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This page last updated Monday, 9 March 2015
Now we're motoring!

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This page features classic transport shows in the town.
The most recent event will appear at the top of the page.

Featured on this page

Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2012

Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2011

Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2010

Emergency Services Day 2010

Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2009

Fiddler's Ferry 4th Annual Classic Vehicle Show 2007

market_transport_show_120707_002.JPG (82127 bytes)

Warrington Market

Classic Transport Show 2012

(Sat 7 July)

market_transport_show_120707_003.JPG (89524 bytes)

We start this year's show with an old friend of the town - the Leyland Titan PD 1 Warrington Corporation Driver Training Bus EED 8. The bus was purchased new in February 1947, became the training vehicle in November 1961 and was finally withdrawn in October 1973. Its chassis number is 461572 on an Alexander body and it is a highbridge-double deck bus, i.e. one with centre gangways on each deck. It has 30 seats upstairs and 26 seats downstairs. The seats upstairs are not the originals. On the day of its visit, quite a few ex-drivers told me they had trained on this bus. One even remembered my dad from his time on the buses in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The bus is now held in a private museum in Kirby.

market_transport_show_120707_004.JPG (140276 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_005.JPG (30799 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_006.JPG (112105 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_007.JPG (94777 bytes)
market_transport_show_120707_008.JPG (81158 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_009.JPG (85872 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_010.JPG (75468 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_011.JPG (73226 bytes)



market_transport_show_120707_012.JPG (59458 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_013.JPG (102671 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_014.JPG (227025 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_015.JPG (87692 bytes)
market_transport_show_120707_016.JPG (71729 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_017.JPG (54631 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_018.JPG (100310 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_019.JPG (86812 bytes)
Advert for Bridge Street shops and traffic light instructions
leyland_titan_pd1_depot_1969_lpotter_collection.jpg (144632 bytes)

The photo, left, is from the L Potter collection and shows EED 8 as the Driving Tuition Bus
at the Warrington Corporation Transport depot in 1969. The two buses to the left of it as
we look are, far left, No.3 (FED 788) 1949 Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland body, withdrawn
in 1968 and next to it No.1 (FED 786) 1949 Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland body, withdrawn
in 1967. The vehicle on the right of the photo, GED 795, was a redundant Leyland Retriever
military vehicle acquired from the RAF in July 1950 and converted into a breakdown truck.
It received a body built by Warrington Corporation Transport department themselves and
had a petrol engine. It was withdrawn in 1970. Many thanks to L. Potter for the photo.

Here are two Austin cars. The fire engine, a Dennis S7 Pump Escape engine (LFM 200), is named after a Councillor Charles Cullimore.

market_transport_show_120707_024.JPG (173149 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_025.JPG (106929 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_026.JPG (160102 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_027.jpg (241337 bytes)
This is an Austin A70 Hereford. Many thanks to Dave Jackson for informing me which model. He says he
had one at the age of 18, his first car. I imagine the roads in those days must have been magical to drive on.
market_transport_show_120707_060.JPG (173738 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_061.JPG (103437 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_062.JPG (173490 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_063.JPG (169496 bytes)
Another unidentified Austin.   Dennis S7

Luxury in white.

market_transport_show_120707_028.JPG (135979 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_029.JPG (135284 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_030.JPG (167731 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_031.JPG (156176 bytes)
Marlin Sports Car Austin  Rolls Royce 
market_transport_show_120707_021.JPG (159354 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_020.JPG (170592 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_022.JPG (155259 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_023.JPG (155177 bytes)
1963 Ford Zodiac  1964 Ford Zodiac 1972 Triumph Stag  1972 Triumph Stag

Special vehicles were on display. The first two photos show a Lotus simulator with video screens linked to pedals for acceleration and braking).

market_transport_show_120707_032.JPG (124566 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_033.JPG (88666 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_034.JPG (170489 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_035.JPG (194036 bytes)
Lotus simulator  Ferrari  2002 Jaguar R3 Formula
One racing car, owned by
Jaguar Heritage
market_transport_show_120707_036.JPG (185885 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_037.JPG (262126 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_038.JPG (248948 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_039.JPG (202480 bytes)
A converted Mini, with photos of the conversion process  A Mini 

A Morris Cowley and a Honda motorbike next followed by a couple of Triumphs. The third photo shows a calormeter, which is the radiator thermometer fitted to Morris cars from the 1st September 1925. See this website for more detailed information, which includes the reason why the word is spelled as calormeter and not calometer. The calormeter is shown from the driver's viewpoint, but I took the photo from the front of the car so that I didn't cause any damage stretching over the bonnet. I then flipped the photo round so you can see it from the driver's point of view, hence the text in the background on the windscreen being reversed, as is the word 'calormeter' around the rim of the casing. So now you know!

market_transport_show_120707_044.JPG (186254 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_045.JPG (237898 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_046_calormeter.JPG (62630 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_047.JPG (179406 bytes)
Morris Cowley  Morris Cowley badge Calormeter 1964 Honda CB77 305 cc
market_transport_show_120707_040.JPG (128257 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_041.JPG (121870 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_042.JPG (137841 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_043.JPG (146458 bytes)
1967 Triumph Herald 1000 1966 Triumph Vitesse 6

A Group of Ford cars follows next.

market_transport_show_120707_048.JPG (183067 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_049.JPG (170421 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_050.JPG (141254 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_051.JPG (100228 bytes)
The market's very own Ford 8, on permanent display inside the building. 1967 Ford Corsair 2000E
market_transport_show_120707_052.JPG (110955 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_053.JPG (98786 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_054.JPG (72901 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_055.JPG (112072 bytes)
Ford Escorts. The orange one was manufactured in 1973. The date of the white one cannot be determined because
the owner, quite rightly, has put a name plate over the vehicle licence plate to protect his identity.
That, by the way, is the reason why I also blank out the licence plate on the private vehicles on display.
market_transport_show_120707_056.JPG (145783 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_057.JPG (119780 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_058.JPG (137209 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_059.jpg (100126 bytes)
Ford Escort 1979 Ford Escort MK II. I was going to use the joke, "What's in you boot?" Reply "A sock
and five toes", but this picnic basket is on the back seat! The sign is on the back window.

Small cars now.

market_transport_show_120707_064.JPG (130105 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_065.JPG (112416 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_066.JPG (99455 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_067.JPG (148807 bytes)
The Tempest is a British-built sports car.
Link to their website for more details.
Two Del Boy Reliant Robins, one on Bridge Street and one
on Bank Street. I didn't photograph the owner of one of
them, but he has uncanny likeness to the 'real' Del Boy.
See the Warrington Market Facebook page for his photo.
market_transport_show_120707_068.JPG (173796 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_069.JPG (190472 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_070.JPG (109369 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_071.JPG (152532 bytes)
A couple of MG cars A couple of Morris Minors

More vehicles, large and small.

market_transport_show_120707_072.JPG (165293 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_073.JPG (152921 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_074.JPG (102004 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_075.JPG (188340 bytes)
1967Sunbeam Alpine
Series V
Spitfire 1500 Fiat 500  BMW 
market_transport_show_120707_076.JPG (193072 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_077.JPG (162268 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_078.JPG (158242 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_079.JPG (96399 bytes)
Humber  Cadillac Escalade 4x4 Chevrolet Chevy Van 20  Morris 1100. Fifty
years old in 2012 
market_transport_show_120707_080.JPG (136227 bytes)

Back on the buses. One day I will actually get to visit the North West Museum of Road Transport in St Helens. Warrington's heritage bus is the Leyland 'Titan' PD2/40 special, specially built with a narrow width so that two could pass each other on the original road section of Sankey Street near Market Gate. Eventually the street was made one-way (west to east) and is now pedestrianised.

market_transport_show_120707_081.JPG (160136 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_082.JPG (429433 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_083.JPG (167858 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_084.JPG (92318 bytes)
Leyland Titan PD2, St Helens Corporation No 54 St Helens coat of arms,
motto and translation
Advert for North West
Museum of Road Transport
market_transport_show_120707_086.JPG (131204 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_087.JPG (73327 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_088.JPG (162011 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_089.JPG (84255 bytes)
Network Warrington's
heritage bus, the Leyland
 'Titan PD2/40 Special'
Stan and Ollie
with DJKenny
Market traders next
to the AA stand
A worm's-eye view
of our heritage bus

A bit of luxury. The owner of the limo, Mike Mason, also broadcasts on Radio Warrington, the town's online radio station, which for nine days (7-15 July 2012) presented its output on 87.8 FM on a temporary broadcasting licence. The rules allow for two 28-day licences each year, but due to the cost they opted for just nine days for their first FM broadcast. They hope to secure a five year FM licence next year. They are available online 24 hours a day all year round.

market_transport_show_120707_090.JPG (125324 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_091.JPG (105607 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_092.JPG (55626 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_093.JPG (139965 bytes)
Ford stretch limo Radio Warrington van 

The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) display their D Class lifeboat.

market_transport_show_120707_094.JPG (200855 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_095.jpg (151020 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_096.JPG (149652 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_097.JPG (139892 bytes)

Community awareness is the name of the game today. First we have a display from the Town Centre Wardens. Information and practical advice is given in the form of leaflets and in person from the community police officers. Thanks for being there when we need you.

market_transport_show_120707_098.JPG (152853 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_099.JPG (128820 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_100.JPG (128611 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_101.JPG (145148 bytes)

At the same time in Golden Square, Disability Awareness Day 2012 was launched in the form of information and entertainment - I suppose they will put the two words together in the future and call it infotainment...oh they already have. And I thought I'd invented a new word. Anyway, here we see the audience being entertained with dancing. Warrington Disability Partnership's mascot Olly the Owl had a go too. See and Warrington Disability Partnership for information about this valuable community service. In the third and fourth photos we see Warrington-based professional singer Amy Rose. She is available for all occasions and has taken part in X-Factor in the past. Find out more about her at and

Also entertaining us were members of the Pantonic All Stars Steel Orchestra. Link to their website.

market_transport_show_120707_102.jpg (37481 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_103.JPG (153333 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_104.JPG (135854 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_105.JPG (109827 bytes) market_transport_show_120707_107.JPG (117381 bytes)

And finally...the one that nearly got away.

On the day of the show I was just about to take a photo of the Bond Bug three-wheeler on show, something distracted me, and when I turned back again the driver was driving away along Horsemarket Street. Oh well, I thought, that was that. But no, courtesy of Steve Pickering, the Manager at the market, I have a photo of it. And how much did it cost me to get his photo? Nothing. Well actually, a CD of all my photos of the day for the market's archive. See, we're like that - one good turn, and all that. Anyway, here's some information about the car.

The Bond Bug is a small British two-seat, three-wheel sports car from the 1970s.

market_transport_show_120707_108_spickering.jpg (167842 bytes)
Bond Bug 

Following the purchase of Bond Cars Ltd, Reliant commissioned Tom Karen of Ogle Design to design a fun car. It was a wedge-shaped microcar, with a lift-up canopy and side screens instead of conventional doors. The Bond Bug was based on Chief Engineer John Crosthwaite's newly designed chassis and some Reliant Regal running gear. The original concept was explored by chopping down a production Regal vehicle.

There were 2,270 of them made in Tamworth between 1970 and 1974. It has a 700 cc Reliant engine (upgraded to 750 cc in later versions) with a 4-speed manual gear box. It's wheelbase is 77 in (1.956 m), it's length is 110 in (2.794 m) and its width is 55 in (1.397 m). It weighs 868 lb (394 kg).

Have you had enough stats yet? If not, link to the Wikipedia file where I got the notes from.

To see more of Steve's photos from the show, see the Warrington Market Facebook page.


Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2011 (Sat 9 July)

market_transport_event_110709_01.JPG (107023 bytes) This year's event took place in glorious sunshine and was enjoyed by thousands of visitors, many of whom had visited Warrington Market for the first time, which was the main purpose of the event. Warrington has had a market for over 750 years and you can read more about the history on the Warrington Market page. See also the official Warrington Market Facebook page. The vehicle, right, is a Chevrolet Chevy Van 20. market_transport_event_110709_02.JPG (84954 bytes)
market_transport_event_110709_16.JPG (83568 bytes) Warrington's online community radio station, Radio Warrington, broadcast live from the event.

One of my friends, DJKenny, presents his own show on Tuesdays nights (8-10 p.m.) and Saturday nights (6-10 p.m.). He also has his own website,

If you have visited the transport show in recent years you will remember that a Formula 1 car should have visited in 2009, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it didn't show. Well, this year it did put in an appearance, to the delight of many. The one on display is a 2002 Jaguar R3 Formula One racing car and is owned by Jaguar Heritage, the trading name of Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, a registered educational charity established in 1983, and based in Coventry. The car was gifted to them by Jaguar Racing Limited. It is not currently fitted with an engine, but the car is worth around £1 million.

market_transport_event_110709_03.JPG (94341 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_04.JPG (94932 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_06.JPG (87512 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_05.JPG (90386 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_07.JPG (109896 bytes)

The town's council-owned bus company, Warrington Borough Transport, operates under the banner of Network Warrington and has over 100 vehicles in its fleet. Their heritage bus seen here is vehicle No 148 (BED 729 C), a Leyland 'Titan PD2/40 Special'. It was purchased in 1965, and built to a narrow width to cope with Sankey Street in the days before pedestrianization. Read more about the bus company's history in On The Buses.

market_transport_event_110709_08.JPG (87556 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_09.JPG (65239 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_10.JPG (94383 bytes)

Another bus on display was this AEC Regent V, which was owned by St Helens Corporation and now belongs to North West Museum of Road Transport in St Helens town centre (close to the bus station). Also housed there is another of the Warrington Corporation Leyland 'Titan PD2/40 Specials (BED 731 C), a couple more Leylands (Titan PD1 and Atlantean), two Dennis Dominators and a Bristol RE.

market_transport_event_110709_11.JPG (91630 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_12.JPG (72844 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_13.JPG (69554 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_14.JPG (75620 bytes)

So here are the first ten photos of the cars on display.

market_transport_event_110709_17.JPG (100444 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_18.JPG (80659 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_19.JPG (82992 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_20.JPG (90677 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_21.JPG (83420 bytes)
Ford 8 (1936) Austin Triumph Vitesse 6 (1966) Morris Minor Morris Minor
market_transport_event_110709_23.JPG (114108 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_24.JPG (108098 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_25.JPG (96934 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_22.JPG (102186 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_26.JPG (90755 bytes)
Ford Zodiac Ford Zodiac Sunbeam Alpine Series V Mini Triumph Stag

Members of Warrington Scooter Club were also showing their bikes.

market_transport_event_110709_26a.JPG (93666 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_34.JPG (93467 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_30.JPG (106238 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_29.JPG (111106 bytes)
Club Banner Piaggio Vespa Piaggio Vespa Sprint Piaggio Vespa Sprint
market_transport_event_110709_31.JPG (88521 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_32.JPG (88794 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_33.JPG (88777 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_28.JPG (93282 bytes)
Innocenti Lambretta Innocenti Lambretta L150 LML Star I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue!

Also on display were a Triumph motorbike and a Harley Davidson trike, featuring motifs of Laurel and Hardy on the mudguards.

market_transport_event_110709_35.JPG (93940 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_36.JPG (114426 bytes)

The emergency services were represented by two fire engines, a Newfoundland rescue dog and a fire car (if that's how you describe it). The first engine below (photos 1-4 and in photo 5, right of scene) is a 1954 Dennis F2 appliance, once owned by Crosfields soap works at Bank Quay. It was retired from service in 1977 and given to Warrington Borough Council, who put it in storage, where it remained in an un-restored condition. It was then donated to Cheshire Fire Service in 1988 and an enthusiast from the Winsford headquarters spotted it and it was then moved out of Warrington. Restoration started in May 2003 and the original Dennis engine was scrapped and replaced with a Perkins diesel engine.

market_transport_event_110709_40.JPG (106636 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_43.JPG (81462 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_44.JPG (86863 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_45.JPG (78098 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_46.JPG (98805 bytes)

The second appliance on show is a Dennis S7 Pump Escape engine (LFM 200) and named after a Councillor Charles Cullimore. I didn't ask the name of the Newfoundland rescue dog - he was busy thinking about rescuing a van full of Baker's Meaty Meals at the time. If you don't get that joke, click here to see the Meaty Meals Job TV advert.

market_transport_event_110709_37.JPG (106547 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_38.JPG (108109 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_39.JPG (67162 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_47.JPG (87157 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_48.JPG (90244 bytes)

The self-titled "Fourth Emergency Service", the AA, were promoting their services, as were the RAC. The AA caused a lot of controversy some years ago when they used the advertising slogan "to our members, were are the fourth emergency service". Enraged members of the public complained that there were more deserving groups who should have the title "fourth emergency service", such as the Coastguard, RNLI and other rescue services. If I remember correctly, the argument put forward by the AA was that they had added "to our members" at the beginning of the slogan to emphasise the service they provided for their members, and it was not meant to discredit the police, fire, ambulance or other emergency services. I think the jury is still out on that one.

market_transport_event_110709_49.JPG (103218 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_50.JPG (91422 bytes)

Visiting the event this year were members of the St Helens Classic Car Association

market_transport_event_110709_52.JPG (90101 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_53.JPG (91239 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_54.JPG (77684 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_55.JPG (58911 bytes)
A Liege sports car. This car started out in 1985,
with initial plans being drawn up in the 1970s
Mazda MX5 Mark 1 Volkswagen GTI
market_transport_event_110709_56.JPG (90535 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_57.JPG (94919 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_58.JPG (89503 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_59.JPG (101584 bytes)
Ford Rover Rolls Royce BMW

The next selection of cars were all exhibited near the Ten Guardians and Well of Light (Skittles to locals) at Market Gate. I think I'll start a new trend and call them the ten green bottles, so that somebody, hopefully, will make them accidentally fall - just like the Bay Horse pub and the old grammar school... I know the owner of the first car below, left, but I 'm not telling.

market_transport_event_110709_60.JPG (96269 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_61.JPG (84619 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_62.JPG (76464 bytes)
Bentley Mini Volkswagen Beetle
market_transport_event_110709_63.JPG (83115 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_64.JPG (96832 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_65.JPG (76663 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_66.JPG (76448 bytes)
Ford Corsair 2000E (1967) Ford Ford Escort Ford

The transport event is not just about classic vehicles, it is also about the community and having fun. Visitors had a chance to ride a small steam engine (first photo below). If you ever fancied driving a tank, you got the chance courtesy of The tanks are two metres long by 1 metre wide with a Honda GX 390 petrol engine and electric start. Anybody aged eight upwards could have a go and there were trained instructors onsite to supervise the riders. The company is based at Ashton-in-Makerfield near Wigan.

market_transport_event_110709_70.JPG (110453 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_67.JPG (97213 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_68.JPG (85364 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_69.JPG (87324 bytes)

The RNLI lifeboat and motorbike and sidecar were on display. Did you know that Warrington has it's own RNLI group? You might wonder why an inland town would need the RNLI, but the smaller boat is used on rivers and canals when a full size version is unsuitable. Also appearing was a simulator ride (fourth photo, below, right).

market_transport_event_110709_71.JPG (102878 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_72.JPG (104805 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_73.JPG (106995 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_78.JPG (99680 bytes)

Thelwall Morris Men entertained the crowds. Morris dance is a form of English folk dance usually accompanied by music. It is based on rhythmic stepping and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers. Implements such as sticks, swords, handkerchiefs and bells may also be wielded by the dancers. The term is derived from moorish dance, attested as Morisk and moreys daunce, morisse daunce in the mid-15th century. The spelling Morris-dance appears in the 17th century. Comparable terms in other languages are German Moriskentanz (also from the 15th century), French morisques, Croatian moreöka, and moresco, moresca or morisca in Italy and Spain. Read more in Wikipedia.

English "morris" dancing is the earliest known example of biological warfare. Mediaeval documents recently discovered by historians indicate that villagers who showed the early symptoms of bubonic plague were dressed in colourful outlandish costumes with bells tied to their legs and sent to neighbouring hamlets to perform their macabre ritual. Read more here.

market_transport_event_110709_74.JPG (106842 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_75.JPG (104432 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_76.JPG (104477 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_77.JPG (93735 bytes)

Thelwall Morris Men were formed in October 1973, the nucleus of the side being a group of regulars from the Thelwall Folk Club at the Pickering Arms, which was run by Maggie and Rod Goodall. The first public performance took place, without baldricks and badges, at the Pickering Arms in August 1974 before a sceptical audience of wives and girlfriends and members of the folk club.

By 1975 the side had acquired itís kit. Black breeches and shoes, white shirt and socks, with baldricks of pale blue and claret surmounted by a distinctive badge representing the wall of ďThellsĒ or stakes from which Thelwall, Englandís smallest city, derived its name in Anglo-Saxon times. In 1977, the side visited Ireland for the Cobh festival, quickly followed, in 1979, by an invitation to Mallow, Ireland.

Over the years the group has met at different bases. The first being the Pickering Arms, where they started, for just over three years before moving to the Bullís Head in Warrington, where they stayed for about 15 years, and later at the British Legion in Thelwall. They have also practised at Thelwall Parish Hall. At one time they held practiced sessions at Toucher's Bowling Club, Lovely Lane, Warrington. This has long gone and a housing development now stands on the site of the bowling club and Greenings wire factory, who originally owned the club.

Many thanks to the Thelwall Morris Men for permission to use extracts about their history here on mywarrington. Link to their website for the complete story.

market_transport_event_110709_79.JPG (97763 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_80.JPG (61540 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_15.JPG (87850 bytes) market_transport_event_110709_81.JPG (89299 bytes)
Stan and Ollie with Janet Janet's fork The crowds near the Market Floral decoration

And finally, time for a bit of fun in the presence of Laurel & Hardy. The duo performed a bit of close-up magic with what looked like a standard fork in front of Janet, who had signed her name on it prior to them performing the trick. They played around with the fork in a similar way to the famous Uri Geller, but they didn't just bend it, they made it twist out of shape too. I videoed the trick from beginning to end and still can't work out how they did it. After they finished they handed it to Janet and said she might as well keep it because it is no use to them anymore - it was...well, I won't tell you exactly what they said next, but it reminds me of the famous incident when Stan Boardman turned the air blue on a live edition of the Des O' Connor Show as he was discussing a certain make of aeroplane from the war...

For photos of the recent National Play Day event featuring a replica Spitfire plane outside Warrington Market, see the Events page.

Emergency Services Day (Sat 31 July 2010)

On 31 July 2010 the town centre hosted Emergency Services Day. The purpose of the event was to inform the public about the vital services provided by our emergency services.

emergency_services_day_100731_01.JPG (94496 bytes) Most of us don't give the emergencies a second thought until it's time to dial 999. And being honest, it only occurred to me back in 1999 just how often these brave men and women are on the streets because a day never went by during my computer studies at Warrington Collegiate on Winwick Road without a siren being heard as another emergency was attended. Emergency Services Day was a chance to learn more about what they do for us, often in very difficult circumstances.

We'll start with the police. The first vehicle, made by Iveco, is a mobile police station - inside there are individual cubicles for offenders, and I'm glad I haven't been convicted of any crime as it is quite intimidating to be shut inside one, even for a few seconds. The police car in the third image is a Vauxhall, and it looks like the little boy can't wait to get into the driving seat. Just think, in years to come it might be him coming to your rescue. The fourth photo shows one of the police vans, with seating for a few officers.

emergency_services_day_100731_02.JPG (81573 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_03.JPG (74037 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_04.JPG (84989 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_05.JPG (96417 bytes)
emergency_services_day_100731_06.JPG (89487 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_07.JPG (99163 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_08.JPG (101081 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_09.JPG (101222 bytes)

The first image, above, left, is the type of van used by a dog-handling team. The next three photos show two of the publicity vehicles. In the large grey truck the police were offering free ultraviolet marking of mobile phones, amongst other services. The yellow car was parked next to a tent where police were offering advice on personal safety, anti-theft and general information.

A range of fire engines and support vehicles graced Bridge Street. It feels quite appropriate for them to parked along here as they were called out for real in 1993 after the IRA bombing of the town in which Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball lost their lives.

emergency_services_day_100731_10.JPG (112508 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_11.JPG (116570 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_12.JPG (109102 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_13.JPG (114412 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_14.JPG (108723 bytes)

The next six photos show a Dennis F8 fire engine from 1953. It was purchased by Cheshire County Fire Brigade and served at Nantwich and Audlem fire stations. The appliance is powered by a Rolls-Royce B60 6-cylinder petrol engine and the water tank holds 400 gallons (1,818 litres), which is pumped via a 500gpm pump. The tender carries a 35ft (10.67 metre) Ajax ladder plus a two-section extension ladder. It was handed over for preservation in the mid-1970s.

emergency_services_day_100731_15.JPG (117079 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_16.JPG (109296 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_17.JPG (118459 bytes)
emergency_services_day_100731_18.JPG (72122 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_19.JPG (86850 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_20.JPG (57798 bytes)

The next seven photos show a Shand Mason C single cylinder steam fire appliance from 1876. Shand Mason and Company were based in Blackfriars. London. The beautiful engine on display was originally used by London Fire Brigade until 1915 when, after refurbishment back at Shand Mason, was purchased by Highfield Tannery in Runcorn in 1916. It was donated to Runcorn Urban District Council and was used at Runcorn fire station until 1939. The engine was restored by Mr Bill Davies of Wrexham at Chester fire station in 1955/6. It is believed to be the oldest original Shand Mason in the world to be in full working order. The twin cylinder version was more common in the UK.

emergency_services_day_100731_21.JPG (120214 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_22.JPG (120732 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_24.JPG (103510 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_23.JPG (110684 bytes)

The Shand Mason here was easy to pull by horse (I'm sure you know that the phrase 'horsepower' was originally defined to compare the output of steam engines with the power of draft horses - one horsepower is how much one horse could pull). Any fire was costly to fight whilst men had to be paid to ply the pump handles, and as the steam engine was easy to maintain and very powerful in operation, it became very popular with small 'volunteer' brigades, proving itself to be far superior and more economical to run than the old hand-operated 'manuals'. 50kg (110lb) of coal, found on almost any premises at the time, could keep a steamer running for an hour or more, and the cost incurred in firefighting went down dramatically. Remember, there was no local authority funding in the early days of firefighting and it was common for residents to be turned down if they didn't have adequate insurance cover to put the fire out. Thankfully, that is a thing of the past in this country.

emergency_services_day_100731_25.JPG (90561 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_27.JPG (104743 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_26.JPG (91207 bytes)

The first three photos below show NED 146, a 1954/5 Dennis F2 appliance, originally owned by Joseph Crosfield & Sons Limited at Bank Quay. It was retired in 1977, restored in 2003, and is now stored at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters in Winsford. It is always popular at Warrington shows, especially as it's 'one of our own'. The fourth photo shows a Newfoundland rescue dog - a favourite with the children. For whatever reason, there were no ambulances or other medical vehicles on show today, but I have included a photo of one entering Warrington hospital on Lovely Lane, Whitecross, to remind us all of their important work.

emergency_services_day_100731_28.JPG (109569 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_29.JPG (116329 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_30.JPG (96593 bytes) emergency_services_day_100731_31.JPG (105069 bytes) ambulance_020717.jpg (74707 bytes)

My thanks go to the emergency services for assistance with the historical and technical information used in these notes.

I'll finish with these two stories of events involving the fire and rescue service. The first involved a lady who accidentally fell back onto a glass coffee table, broke the glass and got wedged inside the metal frame. We couldn't get her out and decided the only thing to do was to call the fire brigade. Imagine the banter back at the station when they got the message, which simply said "lady stuck in a coffee table". My second story is about the time when I was cleaning a bedroom in a retirement home and sprayed air freshener into the room. Next thing, all the fire alarms went off, and when that room number came up on the fire alarm panel, I knew it must be a false alarm. But the fire brigade had to attend because the system was linked directly to the fire station. They were quite disappointed to have been called out for an incident which, to be honest, nobody had experienced before. So the lesson is, don't spray air freshener near a smoke alarm. Well, it makes a change from the cat stuck up a tree incident...

Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2010 (Sat 19 June)

market_cars_100619_djkenny.JPG (70846 bytes)

Warrington's online radio station, Radio Warrington ( broadcast live from the event. This is DJKenny in the radio van, who is a great friend of mine and presents his own show on a Tuesday and Saturday. He also has his own website and a presence on myspace, You Tube and Face Book - in fact, just type DJKenny Warrington into your browser and he will probably come up a million times. He gets everywhere! Anyway, on the day his colleague interviewed me live on air about the mywarrington website. The transport show was well attended and supported various community groups and good causes, which is what it is all about. Enjoy the photos. If you can add any stories about the vehicles, email me.

market_cars_100619_bus_wbt1.JPG (92361 bytes)

market_cars_100619_bus_wbt2.JPG (87940 bytes) market_cars_100619_bus_wbt3.JPG (79152 bytes) market_cars_100619_bus_routemaster1.JPG (105969 bytes) market_cars_100619_bus_routemaster2.JPG (101134 bytes)
The town's heritage bus, a Leyland Titan PD2/40 Special, one of 12 delivered new in April 1965. It is 7' 6" wide to cope with the narrow section of Sankey Street at the time (now pedestrianized). The observant ones among you will notice it features in the On The Buses section - but if you look carefully it has Warrington Borough Transport emblazoned on the side. Here in 2010 they company have reverted back to the Warrington Corporation lettering. This is a former London Routemaster bus RML2863, which is now owned by the Bensons for Beds company. It was new in August 1967 and the present owners have removed all the seating from upstairs to reduce weight. This link gives some of its previous owners.
market_cars_100619_aec_matador_0853.JPG (89423 bytes) market_cars_100619_foden1.JPG (98524 bytes) market_cars_100619_foden2_bates.JPG (93320 bytes) market_cars_100619_scammell.JPG (96254 bytes)
AEC Matador 0853 recovery vehicle, used by Crosville buses, who eventually became the Arriva company of today. On the left a Foden truck, originally belonging to Warrington Market wholesale fruit and veg supplier James Bate & Sons. The Foden name goes back to 1856. Click here for more on The Foden Society. The second photo shows the storage boxes used by Bate in the old days. The third view show a Scammell truck, also used by the Bate fruit and veg company.
market_cars_100619_mini1.JPG (102648 bytes)  market_cars_100619_mini2.JPG (97676 bytes) market_cars_100619_mini3.JPG (90002 bytes) market_cars_100619_rover12_1936.JPG (95812 bytes)
A trio of Minis. I wonder why the pink one attracted all the girls on the day... This is a Rover 12 from 1936.
market_cars_100619_morris_van.JPG (90808 bytes) market_cars_100619_morris_minor1.JPG (96356 bytes) market_cars_100619_morris_minor2.JPG (93259 bytes) market_cars_100619_morris_minor3.JPG (102206 bytes)
A Morris van. And a threesome of Morris Minors.
market_cars_100619_ford_zodiac.JPG (94328 bytes) market_cars_100619_ford_corsair.JPG (80880 bytes) market_cars_100619_lotus_elan_s3_coupe.JPG (63012 bytes) market_cars_100619_rolls_royce.JPG (78493 bytes)
A Ford Zodiac from 1965. Ford Corsair, new in 1967.
The owner tells me it has covered less than 2000 miles since new (to Sep 2010). 
A 1967 Lotus Elan S3 Coupe. Rolls Royce.
market_cars_100619_sunbeam_talbot90_mk111.JPG (111048 bytes) market_cars_100619_sunbeam_alpine_v.JPG (107357 bytes) market_cars_100619_sunbeam_alpine.JPG (73669 bytes) market_cars_100619_ford8_1936.JPG (94984 bytes)
Sunbeam Talbot 90 MkIII Supreme, first registered in April 1956. A Sunbeam Alpine Series V. A Sunbeam Alpine, one of three vehicles on permanent display in Warrington Market. The second vehicle on permanent display in the Market, a 1936 Ford 8. The scooter is featured further down the page.
market_cars_100619_triumph_stag1.JPG (88186 bytes) market_cars_100619_triumph_stag2.JPG (105381 bytes) market_cars_100619_triumph_vitesse6.JPG (84154 bytes) market_cars_100619_mercedes_amg.JPG (102878 bytes)
A couple of Triumph Stags. The first from 1972-3, the second from 1973-4. In those days, the registration year began on 1 August.  A Triumph Vitesse 6, new in 1966. They were built between 1962 and 1971. A Mercedes AMG, new in 1984-5.
market_cars_100619_mg1.JPG (102839 bytes) market_cars_100619_mg2.JPG (96174 bytes) market_cars_100619_bmw.JPG (97824 bytes) market_cars_100619_volvo_240glt_estate.JPG (105528 bytes)
A Couple of MG's. The Morris Garages company was founded in the 1920s in Oxford. The exact date is disputed. A BMW from 1991-2. Its name translates as Bavarian Motor Works. A Volvo, new in 1987-8.
market_cars_100619_chevvy_van20.JPG (95075 bytes) market_cars_100619_usarmy.JPG (93688 bytes) market_cars_100619_harley_davidson_trike.JPG (113150 bytes) market_cars_100619_triumph_motorbike.JPG (108626 bytes) market_cars_100619_vespa_moped.JPG (95264 bytes)
Chevrolet Chevy Van 20. It was manufactured by General Motors in the United States. A replica of Vietnam gun truck Highland Raiders, which served between 1968 and 1971.  Harley Davidson trike. The owner is a fan of Laurel & Hardy as there are emblems of the comics on the rear mud guards. A Triumph motorbike. A Vespa PX1255 scooter.
market_cars_100619_community1.JPG (87176 bytes) market_cars_100619_community2.JPG (108991 bytes) market_cars_100619_community4.JPG (99386 bytes) puch_cheetah_scooter_1961_100630.JPG (107452 bytes)
This stall was run by who hope to raise £1 million for British service charities. An Olympic games canoe on display beside the Sea Cadets stand at Market Gate. One of the regular market stallholders sold their wares from this outdoor stand. The third item on permanent display in the market - a Puch 'Cheetah' scooter, made in 1961 in Austria. 
market_cars_100619_community5.JPG (97810 bytes) market_cars_100619_clock.JPG (72057 bytes) market_cars_100619_community6.JPG (102801 bytes) market_cars_100619_community3.JPG (102172 bytes)
Well I'm a one man band. Nobody knows nor understands... 
And I forgot to ask his name!
Nearly time to go. This clock is on display inside the Market and was made in France. We fly the flag for Warrington Market's
Classic Transport Show...
...which is more than can be said for the England football team after their World Cup performance. This seat reserved for their next match - any offers?


Warrington Market Classic Transport Show 2009 (Sat 27 June)

market_cars_090627_vauxhall_velox-1.JPG (95275 bytes) Warrington Market's Classic Transport Show 2009 takes place in the year that the market was awarded with the title Best Indoor Market in the UK. The market has existed for over 750 years. You can read more about it on the Warrington Market page. The vehicle featured here is a Vauxhall Velox.

We'll start with a series of Ford vehicles.

market_cars_090627_ford_prefect1.JPG (73267 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_prefect3.JPG (101227 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_prefect4.JPG (81265 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_prefect2.JPG (93250 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_prefect_e93a.JPG (98797 bytes)
Ford Prefect models. The Prefect was introduced in 1938 and was manufactured at the Dagenham plant in Essex. Here we see three of the 100E models, of which around 100,000 were manufactured between 1953 and 1959. The four door models had a three-speed manual gearbox and could do 0-60 mph in 32.2 seconds, with a top speed of 71 mph. Ford Prefect models E93A (left) and E493A (right). The E93A was manufactured between 1938 and 1949, and the E493A between 1949 and 1953. Around 200,000 of each model were produced, and both models had a three-speed manual gearbox.

market_cars_090627_ford_e83w_commercial.JPG (99508 bytes)

market_cars_090627_ford_popular1.JPG (92836 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_popular2.JPG (94555 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_popular3.JPG (82228 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford_anglia.JPG (101696 bytes)
The Ford E83W commercial vehicle was built between 1938 and 1957 with a three-speed manual gearbox. Ford Popular 103E was manufactured between 1953 and 1959, with a three-speed manual gearbox. Two examples of the Ford Popular 100E. Around 126,000 of these were built between 1959 and 1962, with a three-speed manual gearbox. In 1960 it would cost £494 - that's 6 months wages. A Ford Anglia 105E. This model was registered in 1964. Over 1 million were manufactured between 1959 and 1967.
market_cars_090627_ford_consul.JPG (130715 bytes) The final two Ford cars are a Ford Consul (left) and a Ford Zodiac (right). The Consul MK1 was manufactured between 1951 and 1956 and the MK2 version from 1956 to 1962. It was first shown at the 1950 London Motor Show.

 The Ford Zodiac was launched in 1953 as an upmarket version of the Ford Zephyr. The MK2 version was manufactured between 1956 and 1962. Two examples were on display at the transport show.

market_cars_090627_ford_zodiac.jpg (111685 bytes)

More vehicles.

market_cars_090627_austin7.JPG (102263 bytes) market_cars_090627_morris_van1.JPG (119503 bytes) market_cars_090627_morris_van2.JPG (94941 bytes) market_cars_090627_mg.JPG (87590 bytes) market_cars_090627_hillman.JPG (102234 bytes)
Austin 7. Morris Vans. MG. Hillman.
market_cars_090627_daimler.JPG (115189 bytes) market_cars_090627_jaguar.JPG (101658 bytes) market_cars_090627_leyland_pd2_40.JPG (97416 bytes) market_cars_090627_bus_wbt1.JPG (100123 bytes) market_cars_090627_bus_wbt2.JPG (85578 bytes)
Daimler. Jaguar. Leyland PD2/40 Special, housed at the Northwest Museum of Transport in St Helens. Warrington Borough Transport's heritage vehicle, another Leyland PD2/40 Special. I have travelled on this bus many times as a child, when the fare from home to town centre was just tuppence!
market_cars_090627_triumph.JPG (121735 bytes) market_cars_090627_triumph_gt6mk3.JPG (88694 bytes) market_cars_090627_vauxhall_velox-2.JPG (105578 bytes) market_cars_090627_commer.JPG (117069 bytes) market_cars_090627_dennis_fire_engine.JPG (125062 bytes)
Triumph TR3. Triumph GT6 MK3. Vauxhall Velox. Commer Van. Dennis Fire Engine.
market_cars_090627_rolls_royce1.JPG (88334 bytes) market_cars_090627_rolls_royce2.JPG (67020 bytes) market_cars_090627_reliant_scimitar.JPG (117429 bytes) market_cars_090627_cadillac.JPG (108384 bytes) market_cars_090627_plymouth.JPG (99110 bytes)
Rolls Royce. Scimitar. Cadillac. Plymouth.

Motorbikes and bicycles were on display inside the market.

market_cars_090627_motorbikes2.JPG (145558 bytes)

market_cars_090627_motorbikes3.JPG (119481 bytes) market_cars_090627_motorbikes4.JPG (127657 bytes) market_cars_090627_mopeds.JPG (98151 bytes) market_cars_090627_motorbikes1.JPG (162992 bytes)
Harley Davidson. BSA. A couple of Triumphs. Scooters. From the Cycle Museum 
at Walton Gardens.

Community events wouldn't be complete without stalls or other forms of entertainment.

market_cars_090627_community1.JPG (107484 bytes)

market_cars_090627_community2.JPG (105302 bytes) market_cars_090627_community3.JPG (113833 bytes) market_cars_090627_community4.JPG (96882 bytes) market_cars_090627_community5_skoda.JPG (115293 bytes)
Army promotion stand. A simulator ride.
I didn't go in it.
Kiddies fairground ride. Donkey rides
without the sand.
£1 a ticket to win 
this Skoda Fabia.

Here are four cars you might have seen before on your TV screens.

market_cars_090627_vw_beetle_herbie.JPG (91761 bytes) A Volkswagen Beetle. The German-made car's name means The People's Car and the original version was manufactured between 1938 and 2003, after which a new Beetle was launched. The original was made famous in the Walt Disney films The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas.
market_cars_090627_batman.JPG (106114 bytes) This is Batman's car, the Batmobile, from the 1960s TV series Batman. The Batman character was created by DC Comics, founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications, and is the publishing division of DC Entertainment Inc, a subsidiary company of Warner Bros Entertainment, itself owned by Time Warner. The Batman character was created in 1939 and along with his sidekick, Robin, has been fighting crime ever since. The car used in the TV series was based on the Lincoln Futura Show Car originally created by William M. Schmidt.
market_cars_090627_noddy.JPG (102217 bytes) Noddy is the creation of children's author, Enid Blyton. Noddy lives in his own little House-for-One in Toyland and the books were originally published between 1949 and 1963. Television shows about the character first appeared on British TV from 1955 and have remained ever since. The first book explains Noddy's origins. He was carved by a woodsman but ran away after the man began to make a wooden lion, which Noddy was scared of. As he wanders through the woods, with no clothes, money or home, he meets Big Ears, a friendly brownie. Big Ears decides that Noddy is a toy and takes him to live in Toyland.
market_cars_090627_reliant_robin.JPG (176087 bytes) Only Fools and Horses is a BBC sitcom created by John Sullivan in 1981. It stars David Jason as ambitious Cockney market trader Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter and was set in Peckham, south London. The show also starred Nicholas Lyndhurst as his younger brother Rodney ('you plonker') and Leonard Pearce as their grandad, later replaced by Buster Merryfield as Uncle Albert. My particular favourite episode was A Touch of Glass from Series 2 where they visit a stately home to clean the chandeliers. The car is a Reliant Robin, and the model was made between 1973 and 1981 in the UK, and again between 1989 and 2001.

If you would like to see more TV and film vehicles, take the kids on a day out to the Cars of the Stars museum in Keswick, Cumbria.

And finally...

market_cars_090627_flintstones.JPG (110146 bytes) market_cars_090627_ford.JPG (73656 bytes) market_cars_090627_formula1_not.JPG (119816 bytes) market_cars_090627_2010.jpg (104618 bytes)
This was a strange-looking vehicle. It looks like it is meant to be from The Flintstones TV show, but the real version is nothing like it. Maybe it's a new version I haven't seen. This is a Ford Falcon Caribbean, a very early kit car made of fibre glass (GRP) and was usually based on the running gear of an old Ford Popular (hence why they were classed as Ford Specials!) The car was built by the original owner back in 1963!
Thanks to Barry for filling me in on this description - I forgot to make a note of it originally!
This is the invisible car - well actually it was meant to be a Formula 1 racing car, but it didn't show up, due to a technical malfunction - and that's all I'll say about it (I do know the real reason, but I'm not telling!). And finally, the 15 vehicles shown here all appeared at the 2010 show too, which
are featured in greater detail further up the page.

4th Annual Fiddler's Ferry Classic Vehicle Show (Sun 15 July, 2007)

The 4th Annual Fiddler's Ferry Classic Vehicle Show took place on Sunday 15 July 2007. Over 40 vehicles graced Fiddler's Ferry Yacht Haven to bring back the nostalgia of the open road. The heavy rain didn't dampen anybody's sprits and a good time was had by all. The event was run by North West Casual Classics (see their website at The club was formed in 1995 and meets at the Penketh and Sankey Sports and Social Club on Warrington Road in Penketh at 8.00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. New members are always welcome to join. I am grateful to the various owners for allowing me to feature their vehicles on this page. Long may your cars and enthusiasm remain on the road.

fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715.jpg (44454 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_01_ford_zodiac_1964.JPG (102488 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_46_triumph_stag_1973.JPG (102606 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_19_triumph_tr3.JPG (121241 bytes)
Fiddler's Ferry Yacht Haven. 1965 Ford Zodiac. 1973 Triumph Stag. Triumph TR3, voted the
favourite vehicle on the
day by the landlady of
The Ferry Tavern.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_16_ford_anglia_1964.JPG (91978 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_44_ford_anglia_super_1966.JPG (105738 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_39_ford_cortina_1965.JPG (78207 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_40_ford_consul_1964.JPG (90961 bytes)
1964 Ford Anglia. 1966 Ford Anglia Super. 1965 Ford Cortina. 1964 Ford Consul.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_25_morris_minor.JPG (105863 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_04_morris_minor.JPG (104292 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_09_morris_minor.JPG (103261 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_27_morris_minor.JPG (107999 bytes)
A wonderful collection of Morris Minors.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_05_mg.JPG (110455 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_08_mg.JPG (104360 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_43_mg_1978.JPG (99723 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_10_mg.JPG (104924 bytes)
Mg (Morris Garages) made some classic cars. Here is small selection.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_06_austin.JPG (110668 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_07_taxi.JPG (99404 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_28.JPG (112490 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_14_alpha_romeo.JPG (76670 bytes)
A classic Austin. A 1960 Beardmore. A Morris 8,
from around 1935.
An Austin Healey
Sprite "Frogeye".
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_02_sunbeam_alpine_1967.JPG (106558 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_11_mercedes_amg.JPG (91011 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_45_mg_zt.JPG (104778 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_47_mini_gt_1971.JPG (113470 bytes)
1967 Sunbeam Alpine. Mercedes AMG. MG ZT. 1971 Mini GT.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_12_cadillac.JPG (108212 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_13_mini.JPG (98704 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_31_ford_capri_1986.JPG (102462 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_15_ford_zodiac.JPG (108864 bytes)
Cadillac. Mini. 1986 Ford Capri. Ford Zodiac.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_29_triumph_stag.JPG (89703 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_36_fiat.JPG (91575 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_38_sunbeam_alpine.JPG (91014 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_37_mercedes_1977.JPG (87221 bytes)
Triumph Stag. Fiat. Sunbeam Alpine. 1977 Mercedes.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_41_jaguar_1996.JPG (111284 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_23_rover.JPG (101619 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_17_rover_2000_1975.JPG (90771 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_22_rover_vauxhall_1965.JPG (90800 bytes)
1997 Nissan. Rover. 1975 Rover 2000. A Rover and a 1975 Vauxhall.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_20_ford_zodiac.JPG (91235 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_21_vauxhall_velox.JPG (92065 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_03_rover_2200_sc.JPG (108008 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_42_rover_1968.JPG (74318 bytes)
Ford Zodiac. Ford Zodiac and a
Vauxhall Velox.
Rover 2000 SC. 1968 Rover.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_18_bentley.JPG (100240 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_26.JPG (106329 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_30.JPG (96026 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_24.JPG (102129 bytes)
Bentley. A couple of Datsun 240Z's. A Ford Consul Classic.
fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_32.JPG (89102 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_33.JPG (105122 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_34.JPG (101150 bytes) fiddlers_ferry_cars_070715_35.JPG (116402 bytes)
A small selection of motorcycles were represented at the show.

My thanks to Steve for filling me in some vehicle names. Much appreciated.

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Rainbow After the Storm

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Where Mental Health Matters

Rainbow After the Storm is an award-winning mental health
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