3.jpg (108965 bytes)
Red Flag Man. Up to 1904,
a vehicle driven on the
roads had to have
somebody walking in 
front with a red flag
to warn others.
Over a hundred years
later, this is my 2005
take on the subject.
The surveyors
get to work.
Foundations go in
near Midland Way.
 Golborne Street south -
Gas repairs completed.
These three photos taken 20 April 2005.

Red flag Man photo taken 4 April 2005

MAY 2005                                        

golden_square_050506_1.JPG (87186 bytes) golden_square_050506_2.JPG (110152 bytes) golden_square_050518_2.JPG (97708 bytes) golden_square_050518_1.JPG (105743 bytes)
A view of the whole site
from the top of Legh
Street car park
(6 May 2005).
Work continues
on the foundations
(6 May 2005).
The new road takes shape
on Legh Street. This will
become the route for
buses when Golborne
Street closes
(18 May 2005).
The above image shows
the construction of
control centre offices
(18 May 2005).
golden_square_050519.JPG (76176 bytes) golden_square_050526_1.JPG (94298 bytes) golden_square_050526_2.JPG (89481 bytes) golden_square_050526_5.JPG (123063 bytes)
The remains of the old
inspector's office in the
bus station (18 May 2005).
Legh Street gets a fresh layer of tarmac (26 May 2005).
golden_square_050526_4.JPG (81053 bytes) golden_square_050526_3.jpg (30460 bytes) golden_square_050526_6.JPG (71496 bytes) golden_square_050526_7.JPG (73390 bytes)
Golborne Street
(26 May 2005).
A wide angle view
from Midland Way
(26 May 2005).
How to measure out a new bus station pick up bay.
Ingredients: One blue marker, one spray can and a
pair of boots. Method 1. Mark out lines on road with
blue marker and hope it doesn't rain! IT RAINED!
Method 2: One week later use spray can instead
of marker. Measure with boots to get the right
length for other lines (and hope it stays on in
the rain! It did!) (19 May 2005 - 26 May 2005).

JUNE - AUGUST 2005                         

golden_square_050616.JPG (57092 bytes) The big crane arrives on site (16 June 2005). Now that would have been the best
place to get photos of the whole site, and indeed the whole of Warrington.
I just never got round to asking for permission to go up there!
golden_square_050623_1.JPG (105039 bytes) golden_square_050623_2.JPG (80845 bytes) golden_square_050630.JPG (98071 bytes) golden_square_050707.jpg (57257 bytes)
The First Post. In all, 90
concrete-filled steel
columns weighing
seven tonnes each
which will form part of
the framework for the
Golden Square
(23 June 2005).
Building of permanent office
accommodation for Golden
Square and the bus station
continues (23 Jun 2005).
Beginnings of a frame
(30 June 2005).
(7 July 2005).
golden_square_050718.JPG (67189 bytes) golden_square_050830_1.JPG (134592 bytes) golden_square_050830_2.JPG (135852 bytes) golden_square_050830_3.JPG (42581 bytes)
In the final week before
the temporary bus station
opens, hoardings have
been put up in
preparation for work on
the permanent section
(18 July 2005).
The Debenhams store takes shape (30 Aug 2005). Legh Street (30 Aug 2005).

SEPTEMBER 2005                                

golden_square_050912_1.JPG (106889 bytes) golden_square_050912_2.JPG (95849 bytes) golden_square_050913_5.jpg (53077 bytes) golden_square_050913_2.jpg (93202 bytes)
A new access road is
being built to the south
of Debenhams for
vehicles to use
(12 Sep 2005).
Meanwhile, pedestrian
access between Legh
Street car park
and Golden Square is via
Golborne Street and
Sankey Street
(12 Sep 2005).
Debenhams progress from
Midland Way/Legh Street
(13 Sep 2005).
Progress from BHS
window (13 Sep 2005).


golden_square_050913_1.JPG (98573 bytes) golden_square_050913_4.JPG (91568 bytes) golden_square_050913_3.JPG (93077 bytes) golden_square_050914_1.jpg (94645 bytes)
Tarmac has been laid on top of the white stone from
yesterday's photo (above) (13 Sep 2005).
The above images shows
the area between the
old bus station and
Golden Square,
which is being
(13 Sep 2005).
A view of the new
Debenhams store
from Legh Street
(14 Sep 2005).
golden_square_050914_2.jpg (71361 bytes) golden_square_050915_1.JPG (176914 bytes) golden_square_050915_2.jpg (118227 bytes) golden_square_050915_3.jpg (80635 bytes)
Legh Street viewed north
(14 Sep 2005).
What time does Debenhams open? Not just yet!
But progress on building it is well advanced...
(15 Sep 2005).
Golden Square's first time
traveller. The man onsite
was walking left to right
as I was taking a series of
photos left to right to
create this panoramic
view of the demolition
of the old bus station
(15 Sep 2005).
golden_square_050915_4.JPG (121040 bytes) golden_square_050923_djkenny1.JPG (62120 bytes) golden_square_050923_djkenny2.JPG (66797 bytes) golden_square_050929.JPG (90917 bytes)
The remains of the
footbridge from the car
park to Golden Square
(15 Sep 2005).
These 2 images were provided by DJKenny, who also
took photos of the town centre redevelopment.
They show, left to right, the old entrance to
Golden Square by WHSmith and the demolition of
the old bus station building (23 Sep 2005).
A view from Crown Street
(29 Sep 2005).

OCTOBER 2005                                    

golden_square_051006_1.jpg (66048 bytes) golden_square_051006_2.JPG (81896 bytes) golden_square_051006_3.jpg (82415 bytes) golden_square_051007.JPG (79502 bytes) golden_square_051007_1.JPG (67226 bytes)
The final week of bus
routes via Golborne
Street (6 Oct 2005).
As from 10 October
2005, this bus stop will
be all alone as buses are
re-routed along Legh
Street (6 Oct 2005).
Tree fellers wanted.
When the bus stops
are moved, can we have
one in Dallam because
our satellite screen
doesn't work! (6 Oct 2005).
It still doesn't in 2014!
Access to the bus
station outside
Littlewoods (a lift would
be available soon after)
(7 Oct 2005).
A distance view
from Allen Street
(7 Oct 2005).
golden_square_051007_JEROB1.JPG (54187 bytes) golden_square_051007_JEROB2.JPG (75044 bytes) golden_square_051011_1.JPG (82017 bytes) golden_square_051011_2.JPG (67865 bytes) golden_square_051014.jpg (57807 bytes)
Two views from a distance: Orford Lane and Central
Station  photos supplied by J. Roberts (7 Oct 2005).
A view of the new bus
tunnel route to and from
Legh Street (11 Oct 2005).
Golborne Street is now closed to all
traffic (11 Oct 2005 and 14 Oct 2005).

NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2005                

golden_square_051111_2.jpg (41902 bytes) golden_square_051111_1.jpg (67075 bytes) golden_square_051118_2.jpg (51451 bytes) golden_square_051118_3.JPG (35753 bytes) golden_square_051118_1.jpg (18507 bytes)
The location of the
old bus station. It will
be transformed into part
of the new shopping
mall with a delivery bay
below. The view
is seen from the
BHS restaurant window
(11 Nov 2005).
The only section of
Golborne Street that
still exists. Every other
part of it has disappeared
under a building site
(11 Nov 2005).
Two views of the Debenhams store from
Midland Way: from the west (left) and a
sunset view from the east
(18 Nov 2005).
Piles for the
extended shopping
area are now being
driven into the ground
on old Golborne Street
(18 Nov 2005).
golden_square_051209_1.jpg (50395 bytes) golden_square_051209_2.jpg (58360 bytes) golden_square_051209_3.JPG (101745 bytes) golden_square_051209_4.JPG (107563 bytes) golden_square_051225_djKenny.JPG (83190 bytes)
Debenhams store from
Midland Way (9 Dec 2005).
Left: Golborne Street from car park. Centre and right:
old bus station site from BHS Restaurant (9 Dec 2005).
Foundations by DJKenny
 for car park access ramp.
Kenny braved the cold -
I was tucked into
Christmas Dinner!

(25 Dec 2005).

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2006                     

golden_square_060120_1.jpg (101724 bytes) golden_square_060120_2.jpg (65630 bytes) golden_square_060126.jpg (72224 bytes) golden_square_060127.jpg (56991 bytes)
Golborne Street/old bus
station now a memory
(20 Jan 2006).
Viewed from BHS
restaurant (20 Jan 2006).
The service ramp
disappears (26 Jan 2006).
Debenhams (27 Jan 2006).
golden_square_060210.jpg (58960 bytes) golden_square_060215.JPG (88123 bytes) golden_square_060215_1.jpg (88106 bytes) golden_square_060222_1.jpg (63879 bytes)
This view of the existing
car park will be one
of the last (10 Feb 2006).
From Sankey Street
showing access to
Regent Street
(15 Feb 2006).
Site of the old
bus station and
Golborne Street
(15 Feb 2006).
Access ramps for the new
car park are assembled.
This will eventually give
access from Midland
Way (22 Feb 2006).
golden_square_060222_2.jpg (63061 bytes) golden_square_060222_3.jpg (60989 bytes) golden_square_060222_4.jpg (59047 bytes) golden_square_060222_5.jpg (50671 bytes)
Southern end of the site
from the car park roof
- once the access road
for deliveries
(22 Feb 2006).
Time is running out for
photo opportunities
from this viewpoint
(22 Feb 2006).
Two views of Debenhams construction (22 Feb 2006).

MARCH 2006                                                

golden_square_060304_4_snow.JPG (70719 bytes) golden_square_060304_5_snow.jpg (39429 bytes) golden_square_060304_1_snow.jpg (101713 bytes) golden_square_060304_2_snow.jpg (58921 bytes) golden_square_060304_3_snow.JPG (71018 bytes)
Snowtime! Legh
Street car park
(4 Mar 2006).
Legh Street car park
(4 Mar 2006).
Golden Square
(4 Mar 2006).
Golden Square
(4 Mar 2006).
One for sorrow. My
Golden Square mascot
(4 Mar 2006).
golden_square_060321_4.JPG (103048 bytes) golden_square_060314_5.JPG (82983 bytes) golden_square_060314_4.jpg (46687 bytes) golden_square_060314_6.JPG (125760 bytes) golden_square_060314_3.jpg (60491 bytes)
The White Hart pub
(21 Mar 2006).
Golden Square from The White Hart (14 Mar 2006).
My thanks to The White Hart staff for access to this viewing point.
Part of the new car park.
Access from Midland
Way will give rooftop
and lower level parking
(14 Mar 2006).
golden_square_060314_2.jpg (47158 bytes) golden_square_060314_1.jpg (99690 bytes) golden_square_060321_3.jpg (73124 bytes) golden_square_060321_2.jpg (82014 bytes) golden_square_060321_1.JPG (91292 bytes)
Debenhams store
continues to grow
(14 Mar 2006).
Old bus station site is
now long gone
(14 Mar 2006).
Old bus station site
(21 Mar 2006).
Old Golborne Street
(21 Mar 2006).
The artist impressions
show a stunning exterior
on Midland Way.
This is the first section
to show it for real
(21 Mar 2006).
golden_square_060329_03.jpg (66961 bytes) golden_square_060329_01.jpg (129863 bytes) golden_square_060329_02.jpg (52249 bytes) golden_square_060329_04.JPG (121108 bytes) golden_square_060329_05.jpg (61859 bytes)
Old bus station site
(29 Mar 2006).
Old service ramp site (29 Mar 2006). Old Golborne Street
(29 Mar 2006).
Debenhams progress
(29 Mar 2006).
golden_square_060329_12.jpg (93652 bytes) golden_square_060329_09.JPG (67000 bytes) golden_square_060329_06.JPG (86358 bytes) golden_square_060329_07.JPG (68149 bytes) golden_square_060329_10.JPG (74872 bytes)
The old service road has
been removed. The new
access road is through
the bus tunnel
(29 Mar 2006).
Legh Street from outside 
the old swimming baths,
which closed in 2003
(Photo 29 Mar 2006).
Views of Legh Street from the north (first two images)
and from the south in the third (29 Mar 2006).
golden_square_060329_13.JPG (66724 bytes) golden_square_060329_14.JPG (71079 bytes) golden_square_060329_15.JPG (68936 bytes) golden_square_060329_08.jpg (47363 bytes) golden_square_060329_11.jpg (36061 bytes)
Legh Street car park - a last look inside before it is demolished
(photos 29 Mar 2006).
Legh Street car park from
the outside (29 Mar 2006).
Legh Street panoramic
from the south
(29 Mar 2006).

APRIL 2006                                           

golden_square_040223_2.JPG (53081 bytes) Legh Street car park was to be demolished to make way for the extension to Golden Square shopping centre. The first half was demolished in 2005. On Monday 3 April 2006 work began on the demolition of the remaining sections. All of the rubble is being recycled for use in the foundations of the new extension. Watch the phoenix rise from the ashes. Meanwhile, the three guys (pictured right) had a special request - one of them had a mate in South Africa and wanted him to see their photo on the web. No problem! (Photo taken 3 Apr 2006.) golden_square_060403_1.JPG (111471 bytes)

Photo taken 22 Feb 2004.

April 2006 saw the demolition of the second half of Legh Street car park. I don't think there were many tears shed when it was closed.

golden_square_060403_2.JPG (58069 bytes) golden_square_060404_3.jpg (48819 bytes) golden_square_060404_4.jpg (93802 bytes) golden_square_060404_5.JPG (102107 bytes) golden_square_060405.JPG (77271 bytes)
A trial run on the southwest corner
of the car park (3 Apr 2006).
4 Apr 2006 sees DinoSaur Machine and Big Daddy in action, the names
 I gave to the machines supplied by DSM Demolition of Birmingham.
DinoSaur Machine is now known as Crusher. If he says it's Friday - it's Friday!
golden_square_060407_1.JPG (82872 bytes) golden_square_060407_4.JPG (66629 bytes) golden_square_060407_2.jpg (44483 bytes) golden_square_060407_3_cowboy_angels.JPG (71173 bytes) golden_square_060410_1.JPG (109767 bytes)
7 Apr 2006 - a dramatic first shot of a stairwell coming down. It is now the end of week one. The centre image is a panoramic shot of the
whole site. The 4th image was taken for me from the steps of the nearby Cowboys and Angels nursery by one of the staff. Thanks for that.
golden_square_060410_2.jpg (50377 bytes) golden_square_060410_3.jpg (60956 bytes) golden_square_060411_1.jpg (52259 bytes) golden_square_060411_2.JPG (107064 bytes) golden_square_060411_3.JPG (103210 bytes)
The view from Midland Way and Legh Street
(10 Apr 2006).
The final day - 11 Apr 2006.
golden_square_060411_4.JPG (98670 bytes) golden_square_060411_5.JPG (92831 bytes) On 19 April, 2006, I was
invited onto the site to
photograph Golden Square
from new angles.
The next 7 images are the
outcome of that visit.
I would like to express
my appreciation to Steve
for arranging the visit and
to Tom for finding the time
in his busy schedule to
escort me round the works.
golden_square_060419_1.jpg (105446 bytes) golden_square_060419_2.JPG (96680 bytes)
All over bar the shouting - 11 Apr 2006. The view over the
new car park ramp
showing the bus station.
Also see Central Station
(left) and the Parish
Church (centre).
Looking south from
what will become the
roof-top car park.
golden_square_060419_3.jpg (72837 bytes) golden_square_060419_4.JPG (77829 bytes) golden_square_060419_5.jpg (68152 bytes) golden_square_060419_6.jpg (101780 bytes) golden_square_060419_7.jpg (61979 bytes)
The large open space
at the centre of this
image is where Legh
Street car park
once stood.
The car park site at
ground level. It
originally opened
4 November, 1975, and
closed 2 April, 2006.
The next three images are taken from the opposite end of the site,
near WHSmith and Marks and Spencer. In just 12 months time, this
large space will feature Debenhams at one end and Boots at the other.

MAY - JUNE 2006                                

golden_square_060516_1.jpg (93558 bytes) golden_square_060516_2.JPG (93143 bytes) golden_square_060516_3.jpg (67527 bytes) golden_square_060525.JPG (53254 bytes)
Site of Golborne Street and Legh
Street car park (16 May 2006).
Debenhams from Midland
Way (16 May 2006).
The beginning of
Boots Corner view south
on Legh Street
(25 May 2006).
golden_square_060615_4.JPG (60887 bytes) golden_square_060615_1.jpg (64237 bytes) golden_square_060615_2_abuilder.JPG (95709 bytes) golden_square_060615_3.jpg (59402 bytes)
Legh Street view from the
north (15 Jun 2006).
Boots Corner -my unofficial
name for this part of Legh
Street. When Boots was
on the corner of Bridge
Street and Sankey Street,
the area was known
as Boots Corner
(photo 15 Jun 2006).
This photo was taken by
one of the construction
workers during a break.
(15 Jun 2006)
Debenhams from Midland
Way on 15 Jun 2006.

JULY - SEPTEMBER 2006                  

golden_square_060706_1.JPG (61507 bytes) golden_square_060706_3.JPG (67809 bytes) golden_square_060706_4.JPG (89423 bytes) golden_square_060706_5.jpg (57166 bytes) golden_square_060706_6.jpg (59163 bytes)
Car parking facilities are now available within Golden
Square itself, featuring a lift, stairs and disabled spaces.
You arrive right at the heart of Golden Square by
Clinton's card shop (opposite HMV) (Photos 6 Jul 2006).
Construction of Boots at the southern
end of Legh Street (6 Jul 2006).
Midland Way (6 Jul 2006).
golden_square_060712_1.jpg (70868 bytes) golden_square_060712_2.jpg (85541 bytes) golden_square_060712_3.JPG (91467 bytes) golden_square_060712_4.JPG (92641 bytes) golden_square_060712_5.JPG (85110 bytes)
On site. First image taken from the roof of Debenhams. Then three shots
from the very centre of the site, looking towards Legh Street (12 Jul 2006.)
Car park entrance
from Midland Way
(12 Jul 2006).
golden_square_060712_6.JPG (92229 bytes) golden_square_060712_7.JPG (68732 bytes) golden_square_060712_8.JPG (58163 bytes) golden_square_060717_1.JPG (73697 bytes) golden_square_060717_2.JPG (68309 bytes)
Glass panels now going 
in at Debenhams
(12 Jul 2006).
Boots Corner
(12 Jul 2006).
Legh Street viewed north
(12 Jul 2006).
The opening date is
announced, although in
the end it was missed
due to technical
problems (17 Jul 2006).
The existing building
is being upgraded to
match the new malls
(17 Jul 2006).
golden_square_060721_1.JPG (64777 bytes) golden_square_060821_2.jpg (89721 bytes) golden_square_060609_3.jpg (68044 bytes) golden_square_060609_2.jpg (69155 bytes) golden_square_060609_1.jpg (80611 bytes)
Not that long ago you
could still see Marks
& Spencer from
here (21 Jul 2006).
Debenhams progress
(21 Aug 2006).
Worms-eye view from
Legh Street looking
south (22 Sep 2006).
View from Legh Street
looking north east
(22 Sep 2006).
Debenhams from Kendrick
Street (22 Sep 2006).

OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2006           

golden_square_061012_1.JPG (98014 bytes) golden_square_061012_2.JPG (68827 bytes) golden_square_061109_1.JPG (39410 bytes) golden_square_061109_2.JPG (76324 bytes)
Golborne Street
(12 Oct 2006).
Midland Way
(12 Oct 2006).
A dramatic view of Debenhams
(left) and Legh Street (9 Nov 2006).
golden_square_061221_1.JPG (80300 bytes) golden_square_061221_2.JPG (55601 bytes) golden_square_061221_3.JPG (92875 bytes) golden_square_061221_4.JPG (52504 bytes)
Rooftop view of town
centre (21 Dec 2006).
Rooftop car parking
(21 Dec 2006).
A car leaves the rooftop
parking area (21 Dec 2006).
Inside the car
park (21 Dec 2006).
golden_square_061221_5.JPG (93217 bytes) golden_square_061221_6.JPG (70124 bytes) golden_square_061225_DJKenny1.JPG (76019 bytes) golden_square_061225_DJKenny2.JPG (84674 bytes)
Back on Golborne
Street (21 Dec 2006).
And again on Midland
Way (21 Dec 2006).
Two views of the bus tunnel, but where are the buses?
Well, it's
Christmas Day 2006 and DJKenny, who took
these photos, is the only person down there!

JANUARY - JULY 2007                     

golden_square_070112_1.jpg (117827 bytes) golden_square_070112_2.jpg (58207 bytes) golden_square_070112_3.JPG (79182 bytes) golden_square_070117_mark_mc.jpg (58928 bytes)
(12 Jan 2007).
Boots Corner
(12 Jan 2007).
View from Midland Way
(12 Jan 2007).
A view of Debenhams and
the railway bridge. It was
sent to me by Mark on
17 January 2007.
Thanks Mark for the
use of your photo.
golden_square_070201_1.jpg (50476 bytes) golden_square_070201_2.JPG (95416 bytes) golden_square_070201_4.JPG (86658 bytes) golden_square_070323_2.JPG (67944 bytes)
Debenhams (1 Feb 2007). A flight of stairs next
to the bus tunnel
gives access to
the shopping centre by
Debenhams (1 Feb 2007).
The last section of Golborne
Street shows a mighty
crane preparing for a lift
(1 Feb 2007).
A view inside the
centre, although I never
posted it online until 2009.
It was taken 23 Mar 2007.
golden_square_070416_1.JPG (73459 bytes) golden_square_070416_3.JPG (100806 bytes) golden_square_070416_4.jpg (51883 bytes) golden_square_070715.JPG (90026 bytes)
The final push for opening. Midland Way, Legh Street
entrance and Boots (16 Apr 2007). 
This area is now known as
Hilden Square, where
Golborne Street used to be
by the White Hart pub
(Photo taken 15 Jul 2007).

The extension to Golden Square shopping centre opened to the public on Thursday 24 May, 2007, celebrating the arrival of Debenhams department store, along with new names like H&M, Oasis, Republic, Jane Norman, La Senza and Bank.

And this is how Legh Street looked on 18 March 2009

legh_st_090318_1.JPG (70977 bytes) legh_st_090318_3.JPG (63228 bytes) legh_st_090318_2.jpg (53640 bytes) legh_st_090318_4.JPG (68720 bytes) legh_st_baths_090318.JPG (56171 bytes)
Boots Corner. Debenhams. Midland Way/Legh Street. Legh Street. Legh Street Baths.

I am grateful to Golden Square management for allowing me to publish
photographs of their property. For the latest news, check out their website

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